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New SFR books for 2018-04-26

The Perfect Whore (Storm and Lightning Book 1)

by Josephine Myles on 2018-04-26
Being the object of everyone’s sexual fantasies ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…

On a mining colony planet a long way from Earth, bandit Jedd Lightning dreams of making enough money to get his ship spaceworthy again. During a robbery at a high-class brothel, he meets gorgeous alien rentboy Storm and is instantly smitten—but the heist goes south and Jedd has to high-tail it out of there with only half the loot.

Enslaved by a fierce Madam, Storm’s shapeshifting talents make him the most sought after whore on Talmak. He literally can’t stop himself becoming his client’s fantasy lover. Sick of enforced transformations, he wants to escape, but he’s closely guarded and has no experience of the unfamiliar city outside the brothel.

Storm is willing—and eager—to do anything to persuade Jedd to break him out of his gilded prison. Lucky for him the arrogant outlaw needs Storm’s help to free his crewmate, held as hostage by a vicious mob boss who wants Jedd to complete the theft he was hired for. Storm keeps blowing away Jedd’s expectations—but with both the law and the mob against them, they could end up with nowhere left to run.

Conquered: A Dark Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance (Vakarran Captives Book 1)

by Sara Fields on 2018-04-26
I’ve outwitted the ruthless Vakarrans time and time again over the years since they conquered Earth and enslaved most of humanity, but now it seems my luck has run out.

Caught at last by four of their warriors, I face an uncertain future. I know I must resist, escape, and then lead my little band of rebels to safety. But my captors have other plans for me…

The Commander's Captive (Keepers of Xereill, Hente Cycle Book 2)

by Alix Nichols on 2018-04-26
He saved her life. But he must hold her captive. Screaming and kicking. Hating him. Craving him…

Lady Nyssa Sebi lost her parents in a freak accident.
Her brother is unjustly condemned to death.
Locked away in Commander Heidd’s residence, Nyssa is the hostage of corrupt thugs who rule the land.
Oh, how she hates them!
But the one she abominates above all is her captor.
During the war, Heidd was her brother’s commanding officer. He was Nyssa's idol, her biggest crush…
Until he betrayed everyone.

Commander Jancel Heidd sacrificed his honor to protect Nyssa.
It’s killing him to see her so miserable, so disgusted with him.
But she’s safe.
Jancel will do anything to keep it that way.
He’ll shield his spunky captive from the depraved police chief, the ruthless governor, and the deadly cyborgs.
The only monster he can’t save her from is himself.

New SFR books for 2018-04-25

War: A Post-Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Series (The Calling Series Book 2)

by Kim Faulks on 2018-04-25
She’s got Pestilence in her basement.
He’s bound, gagged. His blood slick on her hands.
His touch warm on her body.
And he’s calling the others…the three riders she’s hunting.

War is coming and she’s not ready…She doesn’t think she’ll ever be ready.

But she’s been given a mission—a Calling to her tainted soul.
Lamb, Pestilence calls her.
But she’s no Lamb.
She’s a Lion.

Her name is Harlow Morgan, and she's the last hope a dying world has left.

**This is a Post-Apocalyptic Reverse Harem Series filled with danger, lust, and dark romantic themes.

His to Cherish (Tea and Empathy Book 2)

by Jessie Pinkham on 2018-04-25
Love may be within his reach … if he is able to trust in it.

Gabe Thorne was disgusted by his sister’s plan to purchase an empath. She wanted someone who would be compelled to please her, and only her sudden death interrupted the plan. The empath she’d chosen, Ignacio, needs to bond with an anchor almost immediately, and Gabe volunteers to prevent him from being auctioned off to an abuser by his greedy parents.

Ignacio proves to be a sweet, enchanting guy, and soon Gabe begins to develop real feelings for him. Despite this, and the lifelong commitment he made when he let Ignacio bond to him, Gabe doesn’t believe they can have a real relationship. His long habit of pessimism has protected him from a lot of disappointment over the years. This time? Expecting the worst might ruin any chance of a happy relationship.

Die Wuste und die Schwerter (German Edition)

by Lafayette Doyle on 2018-04-25
Es war absolut wochenende nachtzeit, sowie an sonn-soweit schurz, der primär mit der manchester sozialisten, stets sein / ihr einmal in der woche partys, die nacht, seine / ihre multikulturelle flüchtlings-kumpels waren alle bei der flexibilität; seine jünger frankreich dienen könnte, während sie durch die kleinen schalter und rechtliche gerichte in ganz soho, wo genau, da die gemeinde, dass sie dient, seine oder ihre ruhige investitionen während der graveure, bild-einrahmer, künstler-colourmen, entwürfe, vorschläge, deshalb weiter-für viele waren mitläufer, die auf einen einzigen ansatz oder ein anderes von der creative welt; seine deutschen geboren enthusiasten spazieren gehen, sphärisch -, wasser-rohr backen, aus ihren druck-häuser, die ihre eigene schinken-und rind-händler, oder sogar ihre naturforscher " kammern, wo sie zusammengepfercht papageien oder vielleicht setup spektakulärer schmetterlinge innerhalb von wenig schränke-für viele waren mehr oder weniger fiktiven oder technologischen ihre aktivitäten, und seine wenigen britischen sympathisanten in erster linie unglücklich philosophischen radikalen aus dem top-unterricht, stoppen könnte, indem er für einen chat zusammen mit einem rauch -, en route residence von ihrer kirche bauten, waren sie brav eskortieren ihre besondere un-emanzipierten ehegatten zusammen mit den schwestern maximale schurz gespeichert Öffnen, haus für die, die von sonntag abend, wo es nicht eine neue zeichnung-raum london viel besser gestopft als seine mit dem sehr innovativen und nie unauffällig etabliert, die auf ihre eigenen bekam der vielgepriesenen entree im zusammenhang mit seiner oder ihrer außergewöhnlichen salon.

Endless Abduction: Alien Romance

by Gloria Martin on 2018-04-25
Scifi Alien Romance
A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Both Mallory and Elric are on their own Maui vacations. He is from an interstellar bio-ship and she is from the United States, but the two get along immediately. Despite this, Elric doesn't tell her the awful truth he hides from all humans: that he is an alien.

When Elric's family notices him missing, they send a spacecraft to pick him up, but the craft takes Mallory as well. They realize their true love for one another on the craft, then arrive at the bio-ship where his family sees Mallory, they decide to take her, too. They intend to sacrifice her during a ritualistic space ceremony, but Elric won't let that happen.

In a daring escape plan, they get her and other humans back to Earth. They are recaptured and Mallory is to be the first human sacrificed. Will she let this happen or will she and Elric make it out alive?

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Suburban Cyborg: Alien Invasion Romance

by Gloria Martin on 2018-04-25
Alien Invasion Romance
A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Laura Blumenthal wasn’t looking to fall in love at this time of her life. Between her job as a dog walker and taking night classes to get her dream career of owning and running a doggy daycare back on track, she doesn’t need the additional complication of a boyfriend. However, she finally feels like fate has given her a break and things are going her way when a client of hers, Paul Bardon, asks her out on a date. This buds into a blissful relationship, more perfect that she could imagine, that is until he reveals to her that he is not the quiet accountant that he had made himself out to be. His revelation changes everything for the two of them as well as their relationship. Can Laura learn to accept that the man she loves still exists behind this machine? Can Paul reconcile his mission on Earth with his feelings for a human girl?

++ 40 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++
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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Terraformed Skies: Alien Invasion Romance

by Anna Lewis on 2018-04-25

Alien Invasion Romance

The perfect relationship without any worries and judgment... okay, sure.

He’s perfection. His muscles glisten with sweat in the hot sun and his body beckons for me to touch it. I know I’m his superior in many ways. Our classes are separated, but I want him more than anything.

His eyes light up when they see me and his smile is genuine. His body does things to me I’ve only dreamed…

I can’t focus on anything else when I think of those beautiful lips covering my skin. It’s impossible.

When those awful creatures invaded, I nearly lost him. If I had, I wouldn’t be standing here. I’d be lost and wrought with sorrow, utterly destroyed. My heart belongs to him no matter where we are...even if it’s in the middle of a battlefield.

Such an intelligent woman would want nothing to do with me, yet here she was rolling her hips against my body. We were one. No one could judge us in this space. My rough hands embraced every inch of her skin and her moans signaled me to push further…

I just wanted to make her happy, but the world was beginning to fall apart at the seams. We would have to fight through together...or lose each other forever.

For a limited time only, this book includes 16 Special BONUS full-length box sets and short stories. That’s over 10 hours of reading time for your pleasure!

A standalone short story with guaranteed HEA! This is a full-length standalone hot and steamy scifi romance filled with mature contents and flaming HOT scenes, intended for 18+ eyes only!

Expectant Moon (Gladstone Shifters Book 1)

by Alexander Elliott on 2018-04-25
Tolerated. Ignored. Threatened. Modern gay shifters struggle for equality, but history paints a different picture. When Alpha Ben Blair challenges the status quo, he unintentionally ignites a controversy which divides the community.

While Gladstone soon becomes the focus of competing forces, Ben gains new allies who change everything: Evan Reid, a misunderstood Arctic wolf possessing unique gifts, and Jack Eby, an ancient shifter holding the key to their future.

Join the Gladstone shifters as they find love, acceptance and purpose in a time of monumental change. Expect the unexpected. Expectant Moon.

Notice: Contains male/male romance and sexuality. Recommended for readers 18+.

Obsidian Embers: The Beginning of Dragons

by Jadyn Chase on 2018-04-25
My name is Dr. Olivia Montgomery. As one of the lead scientists for the top secret “Reborn Fire” project, a big part of my job was to observe and study the Obsidian Dragon. I know, it sounds crazy right. Just a couple years ago nobody would have thought that dragon’s even existed, and here I was directly involved in their creation.
When the ancients were first discovered deep below the ice-locked surface in Antarctica, our military was quick to act. Using the latest in genetic engineering, new hybrid dragons were created using human DNA. These new hybrids were stronger, smarter and easier for us to control. This allowed the military to quickly train and deploy their new weapons to maintain the peace in a world that was rapidly spinning out of control.
I knew there was more to them though.
I worked with the Obsidian day and night, I knew him better then I knew anyone else in that military base. A deep connection had grown between us, we couldn’t talk, but I could see in his eyes, he felt the same way.
Before they turned, rumors were circulating that the dragons began to show strange chameleon-like abilities to change their appearance. No one knew for sure though, and it was quickly dismissed in the beginning. But it wasn't long before that all changed.
Now, I knew there was more to these rumors, and when the dragons finally shifted into human form for all to see, my thoughts were confirmed.
The Obsidian was a tall, dark and gorgeous man. With long flowing locks, a rock-solid body, and those all telling eyes, they never changed. There was an instant recognition between the two of us, and we were finally able to communicate with one another. His name was Kushanu, and he had so much to tell me. I was in heaven…for a while.
Then in an instant, everything came to an end.
The world as you and I knew it was over, and it quickly became everyone for themselves in a desperate fight for survival.
Kushanu and his dragons saved me that day though, they saved many of us.
Now he wants to claim me as his mate.
Can I trust him?
Would I survive if I didn’t?
Obsidian Embers is a little bit of sci-fi, fantasy and shifter romance all rolled into one. It does contain some steamy scenes, has no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily ever after.

El destino de la muerte (Spanish Edition)

by Jeremiah Massey on 2018-04-25
¿Quien es culpable aquí? ¿Los publicitarios, que han aprendido a hacer tan bien las falsificaciones? ¿O las personas, que han perdido la capacidad de la distinción? ¿A que esto a la distinción fundamental, principal, básica entre verdadero y no verdadero, entre la parodia y la tragedia, entre la existencia y nada, entre ser y tener? Estas distinciones son borradas. Y la persona que ha perdido la vista mechetsya, asiendose por cualquier cosa. O deja de agitarse y habla: ¡Sí toda la mierda! Todo son lobos de la misma camada, todos sacan de las casillas a nuestro hermano que que nibud con nosotros recibirnos y como nibud donde nibud zaprodat.

Galvanizing Sol (Valos of Sonhadra Novella)

by Amanda Milo on 2018-04-25
I always lose the women I love…
I’d been assigned to visit Earth’s Interstellar Penitentiary System, Concord, where my girls were imprisoned.
Stick to the plan, Sol, I tried to tell myself. That went to hell when the prison ship crashed. Well, a little before then. See, the ship wasn’t just holding prisoners—they were being used for experiments.
They were torturing them.
They were torturing my girls.
I consider myself a level-headed man, but when I found that out, I lost my sh*t.
Had we not wrecked, I’d have lost a whole lot more.
I knew they were still alive—they had to be.
Somewhere, on this planet where everything wanted to eat you, were the only two women in the universe that I had left. That I loved.
Until her.

This is a follow-up novella for Alluvial and Tempest. Approx 26K words. There’s adult situations, a little violence (maybe a little more than a little), and adult language—after all, this IS DaddySol’s story.

Akron (The Broken Book 4)

by Serena Simpson on 2018-04-25
Akron grew up manipulating time; it was in his blood. When his brothers died it all changed, now when he bends time he comes one step closer to his death. It all seemed inevitable until he met Serenity.

Serenity grew up in a foster home with sisters that used her for their own purposes, the smartest thing she did was escape never looking back. All it took was a chance encounter with someone from her past for her to realize they still intended to capture her. There was no getting out of this alive.

Akron and Serenity are racing for their lives. The past holds the key to their freedom and their eventual demise. Together they’ll have to be strong enough to face the pain they lived through if they ever hope to have a future together.

Mature audiences only

New SFR books for 2018-04-24

Out of This World: Alien Menage Romance

by Anna Lewis on 2018-04-24

Scifi Alien BBW Menage Romance

Talia was only a child when it was revealed that aliens have been living among the human race for many years, and that they’ve always been planning a rebellion. She’s grown up in the war, and has become a badass, loner fighter because of that.

But life in the middle of the war isn’t always easy, and soon she gets captured by the enemy. As she spends time with the people that she’s spent her entire life fighting against, she starts to notice a bond building, a common ground, but that quickly turns into something more scandalous, which might just threaten absolutely everything…

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This is a standalone novella with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA! This books is filled with mature contents and flaming HOT love scenes, intended for 18+ eyes only!

Relazioni Intime (Le Cronache dei Krinar Vol. 1) (Italian Edition)

by Anna Zaires on 2018-04-24

Dall’autrice bestseller di Strapazzami del New York Times arriva un’avvincente ed emozionante storia di amore oscuro ambientata dopo l’invasione della Terra...

Nel futuro prossimo, i Krinar governeranno la Terra. Questa razza avanzata proveniente da un'altra galassia è ancora un mistero per noi—e siamo completamente alla loro mercé.

Timida e innocente, Mia Stalis è una studentessa universitaria di New York, che ha condotto una vita normale. Come la maggior parte delle persone, non ha mai interagito con gli invasori—finché un fatidico giorno nel parco non cambia tutto. Avendo attirato l’attenzione di Korum, ora deve fare i conti con un Krinar potente e pericolosamente seducente che vuole possederla e non si fermerà davanti a niente pur di farla sua.

Fino a che punto ti spingeresti per riconquistare la libertà? Quanto sacrificheresti per aiutare la tua gente? Che scelta farai, quando inizierai a innamorarti del tuo nemico?

Alien Affair: Alien Menage Romance

by Gloria Martin on 2018-04-24
Alien Menage Romance
A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Melissa Mac is assistant to Ambassador Rosanna Torrance and is about to enter a posting on an exciting new planet called Ilona. When the welcoming ceremony is disrupted by separatists her boss is left unconscious and she is a stranger in a strange land.

When she meets her two liaison officers she finds their charms hard to resist. The world of Ilona is different in many ways. Scantily dressed, good looking aliens with permissive attitudes are also hard to resist. Except the Ilona attitudes are the exact reason her people are fighting against such an alliance. She is caught between a rock and a hard place, and since her rank is of lower class there is not much she believes she can do.

With the help of the captain of the guard Melissa finds there are things she can do to fight the strife they are facing. With the help of her liaison officers she finds she can be the woman she wants to be.
If anyone will let her!

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Cosmic Trifecta: Alien Menage Romance

by Anna Lewis on 2018-04-24

Alien Menage Romance

One of her lovers was in prison and the other had put him there, but she would get them both back at any cost.

Two is company, but three is a party! That's what happens when a lovely alien nurse and two mine workers get together after a wonderful evening out at the bar. Xander is a muscular mine worker from Earth who has been collecting black coax crystals for a secret buyer, one that he hopes will pay enough for him to retire. It is during one of his mining excursions that he gets injured and wakes up to find the most beautiful creature standing above him, Anna Leigh. They had met the night before and she had seemed interested, his sparkling eyes pulling her in. Elu shares the same interest and they nearly start a fight over her until she gets between them. “You two can share me,” she says sweetly. Their passion carries them through the summer until an accident where Elu and Xander are both injured. An unexpected confession puts a strain on their relationship, causing Anna Leigh to disappear. Will love draw them back together or destroy their cosmic triad forever?

For a limited time only, this book includes 20 SPECIAL BONUS full-length stories from various romance genres! That’s over 10 hours of reading time for your pleasure.

**A standalone short story with guaranteed HEA** This is a hot and steamy scifi menage romance filled with mature contents and flaming HOT scenes, intended for 18+ eyes only!

Prison Moon: Dragon Fire: An Alien Abduction Sci Fi Romance

by Lily Graison on 2018-04-24
Abducted by aliens and housed in an airtight room with twenty other girls wasn’t Sara’s idea of a good time. Neither was being dropped into the jungle of a Prison Moon, but for the rest of the galaxy, it was. She was the entertainment. The game? Survive the lawless alien criminals who ran wild or die trying, but there was no outrunning a dragon, and he didn’t seem to be in any hurry to let her go.

T’oren has spent the last several centuries sleeping beneath the rubble of an abandoned temple. The wars decimated his world and now was used as a dumping ground for the most vile creatures in the galaxy. A Prison Moon where it was kill or be killed. He slumbers to escape but awakes when a female, the first he’s seen in centuries, stumbles into his lair. And now that he’s seen her, he’s not letting her go.

But the corporation that runs the Prison Moon One has other plans. Broadcasting a televised event across the galaxy of an Arena fight between a live dragon and any willing to fight him will bring in more viewers, and money, than they could imagine. All they had to do was catch him and to do that, they had to take the girl.
Books in the Prison Moon Series are linked by the 'world' they take place on and can be read as stand-alone stories. Also note, this story contains smokin' hot love scenes between an abducted human female and an alien shape-shifting dragon.

Other Books in the Prison Moon Series
Prison Moon: Ice Heart by Alexandra Marell

Three The Prized Obsession: Mixed Threesome Romance Book Collection

by Delicia Masters on 2018-04-24

Get 7 Mixed Yummy Threesome MFM Romance Short Stories + 20 FREE Bonus Hot Romance Short Stories Inside!

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So Steamy, So Hot, So Yummy! Enjoy over 270,000+ words of the romance stories.

This collection includes ;

Sharing Seals – Threesome MFM Military Romance
Aileen – Threesome MFM Alien Romance
WE WERE THREE – Threesome MFM Billionaire Romance
Unexpected Titan Mate – Threesome MFM Dragon Shifter and Billionaire Romance
The Rogue– Billionaire and Werewolf MFM Ménage Romance
Heights of Passion–MFM Ménage Basketball and Pregnancy Romance
Laws of Passion–Threesome MFM Cowboy and Bad Biker Romance

And the bonus stories inside!

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WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

O Misterioso Cinzas (Portuguese Edition)

by Shakira Torphy on 2018-04-24
"Rohan, Rohan! Você não podia realmente ouvir-nos entrar em contato com? Ele vai Chegar, venha! Assusta-me a olhar em linha reta até que você gostaria de não mostrar realmente até agora, Rohan?Polegada A fala em particular que miados galpões dentro do oceano-som que preenche o azul inútil baixo; ele desaparece consideravelmente baixo, entre perplexos murmúrio associados com asas, um frenético de tagarelice que envolve muito pequeno recém-nascido dentes; embora o altifalante, esboçar dizzily traseira, pode sentir o chão surgem debaixo de seus ex pés e também as enseadas juntos para ligar mais do que apenas como um excelente pneu, uma pessoa chorar ocorre de baixo para cima, óbvio, no entanto fraco, como ser um tom de voz a partir do seu beira-mar que limpa todo o daninhas recifes de coral envolvendo vermelho-sangue corian um monte de pés de baixo, a luz do Sol está caindo muito sobre o mar, vai que tem um passado brilhante brilho entre o particular estranho Hespérides do silencioso fluxo de ar, com sua fantástica iluminação ofuscante ocorre inclinação através do vítreo relaxado até que bombardeios de suas cicatrizes, bem como a tempestade-alugar encontros de tais Breton rochedos, iluminando bem como vivificante cada espaço, bem como recanto da clfs abaixo, a utilização de cerca de cúpulas, junto com o clareamento o seu normal crimson para o vermelho viv.

Stardust (Half Light Book 1)

by Alyssa Rose Ivy on 2018-04-24
What if the one you thought was your savior was actually your captor?

The earth was never destroyed. A few words uttered by a stranger change Rachel’s life forever. After years of believing earth is gone, Rachel discovers that she cannot trust anything she thought was true or anyone she thought she loved, including the alien prince she was bound to spend her life with. Terrified and angry she takes a chance— and returns to earth.

College sophomore Noah is just going through the motions. He is numb to everything and everyone since tragedy took his brother away far too soon. All he wants to do is survive another year of school until everything changes— he meets her.

Not quite sure what to make of Rachel’s sudden appearance on his doorstep, Noah offers her help, and she unwittingly pulls him into a mess of intergalactic proportions. As the stakes are raised, their attraction to one another builds into something so much more than stardust.

(New Adult/ Mature Young Adult)

Son Partenaire Particulier (Programme des Épouses Interstellaires t. 2) (French Edition)

by Grace Goodwin on 2018-04-24
Lorsqu’une menace potentielle contraint Eva Daily à se réfugier dans un autre monde, une seule alternative s’offre à elle : participer au Programme des Épouses Interstellaires. Après un test d’aptitudes sensuelles et sexuelles, Eva se verra attribué un partenaire et rejoindra son monde afin de l’épouser.

À son arrivée sur la planète déserte Trion, Eva va vite se rendre compte que les choses diffèrent par rapport à la Terre. Un examen poussé de la part de son nouveau partenaire laisse notre Eva rougissante ; à sa grande surprise, le côté dominateur de Tark l’excite au plus haut point. La voici nue, entravée, incapable de résister tandis que son amant expérimenté la pousse au paroxysme, orgasme après orgasme.

Eva s’aperçoit vite que Tark est bien plus qu’une brute dominatrice qui n’hésite pas à punir sa femme rebelle en lui donnant la fessée. Au moment où sa passion se mue en amour, des évènements sur Terre menacent de l’enlever à lui pour toujours. Eva trouvera-t-elle le moyen de rester auprès de Tark et dans son lit, ou ne gardera-t-elle de lui que le souvenir d’un homme qui a marqué son corps et son cœur ?

Dragon Rebellion (Ice Dragons Book 3)

by Amelia Jade on 2018-04-24
Abandoned at birth, Annalise Walker has been running from a nightmarish past for five long years. She can’t trust anyone, but a part of her won’t give up dreaming. In the midst of an ill-fated search for a blood relative, she stumbles across a gorgeous giant of a man with secrets as big as his muscles. As much as she longs to relax into his embrace, she can’t. He’s the exact sort of trouble she can’t afford.

The eldest of three dragon shifter brothers, Caine’s icy facade is nothing more than a cloak against the doubts he harbors inside. Annalise is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman, but she’s completely off-limits. He can’t afford to be distracted by a sexy little human with thick curves and a skittish attitude. But the more time he spends with her, the more she brings the mighty dragon to his knees.

Annalise tries to stay away from Caine, but he’s intoxicating. She can’t help but dream of giving in and letting his shirt-shredding biceps hold her tight. In the end, her insistence on keeping secrets may spell disaster for both of them. Determined to know more about his mate, Caine’s inadvertent searching has led her past right to his doorstep. But Annalise is his mate, and Caine will destroy anyone who tries to lay a claim on her. No matter who they may be…

For a limited time, 2 Bonus novels included!

Star Resistance: A Lori Adams Novel 02

by D. R. Rosier on 2018-04-24
Lori Adams escaped the Stolavii, and found a job, friends, and even lovers in space. The good times didn’t last long before things started to fall apart. In the course of their investigation into human trafficking and slavery among the Stolavii, they stumbled across a horrible truth, and almost paid with their lives.

There's a lot at stake, and she finds herself in the center of a conflict, an empire at crossroads. They have a long road in front of them, if they can manage to elude the enemy ships searching for them that is. All her talents won't mean anything, in a battle between ships.
Content Warning:  This is an Erotic Sci-Fi Space Opera, with a polyamory theme, and contains some scenes of an explicitly sexual nature, both MF and FF.

Resucitar (Spanish Edition)

by LENA DALGLIESH on 2018-04-24
El apocalipsis ha llegado. Los muertos cobran vida y están hambrientos. Mercedes está recorriendo un edificio abandonado en busca de víveres cuando siente una urgencia muy terrenal.
¿Qué le espera encerrada en un baño con un francés que en apariencia es la única esperanza de la humanidad?

Relato erótico.

VRIN'S RESCUE (Guardians of Lunar Wasteland Book 3)

by Dalia Wright on 2018-04-24
Vrin’s Rescue

The expedition begins. Yarrow rides the wastelands upon his strong back. She’s ready to kill… or be killed.

Yarrow is of the Dreadwood faction, the nomad wanderers of the Lunar Wastes, called to arms by the wolves of Lunehill. When she arrives there with her family and their best fighters, she joins an expedition three hundred strong, intending to trek across the wastelands to the Fractured Spine – all in pursuit of her greatest enemy.

Along the way, she meets a fine young werewolf by the name of Vrin. A member of the council, and a steadfast guide in her journey. She wouldn’t mind getting to know him better…

If they can survive the journey, that is.

The Scattering of Seeds (A New Frontier Book 1)

by Augustina Van Hoven on 2018-04-24
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Destino imperfecto (Spanish Edition)

by Paulina Maggi on 2018-04-24

Cuando los sueños pueden cambiar tu pasado, también lo harán con tu presente. Solo ten en cuenta la pieza clave para que el primero sea por el bien del segundo.

Helena Papaulukas trabaja como guía de turismo y vive en Atenas. Es una mujer enérgica, sociable y bonita, pero tiene muy mala suerte con los hombres.

Adam Cooper es un famosísimo actor de Hollywood, uno de los más cotizados del momento. Excéntrico, apuesto, soñador, irresistible y mujeriego, es, además, poseedor de un tormentoso pasado que mantiene en secreto.

En una singular y extraña situación, la aparición de una misteriosa mujer ante cada uno unirá sus destinos. Helena y Adam se encontrarán en sueños que los llevarán a recorrer las calles de la Atenas del siglo V a.C., y serán testigos de la trágica vida de Nerella y Dorian, sus antepasados.

Juntos deberán comprender su historia, plagada de celos, traiciones, torturas y una poderosa maldición, e intentar cambiarla y evitar sus muertes. No obstante, mientras vagan en sueños astrales, la realidad de sus vidas comienza a desmoronarse, y solo podrán sortear todos los obstáculos cuando descubran quién es el eslabón más importante en toda esa cadena de sucesos que les ha tocado vivir.

Pendulum (The Age of Rebellion Book 2)

by C. T. Knight on 2018-04-24
Haunting memories.
Terrifying dreams.
Crippling lies.
Trapped in a world of deception, my sanity rests with the love of Ryder Arteres and our renegade friends. Six months of scouring the ocean floor in a rebel ship fleeing our homeland delivers us to a possible alliance with the opportunistic European Council. Our only hope is to utilize our forbidden gifts to free our people from slavery, proving our worth. But when a trusted ally turns traitor and a new breed of the queen’s weaponry is revealed, I’m forced to face the terror of my past to save our crumbling future.

Blood for Blood, a tale of Zytarri

by Darcy Abriel on 2018-04-24
The Past…

Leora Saguna has become what her kind fear most—a blood huntress. Fueled by a lust for revenge for the assassination of her Alpha, she has violated every Sangorrian law to track the murderers down. And one day return to her infant daughter, Katriel.
Each time Noah Chisca watches his mark take macabre delight in her task, he is one dead bandit closer to earning the highest bounty of his career. Yet he can’t deny the desire that twists his gut. He takes her captive; she takes him as her mate.

The Present…

Katriel knows bonding with the mate her mother has chosen will ensure her future as heir. But the memory of the forbidden warrior monk who stole her heart haunts her, and she rebels.
Valyn’s identity is hidden until he’s proven himself worthy of Katriel. But fighting a deadly dragon is only the beginning of their nightmare, as sinister forces conspire to shake the foundations of Sangorrian society and unleash a reign of blood that may destroy them all.

This story was previously released in February 2015 by Samhain Publishing

CAUTION: This story contains explicit sexual situations and strong language. You must be over the age of 18 years of age to read this story.

Escapement (The Age of Rebellion Book 1)

by C. T. Knight on 2018-04-24
Ten years after the great war of 2185 the queen's reign is threatened by uprisings and fear. In celebration of my sixteenth birthday, it is my duty as princess to sacrifice a slave to be initiated into the ruling council, solidifying my mother's empire. When my own erratic powers surface I'm captured and tried for treason. Slaves hate me, my mother wants me executed, and my only chance of survival rests in the hands of a young man, Ryder Arteres, whose sister I sentenced to death.

Warriors of Yedahn: An Alien Fantasy Romance Trilogy Boxset

by Emma Alisyn on 2018-04-24

Bond. Vow. Mate. Three warriors from Yedahn and the earth women they will kill to protect.

Save 50% by downloading the trilogy vs. each individual title!

1. WARRIOR'S BOND: Curvy single mom in trouble + elite alien warrior = a chance at the forever kind of love.

Three strikes and he's out. Zoriah's rebellious teenage son is in trouble again—this time, on purpose. She'll do anything to prevent her family breaking up, even allow her children to train for the alien Yadeshi army.

Why raise your sword if you have no mate or family? Elite alien warrior Benyon spends his time on Earth training humans in martial arts. He's come to love the three human children with warrior-spirits, and will do anything to prevent their unhappiness—even if it means going toe-to-toe with their mother—a woman who entices him with her fierce temper, lush beauty and strength of will to raise her children alone.

But she doesn't have to be alone—he won't allow it, not when he's made up his mind she should be his. All he has to do is convince her that alien warriors do it bigger, harder and badder. And when their family is threatened by a spurned would-be lover, Benyon seizes the opportunity to prove his worth. After all, there's more to him than just his big, blue. . .tattoo.

This is a steamy hot, science fiction romance for readers who love BBW and alpha male alien warriors. Perfect for your lunch break read.

2. WARRIOR'S VOW: Terminally ill bride candidate + an alien wolf in doctor's clothing = healing that lasts longer than a lifetime.

What can a Low Tier woman do when she's terminally ill? Enter an elite alien warrior training program thinking there is no way she will ever be chosen as a bride and mate. She desperately needs the stipend to take care of her mother—especially when she has agreed to die in return for money.

He refuses to watch another woman he loves die. Secret warrior Jaron came to Earth to study human medicine as a part of the Yadeshi-human treaty and exchange program. When Mila entered his office months ago, he realized she possessed the spirit of warrior and healer- and decided he would do everything to make sure she lived. Even against her will. Even if it means bonding her as his mate. . .without her full knowledge. He's determined that when she finds out what he has done, she won't reject him.

But Mila is hiding secrets from Jaron. A girl has to hedge her bets and even though he told her to stay away from the research facility hosting a sinister clinical trial. . .well—they pay. And the more money she can squirrel away for her mother once Mila dies, the better.

Except now they want to know why Mila is miraculously healing from a terminal illness. . .they want to study the strange things happening to her DNA. They are willing to kidnap her to enforce her cooperation.

3. WARRIOR'S MATE: A Dark Alien Prince + his unquenchable desire x his insatiable thirst = a warrior willing to defy a galaxy to claim his mate.

Born with a platinum spoon in her mouth, warrior bride-in-training Gayle throws it away in order to sneak aboard a Yadeshi military vessel to escape imprisonment by her family.

Ithann, the alpha alien warrior she's been taunting with flirts and sloe-eyed glances for several weeks, is enraged by her sudden disappearance and abandons his teaching post to follow. When he catches her, Gayle must accept a highly indecent proposal to avoid being thrown in the ship's brig—and by accepting, embroils herself in Ithann's decades long feud with a rival nobleman.

Roped into an arranged marriage, she is determined to avoid the shackles of a mate bond, but Ithann is determined that not only will they bond, but that she will have his baby. Their battle of wills may cost Gayle her life.


New SFR books for 2018-04-23

O Veneno da Canon (Portuguese Edition)

by Gerhard Stanton on 2018-04-23
4 estações de 1847 perceptível uma escala de tempo de grande territorial de aquisição através do povo americano, usando incalculável adendos para que o seu verdadeiro bem como do potencial de riqueza através da realistas de barganha junto com o reino unido dentro da questão sobre o modifica seu nome, localização, presidente da baía de tampa experientes garantida em todo 1846, com relação à imperturbável arranjo, 300 milhares de metros quadrados, um longo caminho, envolvendo natrual ambiente fértil propriedade, e também da pesca, como o total de feira de columbia pit cada um de nossos animada "política do pacífico" estava envolvida com o meio que vai de rh, com rápida bem como a obtenção de seqüência veio o melodramático mexicano conflito, bem como fevereiro de 1848, encontrado ainda uma outra grande Área ao sul envolvendo modifica seu nome, bem como o lado ocidental do robustos contrafortes extra através do tratado para os estados unidos da américa, portanto.

Alien Summer Blaze: Alien Romance

by Gloria Martin on 2018-04-23
A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

When 27-year-old Erin Bradley went to spend her summer at the beautiful, peaceful lake house that her new stepdad had recently bought, she had no idea that she would actually have to put up with a creepy (though gorgeous) stepbrother who looked more like a thug than the IT professional he claimed to be. How could she relax and heal her broken heart when he was always around?

But after Kale saved her from almost getting raped by her no-good ex-boyfriend, they started to be friends. Opening up to each other deepened their feelings and led them to take the relationship to another level.

Erin had never felt happier! It was like living in their very own paradise without a care in the world. But then, she started noticing strange things about him- how he always seemed to appear when she was in danger, how he would heal from a wound in a snap, how he could vanish into thin air…

Furthermore, when Erin’s mother and Kale’s father got back earlier from their honeymoon in order to have some family bonding time with them, Erin couldn’t help being consumed by guilt.

Having a summer affair with her stepbrother was one thing. Falling in love with him was another. It was dead wrong. Or was it?

Would Erin still feel the same way when she discovers his real identity? Would she even stand up for them or simply settle for brotherly love?

++ 40 Special Bonus Stories INCLUDED! ++
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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Caught in Your Wake: The Village - Book Four

by Darien Cox on 2018-04-23
When forest ranger Tim Patterson learned the frightening truth about his home town, it rocked his world. He’s always prided himself on being brave and strong, but it took some time to adjust to this new reality. With the help of his best friend Sheriff Myles Murphy, Tim has found his way back to his old self, though he’s still angry at the core team in Singing Bear Village for keeping him in the dark. Now he has to swallow his pride and ask for their help, because there are things going on in the forest lately he can’t explain.

What he doesn’t expect is that help to include the return of Tyler, who’s been gone from the village for ages. Tyler, the spooky, sexy young soldier who was there for Tim on a night he wasn’t brave or strong. A night he’d love to forget but can’t seem to get out of his mind.

Final Word: Vampire and Historical Romance (A Mixed Steamy Romance Book Collection)

by Virginia Mclaurin on 2018-04-23

Get FOUR steamy vampire and historical romance short stories PLUS 36 bonus hot romance stories inside!

The Unbitten-Vampire Threesome MFM Romance

Night nurse Nicole Carling is still settling into the city, but it’s turning out to be more dangerous than she could have imagined. Having been attacked twice in one night by unseen assailants, her enthusiasm for city life has been shaken; the darkness is filled with terrors and she is forced to barricade herself within her own apartment.

Her only protection is an ancient secret that lies within Nicole’s heritage, shielding her from the blood-thirst of supernatural immortals. It is the reason she remains alive.

But her attackers haven’t finished. Nicole has become a challenge to the pair. Unable to cow her by force, the pair elect to seduce Nicole into surrendering to them, into permitting them to taste her body, and her blood. Whether they succeed by working to seduce her separately, or by acting together, they WILL succeed.

Kissing a Scoundrel –Regency Historical Romance

Emily Crawford, a lady of means with a nerve ridden nature, never believed her father's business would be hers. She had assumed that as an only child to the late Lord Crawford the family estate would. When both are willed to Owen Harding, her father's younger business partner and well known scamp, Emily believes that her only chance at comfort or happiness is to achieve an acceptable marriage.

How will she do that when her father's last words have also stipulated that Mister Harding, an adamant bachelor, will be joining her for the entirety of the social season? Will her nervous tendencies give away her anxious nature? Will she be able to ignore what he makes her feel?

Blood Bound -Vampire BBW Romance

Life was simple for Victoria until the day she failed to stake a vampire and found herself one of the undead. Victoria use to be a Hunter. Failure should have come in death, but now she finds herself at the mercy of Rick—a fellow Hunter she’s been trying to avoid since the day he kissed her.

Hunters are not supposed to form attachments, but Rick seems to think he can bind Victoria to him, and use her as a weapon for the undead. Victoria believes it will all end in bloodshed. Is it possible for her to find salvation as a monster?

Egyptian Secrets –Historical Threesome FFM Romance

In the early twentieth century, when Great Britain occupied Egypt, thousands of British explorers made their way to the Arab country in search of gold and other treasures buried by the pharaohs millennium ago.

William Bettencourt and his wife, Anna, are two such explorers who left their comfortable lives in London to explore the Egyptian desert. When their friend, Haji, tells them about the ancient city of Hisyut and the treasures that lie undisturbed, William and Anna begin a grueling trek through the desert with just a map drawn by Haji’s brother many years ago. They aren’t aware of the dangers of the Egyptian desert, notably King Mahmoud, who rules over a vast area of land untouched by the British.

When William and Anna stumble into his kingdom, he takes them hostage and demands ransom from the British government. But little does King Mahmood know, his daughter, Metimeh, will become his biggest enemy when she falls in love with the British hostages.

Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

Circulus Vitiosus

by F. Lasten on 2018-04-23
A story, passing through different times, worlds and dimensions; a story about love, lust, fear, darkness and sacrifice, written in a mix ща sci-fi and fantasy, and flavored with romance, humor, sex and unusual plot twists.
***For adult readers only!***

Schwanger im All (Geschlechtertausch – Sciencefiction Book 2)

by Alyson Belle on 2018-04-23
Captain James T. Mitchell ist nun in dem Körper seines Co-Captains Lana King gefangen und hat den ersten Schritt ihrer Mission zur Repopulation der Erde erfolgreich bestanden! Die Aliens, von denen sie wiederbelebt wurden, haben ihnen bestätigt, dass er sich definitiv auf ein Baby freuen kann, aber er war doch immer noch mit der neuen Situation beschäftigt, dem Leben im Körper einer Frau.

Doch dies ist nicht die einzige Veränderung, an die er sich gewöhnen muss – das Leben als Lana bringt viele weitere Komplikationen mit sich, zum Beispiel muss sie den Befehlen ihres neuen, männlichen Partners folgen, und sich damit abfinden, sich seine Aufmerksamkeit mit dem restlichen Harem an begierigen sexy Frauen zu teilen. Die Aliens führen neue Weibchen zur Paarung in den luxuriösen Garten im Zentrum des Schiffs. Schlimmer noch, er beginnt langsam zu glauben, es war vielleicht gar kein Unfall, dass er sich in Lana verwandelt hat…

Ist es möglich, dass sein Co-Captain seinen Körper gestohlen hat und ihn damit dazu gezwungen hat, eine ihrer Haremmädchen zu werden, damit sie all die Vorzüge des Herrschers im Paradies auskosten könnte? Aber was kann James daran jetzt noch ändern, hilflos wie er ist, gefangen in dem Körper eines schwangeren Haremluders? Er muss sich was einfallen lassen, ansonsten wird er den Rest seines Lebens damit verbringen, sich mit seinem alten Körper und den anderen Mädchen zu paaren, schwanger und gefangen auf einer Alien-Raumstation.

Personnels Collier (French Edition)

by Thea Kovacek on 2018-04-23
Chacun des mois d'hiver jens ai barbouillé de leur deuxième sommet le long avec de la volaille est de la bouse dans le but d'augmenter la moustache; maintenant, c'Était à la germination, et il s'est identifié à une jeune dame; elle a été infirmière-femme de ménage avec le consul "c'est super divertissant,pouces, il a été cité disant, "vous devriez vraiment obtenir un soi-même quand la dame porte moi-même la jeune fille se tient en dehors de votre ex de la langue comme un gamin" toutefois pelle voulais zéro jeune femme-dans le lieu ultime, absolument aucune jeune fille aurait votre ex, de qualité supérieure comme ils l'avaient été; après quoi ils ont été significativement anxieux.

Las Serpientes del Portal (Spanish Edition)

by Janiya Block on 2018-04-23
El real especial objeto de la mayor parte de la correspondencia, así como artículos sobre Schiller dentro de esta cantidad en particular es en realidad la Apariencia; así como, justo antes de pasar a las observaciones que en su administración el tema que va a ser útil para ofrecer una serie de observaciones sobre la dinámica de este tema, así como en la terapia de la filosofía de corazón de diferentes rangos de edad.

Carne di Segreti (Italian Edition)

by Adolphus O'Hara on 2018-04-23
Ogni lotta ha I suoi onu nome in caratteri normali regalo di riempimento viene in particolare, preso d'assalto il castello e, inoltre, che rientrano nell'infrangere le regole, di cui a sua volta la sua / il suo valor ha creato, dorme in innominato grave effettivo subalterni, come il loro nome È appena visto in passato l'appello di marzo, porta la tonalità associato con la sua organizzazione in cui la lotta può essere meglio insieme corporale che la mente loro file dall'ultima carica, sarà dimenticato dal "terremoto gridare" il successo che hanno l'aids per guadagnare la vittoria sono strettamente legati così tanto, o superiore, per il patriot coraggio associati con lui che è pronto a fare il loro dovere, all'interno della lista e anche di registrare, per quanto riguarda l'esecuzione di colonnello il quale il cervello il vostro regime, o anche per il generale che prevede una strategia particolare: ma inosservata, sconosciuto, così come unrewarded ex va da subito nel dimenticatoio come il "leader" del titolo È in ogni lingua, e forse non riesce di tutti I tempi, mentre quella della persona che ha guadagnato ben coinvolge il suo / la sua regione.

De Outro Mundo (Portuguese Edition)

by Mila Wander on 2018-04-23
Cuidar da fazenda de seu falecido pai não é problema algum para Estrela, que cresceu em meio aos cavalos, vacas, galinhas e rodas de viola. A vida do campo é a única que a garota conhece, porém, em seu íntimo, sonha em ser uma astronauta e ainda se sente uma esquisitona por causa de um pesadelo alienígena que teve enquanto criança.
Era somente uma noite comum na fazenda quando, ao observar o céu em uma enorme luneta, Estrela percebe que algo está errado. Um objeto não identificado surge do nada, emitindo luzes capazes de perturbar o mais incrédulo dos humanos. Pensando que finalmente tinha enlouquecido de vez, a moça se surpreende ao dar de cara com uma nave espacial em formato de ovo, que acaba caindo bem no meio do seu milharal. Para piorar a situação, de dentro do objeto surge um ser que com certeza não é humano, a tirar pelos olhos vermelhos, orelhas pontudas e cabelos azuis.
Gê é um habitante de Vênus que passou boa parte de sua existência tentando achar uma maneira de atender a um desejo antigo feito por Estrela. No entanto, seu experimento não dá muito certo e ele se vê preso na Terra, onde precisará se adaptar enquanto não encontra uma forma de voltar para o espaço. Humana e extraterrestre se unirão em uma aventura fantástica rumo às realizações e ao crescimento de um sentimento improvável.
Neste romance, Mila Wander mostra que o verdadeiro amor pode vir de outro mundo. Por que não?

When Two Souls Touch

by JT Therrien on 2018-04-23
While on maneuvers a sudden explosion propels Captain Catherine O'Brien 250 years into the future, leaving behind a man who loved her so much that he planned to spend eternity with her. Can a wounded soldier find love again in a world where every day is a struggle to fit in?

Baby Whisperers: Complete Edition

by Kate Kent on 2018-04-23
Baby Whisperers: Complete Edition

It's an Almost Secret Baby Romance! Baby Whisperers: Complete Edition includes all of the Baby Whisperers novellas and covers. These paranormal bear shifter romances include lots of loving, romance, and suspense.

Olive -

Hot Bear Shifter Wants Cute and Curvy BBW for a Lifetime of Pleasure!

What happens when the hot man you slept with turns out to be a jerk and you discover you're pregnant with his child? Julie Morton's been hurt in the past so the last thing she's looking for is a relationship. But her hunky co-worker, bear shifter Trent Grizzard knows she's the one for him.

The chemistry is undeniable and when the two get together at a party - it's on! But then comes one shock after another as Julie realizes Trent may not want her as his life mate after all. And she discovers there's a little surprise growing in her tummy.

But Julie does not want a jerk for her baby daddy. Can she keep it a secret?

Emily -

A Sassy BBW Aching for Love + One Hot Bear Ready and Willing = A Blazing Hot Romance!

Avery Grizzard has secretly lusted after her brothers' bestie Colby Lewis for years. When he comes back to town she makes an all out play for his attention but she gets much more than she bargained for!

Hunky bear shifter Colby is shocked to find Ham and Trent's little sister is all grown up. She's cute, curvy and sassy. He can't stop thinking about her. But he's down on his luck and with his history of drinking and womanizing - her brothers' would likely kill him if he messed with her.

Avery doesn't want Colby to feel pressured, after all she practically threw her sexy, curvacious body at him. And sadly she realizes he may not be the best baby daddy. Should she keep the little one growing in her tummy a secret?

Beatrice -

A Pretty BBW + A Messy Shifter Bear = A Sloppy Kind of Juicy Love!

Career woman Haley Green is crazy about Hamish Grizzard. But he seems to spend his time goofing off and playing the field. He’s not exactly mate material.

When Haley finds out she’s pregnant she’s in shock. She doesn’t want Ham to think she’s trapped him and she doesn’t think he’s ready to be a dad. He can barely take care of himself so how can he take care of a baby? Haley decides she will raise the baby herself and Ham never has to know.

Ham Grizzard has a laid back approach to life. But right now he’s got a few problems. There’s the Carnivores gang up the street wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. He’s busy working on computer projects. And his brother is trying to parent him. He likes playing the field but he can’t get one sexy BBW named Haley out of his head. But there’s no way he’s ready to settle down or is he?

Get ready to enjoy love, laughter and romance in Baby Whisperers: Complete Edition!

Taken by Stranger: Truth of Sky: An Alien Romance Book Collection

by Virginia Mclaurin on 2018-04-23

Get THREE steamy alien romance short stories PLUS 36 bonus romance stories inside!

Intergalactic Entanglement –MFM Ménage Alien Romance

Lora wants to live a life of seclusion after the city life that overworked her for five years, makes her feel lost in life. Now isolated to a small farm in the middle of nowhere, she gets a strange knock at the door. Her animals are acting strange, they’re terrified and she can’t shake the knowledge of just how isolated she is on this farm. Suddenly she is aware of just how lonely it can be with just chickens and horses to talk to.

Will Lora be able to find the something more she needs in her life on the other side of that door? Or will two men from out of this world shatter her homesteading dream?

Interview with an Alien–Alien and Football BBW Romance

Gillian Johnson gets the ultimate sports interview. Running back Marcus London had agreed to an interview with her, and no ne else. She was the envy of sports reporters and drove out to his desert ranch nervous and excited to talk to the handsome football star.

The interview gets interrupted by an attack from the sky. Before she knows it Gillian, Marcus and his Butler, Kirkpatrick, are hiding in a bunker of extraordinary technology. She watches on a screen as the mansion and her car are completely destroyed. It was then that she discovered Marcus London’s big secret. He is an alien. As in from outer space sort of alien.

Gillian would have had an easier time dealing with the fact that the handsome man she desired was an alien, if they were not being attacked by other aliens. Soon she is transported to exotic locals on earth, one step ahead of the next attack!

The Alien Encounter –Alien and Pregnancy Romance

What happens when two different worlds collide? Two different societies, so vastly different from one another, alien in most regards.

That’s the situation that Vak’Nosh of the Varrokian people must find out as he’s transported to Earth to begin a career in the corporate world on Earth. As an alien species visiting a different world, he has to grapple with the growing isolation that comes with being different, and separate from a people that are in every way his opposite.

But as he gets to know one particular Human, Diana Richards, he starts to realize something the closer he gets to her. That maybe Varrokians and Humans aren’t really all that different after all. That they all want the same thing in life; to feel good and be happy.

This is a story that shows that deep down, no matter where you're from, or who you are, that connections can be made with one another.

Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

Triple The Lovely Child: Billionaire, Firefighter and Werewolf Shifter Romance (A Three-Sub Genre Romance Book Collection)

by Jan Dotson on 2018-04-23

Get THREE romance stories from each of billionaire, firefighter and werewolf shifter sub-genres with PLUS 36 bonus romance stories FREE inside!

Strange and Beautiful –Billionaire Stepbrother BBW Romance

Tara has been away at college for a long time and she decides to spend the summer with her recently engaged mother in Miami. Little does she know that her mom’s fiancé lives in a gorgeous estate, where his son Noah also decides to spend the summer with his girlfriend, Denise.

Tara is her usual shy and quiet self but she feels herself opening up to Noah in a way that feels wrong, but so right. He is immediately bewitched by the strange and beautiful girl who is to be his new stepsister, and soon sees that she is a better fit for him than Denise.

Can they carry out their forbidden love in secret, or will they have to give each other up in the face of society’s morals?

A Taste of Her Pie–Firefighter MFM Menage Romance

When Roz left Pagosa Springs eight years ago and headed to the big city, she never thought she would be back. But now after a divorce, she’s returned home to lick her wounds. She found out the big city wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. With her confectionary store next to the fire station, the sexy “newcomer” finds herself being hit on by the town’s most eligible bachelors. But two men, firefighters and brothers stood out. It is Roz’s new attitude that has her consenting when she is caught between the two brothers who are determined to have her. Then Roz’s ex, the man she’s never truly forgotten, returns to town.

Will her hook-up with the brothers further create a rift between them? Or will they finally be able to let bygones be bygones and rekindle a passion that has never died?

Shifters Mountain–Werewolf Shifter Romance

April Depardieu is a mountain climber, although she finds the limits of her capabilities when she joins a group of friends to scale Mont Blanc. Torn between enjoying the experience and wishing she’d stayed at home, she nevertheless presses on in the face of a rising danger—the warming weather.

As the danger of avalanche threatens, she harbours increasing doubts about their safety, but can’t turn back since the point of no return has been reached.

When she awakens in a strange mountain chalet, with her leg splinted, she knows the worst has happened. But as she drifts in and out of consciousness, she catches sight of a mysterious man who comes and goes at random, sometimes in the middle of the night, and often without clothes.

Why is he leaving bare footprints in the snow, and why are there always wolf tracks near the door?

April knows she must shake herself from the dream-like sleep, and recover her ability to walk in order to pursue the mystery of her mysterious benefactor.

Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

New SFR books for 2018-04-22

Rendez Vous - editie Nederlandstalig (Flash and Shorts) (Dutch Edition)

by Eduard Meinema on 2018-04-22
Een liefdesverhaal voor mensen met een sterk hart.
Een ontmoeting met een oude liefde. Denk je dat eens in. Na ruim vijftig jaar ontmoet hij haar weer: zijn jeugdliefde. Op de achtergrond ‘Dark side of the moon’ van Pink Floyd (Us and them!). Excuses. Natuurlijk is dat absoluut geen achtergrond muziek. Maar het maakt het verhaal wel spannender…

Quantum Butterfly: Reality Is Chaos

by Joe Dacy on 2018-04-22
September, 2032: A dull boom echoes through the urban canyons of downtown Dallas. A 50-story skyscraper shudders. A firecracker-like rumble fills the air. In five seconds, floor by floor, the 646-foot tower pancakes into the ground.

Six months earlier, Rusty Chambers, a quantum programmer, takes a consulting job with the Artificial Intelligence giant, Quantum Query. The secretive, insular company's Project 143771 will revolutionize the field . . .

... IF it can survive the hordes of techjays, the anti-AI protesters.
... IF Rusty can navigate the labyrinth of corporate politics, greed, and deceit.
... And IF he can break free of the cycles of History, and the Butterfly Effects of his personal decisions.

Explore the Dark Side of AI -- where Reality IS Chaos!

La Liberta e il Tatuaggio (Italian Edition)

by Bailey Klocko on 2018-04-22
Anche numerosi, per tutta la shebang che coinvolgono immaginario in cui, oh mio dio Lettori, Abbiamo trasgredito in considerazione, il Mio compagno e ho pubblicato mantenere comunque 3, del conto, in cui il terreno è diventato cast tra le occasioni, e colorati con il metodo, gli individui volte Il 1 ° di questi, /Pelham/, costruito dopo che mi è stato solo un figlio, contiene i problemi, così come, forse, i particolari meriti, organici in un bel giovane età,--quando l'effettiva novità di per sé sull'esistenza accelera il tuo commento,--quando noi avvertiamo notevolmente, come pure significare vividamente, esattamente ciò che si trova sulla parte superiore del globo,--e quando, a metà simpatizzante con tutte le follie tutti noi satirise, troverete c'è gusto nei tuoi quadri, che a sua volta ripara esagerato Come i nostri corpi età si nota decisamente meno, tutti noi l'eco di più; così come, proprio come Frankenstein, tutti noi sezionare per creare Il prossimo libro oggi,1 che, subito dopo il periodo che coinvolge alcuni anni, il Mio coniuge ed ho elencato nel mondo, era stato uno in particolare che ho ora, per la prima volta, ammettere, così come modificato e rettificato) sarà probabilmente essere incluso in questa stringa, cioè, /Godolphin/;--di un opera incentrata su una part.

Accidental Slave to the Kralians: 3: Sci-Fi Ménage Romance

by Cara Wylde on 2018-04-22
It’s settled: the purple aliens and the SPG are now working together. Avery has vouched for them, and the two Kralian ship captains are ready to give the Terrans all the information they need to take down the other four alien armies knocking on their door. The only problem is that war is not an option when Earth will surely be on the losing side. They need an alternative…

Between making time for a hot romp and doing research and DNA tests, Avery, Kryan, and Aedar bring the SPG a real solution: the deep, special connection between Kralians and humans might be the answer to avoiding a deadly confrontation.

Accidental Slave to the Kralians is a 6-book serial. This is part three, it’s short, it ends in a cliffhanger, and it has a steamy ménage scene that might just set your Kindle on fire. Read at your own risk! Intended for readers 18+.

Pressa da Lui (Italian Edition)

by Jan Springer on 2018-04-22
La tatuatrice Catalina Brown perde testa per lo sconosciuto che chiede un tatuaggio tentacolare sulla sua ... parte del corpo più sensibile. Normalmente, mescolare il lavoro con piacere non è la sua cosa, ma è una calamita sensuale a cui è immediatamente attratta, in particolare dopo aver sperimentato un high artistico perverso mentre tatua ogni pollice del suo succulento membro.

El mutaforma tentacular, Calder Croft cattura l'odore della donna quando passa per il porto turistico in California, e non può ignorare il modo in cui si scalda il suo sangue. Dopo averla incontrata, è sbalordito nello scoprire che Cat non ha idea che lei sia una mutaforma cha sta per entrare nel suo Cambio. Ci vuole tutto il suo autocontrollo per evitare di prendere queñña sexy donna proprio sul posto.

Calder deve dire a Cat la verità sulla sua eredità. Accetterà la sua primogenitura come una mutaforma o soccomberà alla follia, perdendo per sempre la possibilità di amare?


by N.R. Walker on 2018-04-22
In 2068, androids are an integrated part of human life. Big Brother no longer just watches from the shadows. It’s in every household.

Lloyd Salter has OCD issues with noise, mess, and he’s uncomfortable with human interaction. When his ex claimed the only thing perfect enough to live up to his standards was an android, Lloyd dismissed it. But two years later, after much self-assessment, he thinks he may have been right.

SATinc is the largest manufacturer of androids in Australia, including the Fully Compatible Units known as an A-Class 10. Their latest design is the Synthetic Human Android UNit, otherwise known as SHAUN.

Shaun is compatible to Lloyd’s every need; the perfect fit on an intellectual and physical basis. But Lloyd soon realises Shaun’s not like other A-Class androids. He learns. He adapts. Sure that SATinc is aware Shaun functions outside of his programmed parameters, Lloyd must find a way to keep Shaun safe.

No one can know how special Shaun is. No one can know he’s evolved.

In the Wandering: Alex's Story

by H.L. Caron on 2018-04-22
A reluctant Alex is going on a journey of a lifetime. The journey to meet the woman he will call his wife for the first time in his life. This is a will of not his own making, but of the genetic code of life, that we call in the wandering. Where life is a circling of purposeful events that lead us to the partners we are already perfectly connected to without our conscious knowledge. Follow Alex in this short tale to find his predestined love.

Il Cigno e il Warlands (Italian Edition)

by Sylvan Harvey on 2018-04-22
Il filosofo, che introduce un nuovo concetto È associato a adornano, almeno, di una serie di importanti testimonianze dalla ragionevolezza delle loro posizioni, così come lo storico del quale venture segnalare meraviglie che hanno finora è stato nascosto da essere umano informazione, che deve a un ragionevole valore verso I pensieri associati con altre persone, per generare un po ' di reputazione dichiarazione a favore della loro veridicità io sono particolarmente messi in relazione a circa bat appollaiati due ottimi requisiti non avendo nulla di più di quello che la plausibilità di offrire e solo la mia scuola di pensiero, con qualche altro vedere rispetto ai personalmente per stabilire la chiave specifiche che potrebbero essere attualmente in procinto di diventare installati prima di guardare tutto il mondo, inizialmente, in questo problema, il mio compagno e ho completamente hanno il peso corporeo in materia di responsabilità per cui il mio coniuge ed io rimango; perché di solito ci sono informazioni minimali possibilità di mostrare fino falsi, e anche di fiction, così come la realtà che questo normale spettatore È estremamente probabile che affermano che egli era stato un buon testimone oculare della loro esistenza: due informazioni che ciascuno dei nostri ricercatori potrebbero fiorire di tener.

Alien Warlord's Passion (Warlord Brides Index Book 2)

by Nancey Cummings on 2018-04-22

She'll do anything for her son.
Even marry an alien.

Rosemary left Earth to make a better life for her seven-year-old son. She’s got a good job, a nice house, and one minor problem: she needs to marry a Mahdfel warrior if she wants to stay.
Better the devil you know...
She can take her chances and marry a stranger or she can accept an offer from an unlikely candidate: Mene. She doesn't like him and she thought he didn't like her. He can barely look at her without snarling. But then again, none of the other warriors are any better.
He might not be handsome...
No female can look Mene in the eye and not flinch. But beneath his scarred face and gruff demeanor is a good man. A man who wants a mate and family.
His warrior’s heart burns for the curvaceous and vibrant human female, but she's very clear she's not interested in love.
He’ll show her that his passion is anything but fake.

El Destino y la Serenata (Spanish Edition)

by Gia Spencer on 2018-04-22
No era un _very_ capa brillante, pero blanqueados suficiente, en todo el sentido moral, ya que la secuela puede tener.

Generar un ingreso vino a causa de que era este.

Mientras que la fragata se acostó a lo largo del Callao, por la costa asociados con el Perú, su último puerto en el Pacífico--me encuentra a mí, personalmente, sin tener un _grego_, o marinero principalement; por lo que, como, hacia eliminar a 3 años " crucero, simplemente no pea-chaquetas puede ser adquirida a través de la contabilidad mayordomo: y convertirse en seguro respecto a la Cpe Cuerno, algún tipo de alternativa ha sido crucial; he utilizado yo mismo, durante su visita, dentro de la producción de una gran extravagante traje de mi propia invención, a la vivienda a mí, personalmente, en el bullicioso temperatura nos fueron, por tanto, mucho antes de venir a través de.

Festa dell'Alchimista (Italian Edition)

by Darian Schulist on 2018-04-22
Chat leggermente su una 1000 problemi, I 2 giovani saltellando dal pavimento; questi sono stati attualmente in questo trimestre, che è stato farcito con particolare gaia negozi, la loro ampia e aperta all'interno della maggioranza e ogni incandescente insieme con le vistose, ma unificata tonalità associati con affreschi, inconcepibilmente diverse all'interno di elegante e di stile attuale incandescente fontane, che ogni vis buttato up-reparti proprio felice schizzare durante il periodo estivo in atmosfera; la folla per quanto riguarda I viaggiatori, o piuttosto l'atto di temporeggiare, soprattutto vestita in accappatoio nel tyria colorazione; il tuo omosessuali organizzazioni hanno ottenuto ogni più attraente di andare a fare shopping; gli schiavi in movimento avanti e indietro insieme con I secchi in materia di bronzo, forgiato all'interno della maggioranza di graziosi disegni, insieme con portate sulle loro particolare cervello; gli stati uniti le donne di stanza a regolari periodi di tempo, utilizzare contenitori di arrossendo di frutta fresca e fiori più attraente in antichi italiani, invece di loro discendenti (con il quale, certamente, "latet anguis all'interno herba,pollici una malattia che sembra nascondere in ogni singolo cremisi, come pure l'aumento); innumerevoli tormenta che a sua volta compiuto la tua non si fa niente di persone qualsiasi ufficio per quanto riguarda ristoranti e club, come di questo tempo di giorno, I negozi, dove sugli scaffali che coinvolgono il marmo era stato ricco di particolari accent.

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