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Arriving Soon


Havoc (Defiant Trilogy Book 3)

by C.M. Herndon on 2018-03-06

A Fierce Protector…

All Faelan ever wanted was a home and family but the Santain soldiers snatched that away from her. Fighting against her inner desires to get revenge, she leaves everything—and everyone—behind in search of the missing Santain heir. It is her hope that he’ll help her end the brutal war between their people, as well as provide answers to a heritage that she lost long ago when she was abandoned on the streets as a baby.

A Determined Warrior…

Virion has spent weeks waiting on news from Faelan, but with hope quickly fading, he has no choice but to accept that she’s not coming back. Putting all his focus into saving Callana, he works to build alliances with other nations. Some of them are hesitant to choose a side, however, Santain’s rabid thirst for more territory is spreading, threatening the whole of Ektos. If he can gain the cooperation of other planets, he’ll create the largest alliance the universe has ever seen and have enough troops to take back his home planet from enemy hands.

A Ruthless Ruler...

As several worlds are yanked into the war, Faelan and the aid she brings to Virion may be their only chance against Santain’s merciless leader. When she is inadvertently captured and finally comes face to face with her greatest rival, can she manage one last escape or is she and Callana lost forever?

Havoc is the conclusion to the bestselling Defiant Trilogy