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New SFR books for 2018-06-20

Les Els (Tome 2) (French Edition)

by H. Roy on 2018-06-20
«La France. Où tout a commencé. Où mon destin a été scellé par d’autres, dix-sept ans plus tôt. Le mien, mais aussi celui d’Evann, mon Gardien. Et voilà que nous y retournons. Ensemble. La boucle est bouclée.»

Depuis l’attaque de la Horde, plus question pour Connor d’échapper à la surveillance de son Gardien. Et ce, pour son plus grand plaisir... Le programme? Quitter de toute urgence Eden Lake et gagner Paris où l’attend une place à l’EAS, l’Agence de Sécurité des Els qui forme les Volontaires, dirigée d’une main de fer par sa grand-mère. Entre deux sessions d’entraînement, Connor part en quête de ses origines, sans se douter que ses découvertes pourraient être dévastatrices. Car malgré le confinement, des yeux restent obstinément braqués sur elle...

A Different Time (Guardians of the Now Book 2)

by Donna Steele on 2018-06-20
Back in a futuristic present following their time travel, Dusty and Dee have a lot to catch up on in their new reality. Things have improved, but people still have their issues. With their child on the way, they think everything will be smoother sailing.

The other influences have different ideas. The Guardians are watching as the offspring heralds monumental changes, and The Malveks plot to discover why a planet they had planned to invade is no longer viable.

New SFR books for 2018-06-19

Yesterday: Falling in love... again

by Juan Manuel Rodríguez Caamaño on 2018-06-19
uan Carlos is a student of the last semester of the career of industrial physical engineering. Together with his two classmates and lifelong friends, Eduardo and Enrique, he develops a methodology for using the power of the mind in something that only seems fiction on the printed paper of his thesis. That thesis is enough to title them to the three, however, can be an alternative to scientifically understand the behavior of time. It can even be a solution to remedy the romantic tragedy that Juan Carlos lives by passing a bitter, sentimental drink that marks him for life. In the end we have a romantic novel whose happiness depends on science fiction.

Stone Bears: The Complete Collection

by Amelia Jade on 2018-06-19
The Stone Bears. Elite shifters trained to protect the most valuable things in Genesis Valley. For years that has meant the dormant dragon eggs mined in the nearby mountains. Now though, this trio of bear shifters have found their mates, and they’re extending the same protection to the women that make them whole. Ready to unleash hell upon any who threaten their mates, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael must juggle their jobs and their love life in his heartwarming collection of stories. Pull up the blanket and read along as these tough as nails protectors try to find their way in a world not quite ready for them.

Included in this bundle are:

Gabriel. The leader.
Uriel. The lost.
Raphael. The protector.

Republic of Wisdomia

by Chirajit Paul on 2018-06-19
A ship carrying a group of scientists wrecked in the Indian Ocean and washed ashore in an undiscovered island. The gifted men and their families started a civilization in the uninhabited land which they fondly named Republic of Wisdomia. There they continued their pursuit for excellence in science under a mutually decided stringent social order. The citizens were immunized against ‘unnecessary’ emotions like love and compassion, while virtues like pride and sense of duty were invigorated. Within a couple of decades of its formation, Republic of Wisdomia became the most scientifically advanced nation in the world, and soon the first world became envious of its intellectual treasures. The allied forces, on the pretext of relieving its people from the oppressive regime, thrust a war upon Wisdomia which they resisted bravely for ten long years. At a time when fatigue started to get the better of morale, and resources started to fall scarce, Sara - the president’s granddaughter, and Adhrit - son of a soldier slain at war, rediscovered the tabooed emotion and fell in love; and Republic of Wisdomia faced a dual crisis – external and internal.

Will Sara and Adhrit be able to realize their love?
Will Republic of Wisdomia get to win the war?
Does the first world carry a default right on anything that is precious?

From the author of The Fragrance of Rose, Sea of Kashmir and The Man, the Ghost, and the Proposition of God comes Republic of Wisdomia – a short novel cutting across multiple genres – Utopian fiction, Science fiction and Romance.

Grayson & Merinda (Spring Valley Book 1)

by Ashley Christine Campbell on 2018-06-19
Awoken in the middle of the night to discover her husband has been murdered and a bunch of strange men trying to cart off her young niece, Merinda Ryans is forced to trust a mysterious man she only knows through reputation to keep them safe. After being married to the vilest man she had ever known, can she really find it in herself to trust a man again.

Grayson Wolfe has longed for his mate for years but discovering the widow of the man he had been investigating was his one, leaves him feeling unsure of his future. With an impending deadline none of his clan members want to miss, could he really consider passing her up in hopes of finding a new mate in the very distant future.

Can a woman who had never found any man to be trustworthy but her own father and brothers, and a man with secrets of his own, find their own happiness?

Life Fictionalized: 5 short stories

by Emily Sophia on 2018-06-19
Stories are the way to live lives outside our own. Here's a chance to live five lives in one afternoon. This is a collection of five short stories focusing on the relationship between two people in only a scene's worth of time.

Ternion of Intimacy: Romance Collection

by Anna Lewis on 2018-06-19
- Ternion of Intimacy : Alien Menage Romance -

When Lacey Stern is banished to a maximum security intergalactic prison, the lovers in her life, Prince Korun and Blaen of Ubos, will have their loyalties tested. Who will they fight for…the crown or their happiness?

A Collection of Steamy Hot Romance Stories with No Cliffhanger!
This steamy romance collection starts with “Ternion of Intimacy”, followed by various steamy romance stories ranging from science fiction romance, paranormal romance, shapeshifter romance, bad boy romance, alpha male romance, threesome romance, etc. for your reading pleasure.

Scroll up and click the orange buy now button to start reading TODAY!

WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Blue Alien Prince's Mail-Order Bride: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Royally Blue - Celestial Mates Book 5)

by Zara Zenia on 2018-06-19

A powerful leader needs a strong woman by his side – but would a human be strong enough to bear the burden of love and leadership he was offering?

Larzukan, leader of the Tharagan race, was in need of a bride, but when faced with a choice between two females from his planet, he found that he wanted something more. Not just a mate, but a creature who could rule alongside him. In an act of desperation, Larzukan applied for a mail-order bride, hoping that his call for a mate would be answered by a female from another planet.

Felicity was at the end of her rope. A marriage she had never agreed to had been arranged by her father, and she wanted nothing to do with it. The only way out is an arrangement of another kind, a reply to her application to be a mail-order bride. What she doesn’t know is that her intended groom is an alien, and she’s going to be transported hundreds of thousands of miles away from the only home she’s ever known.

Marriage isn’t easy, but it’s even harder for Felicity to come to terms with the fact that Larzukan has given one of his former suitors the task of caring for her. Suspicion and doubt cloud Felicity’s mind, but will Larzukan’s love be enough to convince her that she is worthy to stand at his side and lead his people?

Blue Alien Prince’s Mail-Order Bride is part of the Royally Blue - Celestial Mates series and is a full-length science fiction romance novel. There are NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending!

Soul Mates: Alien Shifter Billionaire Romance

by Elba Driver on 2018-06-19
Soul Mates – Alien Shifter Billionaire Romance

Rory wants nothing more than to put the past behind her. She ran off to New York city to become famous when she was eighteen-years-old to be discovered. But her only discovery was finding that city is cruel and expensive. She dreams of going to college and bettering herself while she waits tables and barely makes ends meet.

Michael Venture is a famous billionaire who uses his fortune to change the world. On the outside, he’s charming and refined, but he holds a terrible secret. He’s a being from another world sent to protect the Earth from monsters that want to take it for their own.

When Rory and Michael meet, she can’t help but feel that she knows him from somewhere and that feeling intensifies with each passing moment. Are they about to embark on a whirlwind love at first sight

THANK YOU for purchasing this standalone book + Getting 20 cool romance short stories ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

WARNING: The book contains mature content and language intended for adult readers only!< /i>

Tamed for Their Use (Ventori Masters Book 3)

by Ivy Barrett on 2018-06-19
After Nichole Romano is rescued from a dangerous drug cartel by Ventori warriors, she is introduced to Sintar, a member of the Ventori High Council, and his brother Tarlon.

Since Sintar and Tarlon are deemed to be excellent matches for her, Nichole is given to them as a mate. Ventori culture proves to be quite different from that to which she is accustomed, but her new mates are committed to winning her heart. Will she fall in love as she learns their ways?

Tamed for Their Use (Ventori Masters Book 3)

by Ivy Barrett on 2018-06-19
After Nichole Romano is rescued from a dangerous drug cartel by Ventori warriors, she is introduced to Sintar, a member of the Ventori High Council, and his brother Tarlon.

Since Sintar and Tarlon are deemed to be excellent matches for her, Nichole is given to them as a mate. Ventori culture proves to be quite different from that to which she is accustomed, but her new mates are committed to winning her heart. Will she fall in love as she learns their ways?

New SFR books for 2018-06-18

Children of the Void (Zero Tolerance Unit Files Book 1)

by Adam Clarke on 2018-06-18
Organized Crime lives its golden age in Capitol City, but not for long if the newly formed Zero Tolerance Unit (ZTU) has anything to say about it… Even if it shouldn't be their primary concern.

An elusive cult is brewing something sinister: a ritual that would remove humanity's material form, by opening the Void.

Jonas Hansen is a vigilante who decides to join the ZTU to prove that orphans don't always end up in the Mafia.

Kyra Allison thinks - and often proves - that she is smarter than most people. This doesn't get her many friends in the ZTU, but that is just fine for her.

Until she meets Jonas.

Great High Scientist

by JA Menter on 2018-06-18
The civilized world was a smoldering wasteland and its’ great cities radioactive heaps of rubble. An improbable chain of events triggered a cataclysmic nuclear war that, once started, couldn’t be stopped. Just when men thought science might produce the long-sought utopia, it betrayed them. The same science that promised to solve every human problem had also produced the power to destroy the world. Frail men had tragically proved unable to use wisely the power science had given them.
Then a miracle. Against all odds, civilization rose anew from the ruins. The promise of science was redeemed as amazing new inventions made possible the rebirth of civilization. Great cities of gleaming skyscrapers again rose heavenward. The crucible of the nuclear holocaust had forged a new kind of men. Men were freed from the old ways that made them stumble. The ancient dream of swords beaten into plowshares had come at last. All men now lived at peace in a perfect world.
Or was it? What was really going on behind the gleaming facades of concrete, steel, and glass? What were the real thoughts and feelings behind the eyes of those men and women with perfect faces? Selene, a beautiful young woman, and Jory, a teenage boy were two of those who lived in the wondrous city of Novastella. They discover that even in utopia sinister forces still lurk. The two are driven together by inexorable events into an unlikely friendship. Can they escape the fate that’s relentlessly bearing down on them with machine-like precision? Is there no hope or are the rumors true that there’s still a remnant of the old world where they can find refuge?

Mated on the Moon (Celestial Mates)

by Kate Rudolph on 2018-06-18
Ruby isn't looking for love, so when her newly married best friend signs her up for the Celestial Mates dating service, she's frustrated and ready to swear off dating for good. But out of consideration for a lifelong friendship, she agrees to one date. If the guy she meets is perfect, great. If not, well, at least her bestie can't hold it against her. Even better, she won't need to deal with any more matchmaking.

Nyco needs a mate and he's running out of time. As a Detyen, he's doomed to die on his thirtieth birthday if he doesn't find his denya. At twenty-nine, he can feel each day ticking by as his end rushes closer. Out of desperation, he agrees to work with the Celestial Mates to try and find his match. He'll recognize his mate on sight, but all the women being sent his way are completely wrong.

Until he meets Ruby.

Sparks fly from their first encounter, but is it too good to be true? And when outside forces intervene to cut off their bond before it even begins to flourish, Nyco will do anything to prove that he is the only person in the galaxy meant for Ruby, and he'll fight anyone and take any risk to protect her.

The Adventures of Blue Faust 1-4

by Cecilia Randell on 2018-06-18
This is a collection of books 1-4 of The Adventures of Blue Faust

Blue Faust is an ordinary girl. A little shy, more than a little awkward, and living in her own safe bubble.
But she has a plan to fix that. A plan and a list.
That plan will ultimately set her off on an extraordinary adventure, full of new worlds, new cultures and new beasties. There will be grumpy barbarians, playful mercenaries, beast-mounts, and razor clawed killer kittens.
Oh, and did we mention she's the key to stopping a psycho-crazed almost-god intent on conquering the known universe?

Global Warming

by Danny Flynn on 2018-06-18
Did you ever ask yourself how Parallel Worlds view what is going on in our world?

Well most of the time they don’t really care, conversely there has been a few times where their aircraft, known to us as UFO’s, have buzzed our world to find out what was going on over here.

This book is the story of how a Man came from Parallel World Number One to see if he could find out why this world is jeopardising the existence of his world and if he could stop it.

The man from Parallel World Number One not only comes here to access the blame, but he also interacts with a citizen of this world to bring person or persons to justice. This story actually evolves into romance as the citizen traverses across the pages of this book looking for and trying to prosecute the culprits.

Whispering Universe: Bisexual and Gay MMF Menage Alien Romance

by Jamie Hogan on 2018-06-18
WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

Debra is bored of her life. There is nothing interesting about it, that is until her best friend Tamika persuades her to accompany her to a beach party. While there, Debra meets this handsome guy that she immediately has a crush on. Being lonely, she falls for him and they head out down the beach. Little does she know that she has just met the most handsome and passionate aliens. She is totally swept away.

Ethan and Chris are from another planet that have been sent by their king to capture human slaves. Everything is going according to plan until they meet Debra and discover that she can offer them something that they cannot get back home, passion.

Download for FREE with Kindle Unlimited

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After PLUS 44 bonus steamy romance stories inside!

Season of Love: An Epic Fantasy Romance

by Aubrey F. on 2018-06-18
In the land of Delaurore, Prince Light has found his life to be dull, trying at best. Yet that all begins to change when he meets his intended royal guard in an apple orchard, and the tales of their romance weave wildly out of control, spanning a tale of romance that transcends each of the seasons.

Chinese Folklore The Man With Golden Heart Bilingual Edition English & French

by Maya Aminah Sakura on 2018-06-18
In a certain well-known and populous city in one of the north-western provinces of China, there once resided a man of the name of Meng. Everyone knew about him. His fame had spread not only throughout the town, but also far away into the country beyond; for of all the merchants who carried on business in this great commercial centre he was the wealthiest and the most enterprising.He had begun life as a poor lad; but through great strength of purpose and positive genius for business, he had steadily risen step by step, until by the time our story opens, he had become exceedingly wealthy and was the acknowledged leader in all the great undertakings for which the city was famous.Meng had always gained the admiration and affection of every one who became acquainted with him. He was of an artless, open-hearted disposition which won men to him, and his reputation for generosity made his name fragrant throughout the entire region in which he lived.Forty years ago he had come to the city in search of employment.

His father was a farmer in one of the outlying country districts; but Meng, discontented with the dulness of the life and with the strain and trouble brought upon his home by bad seasons, started out for the great town to make his fortune.All that he possessed he carried on his person. His stock-in-trade consisted simply of a stout bamboo pole and a good strong rope, the usual signs of a porter; but his willingness to oblige, and the hearty, pleasant way in which he performed his arduous duties, gained him the goodwill of all who employed him. Before many months had passed he was in constant demand, and was slowly saving up money that was to enable him to rise from the position of a coolie and to enter some business which would give him a more honourable place in society.

Dans une certaine ville bien connue et peuplée d'une des provinces du nord-ouest de la Chine, il y avait autrefois un homme du nom de Meng. Tout le monde le connaissait. Sa renommée s'était répandue non seulement dans toute la ville, mais aussi dans les contrées lointaines; car de tous les marchands qui faisaient des affaires dans ce grand centre commercial , il était le plus riche et le plus entreprenant.Il avait commencé la vie comme un pauvre garçon; mais par une grande force de but et un génie positif pour les affaires, il s'était progressivement élevé, jusqu'à ce que notre histoire s'ouvre, il était devenu extrêmement riche et était le chef reconnu dans toutes les grandes entreprises pour lesquelles la ville était célèbre.Meng avait toujours gagné l'admiration et l'affection de tous ceux qui le connaissaient. Il était d'une disposition naïve et ouverte qui lui a gagné des hommes, et sa réputation de générosité a rendu son nom parfumé dans toute la région dans laquelle il a vécu.Il y a quarante ans , il était venu en ville à la recherche d'un emploi.

Son père était fermier dans l'un des districts des campagnes; mais Meng, mécontent de la lourdeur de la vie et avec la tension et les ennuis apportés sur sa maison par de mauvaises saisons, a commencé à faire la grande ville pour faire sa fortune.Tout ce qu'il possédait, il le portait sur sa personne. Son stock-of-trade consistait simplement en un solide bâton de bambou et une bonne corde solide, signes habituels d'un porteur; mais sa volonté d'obliger, et la manière chaleureuse et cordiale dans laquelle il a accompli ses tâches ardues, lui ont gagné la bonne volonté de tous qui l'employaient.

Alien Colony: Steamy Romance Collection

by Anna Lewis on 2018-06-18
- Alien Colony : Sci fi Alien Romance -

Excited to start filming of her latest movie in a remote area, famous actress Lindy Miles had no idea she would end up living with extraterrestrial beings on an uncharted island that wasn’t recorded on any map. From living like a star, she ends up becoming a servant for the community of aliens as they prepare for battle.

Prince Kristan is busy leading his people on the island and training the soldiers rigorously to ensure their victory against a union of evil aliens that had once wiped out most of their planet. He’d become so pressured by the King’s expectations that he has forgotten about developing meaningful relationships with his people.

When the two meet, it was a clash from the beginning. Nevertheless, the growing physical attraction between them was undeniable. For the first time in her life, Lindy felt herself falling in love. It was just her luck that it was with an alien who detested her—or so she thought.

Soon they find themselves beginning to care for each other. But when Lindy finally gets her only chance to go home, she has to choose between going back to her old life or helping save the community she had grown to love as her family.

Can she turn her back on these people and risk destroying what her beloved had worked so hard for? Will she choose to help the prince with his mission even if he doesn’t seem to love her back?

A Collection of Steamy Hot Romance Stories with No Cliffhanger!
This steamy romance collection starts with “Alien Colony”, followed by various steamy romance stories ranging from science fiction romance, paranormal romance, shapeshifter romance, bad boy romance, alpha male romance, threesome romance, etc. for your reading pleasure.

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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

New SFR books for 2018-06-17

Layla and Her Alien: MFM Alien Shifter Romance

by Andrea Allen on 2018-06-17
Layla and Her Aliens –MFM Alien Shifter Romance

Layla is a space pirate. She is a tough chick who makes a living by landing on a resource-rich planet, stealing the resources and selling it to someone who needs it the most. She has never cared about anyone but herself and doesn't plan to change that. But when she and her current crew of misfits get captured by an alien race she has stolen from in the past, she turns on the seductive charm to get out of there. She finds herself in the arms of the second in command who she will make fall in love for her in order to protect her so she can eventually escape.

But she soon butts heads over this idea with a crew member, her own second in command, who is also an alien and apparently has been in love with her for a long time. This twisted love triangle eventually ends in someone's tragic death which teaches Layla to take nothing and no one for granted.

THANK YOU for purchasing this standalone book + Getting 20 cool romance short stories ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

WARNING: The book contains mature content and language intended for adult readers only!


by Naomi Smith on 2018-06-17
JT a young woman born in the city of hell. How she survived, escaped, and made something of herself. While haunted by a past she tried to keep secret.
In the small, dingy room with the rain blowing in the broken window, the roaches and rats roaming freely, JT sat watching her mother. She seemed to be acting differently than she usually did after taking a dose of emerald dust. Then, of course, her mother hadn’t forced her, to take some of that green powder first, as she usually did. Normally, when her mother was this far into her high, JT was already consumed by the nightmares that the drug caused her. JT often heard her mother, and the others living in this building, talking about the wonderful experiences the drug gave them. They would see and hear and feel some of the most wondrous and beautiful things. One of the most exciting things, JT remembered them describing, was flying through the stars. The sky like black velvet, with sparkling stars that shone like diamonds, against the blackness. JT liked the stars; often she would sit and look at the stars through the broken glass of the window. She wondered what it would be like to be out there among them, could she get to find out someday. For JT it was just the opposite, she saw horrible things when she was high. There were giant rats and roaches tearing her apart, she could feel them biting and ripping her skin, she could smell the blood. She used to beg her mother not to give her the drug; she tried to explain that she didn’t have good dreams, but the more she begged and cried, the more her mother forced her to take. JT wondered if she was the only one who experienced horrors instead of wonders.

Metal Wolf (Warriors of Galatea Book 1)

by Lauren Esker on 2018-06-17
A farm girl who dreams of the stars.
A wounded soldier who was born there ...

Sarah Metzger gave up her dream of becoming an astrophysicist to care for her widowed father after a farming accident. The only stars she'll ever know are the ones she sees through her telescope from her bedroom window.

Until an injured soldier from outer space crashes into her life ... literally.

Injured and on the run, on a planet called Earth ...

Wolf shifter Rei was enslaved as a child and forced to fight for the galactic empire who conquered his people. When his stolen spaceship plunged into Earth's atmosphere, he never dreamed he might find sanctuary, home, and love.

On Sarah's world, in Sarah's arms, he can finally began to heal. Perhaps there is a future for him other than fighting.

But the empire that stole him as a child has tracked him across the universe to find his hiding place.

A lush, beautiful world, with no idea that aliens exist ... and no defenses against them.

A world called Earth ...

A full length science fiction werewolf romance from the author of the SHIFTER AGENTS series. If you like tough, protective heroes with a gentle side, and heroines willing to fight for their mates, one-click to bring Sarah and Rei home with you today!

New SFR books for 2017-06-17

The Aledan PSION: The Aledan Series Book 1

by Christine Myers on 2017-06-17
When Michelle Marlow, a latent telepath, first touched Hankura Narcaza's mind when they were children, he barely knew what psi-mates were. But as an adult he could no longer deny their connection. When she is nearly killed in a street fight on the dystopian Earth of the distant future, Hankura knows he must go there and find her for his soul to ever know peace, no matter that it could very well cost him his life

Compelled by his family to return to Aledus, Hankura takes Michell with him. Life on Aledus is complicated by family dynamics and discriminatory laws against psions. Life on Aledus for the psi-mates is more difficult than they ever dreamed.


New SFR books for 2017-06-16

PSION MATES: The Aledan Series Prequel

by Christine Myers on 2017-06-16
One lonely night two scared children reach out to make a connection that will change their lives forever. Hankura Narcaza is the Aledan boy and Michelle Marlow is the little girl on Earth who claims his heart and soul through their psionic connection. This prequel leads up to the beginning of book one of the series and end in a cliffhanger though it reveals events previously mentioned only briefly in book one of the Aledan Series.

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