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Beyond Blue Frontiers (The Adventures of Blue Faust Book 3)

by Cecilia Randell on 2018-02-27

Blue and Forrest made the decision to return to Karran. They’ve said their goodbyes and packed their bags. She even managed to get a Portal open.

That was the easy part.

The reunion with her clansman is marred by unfinished business. Phillip is still out there, still using that crystal, still killing, and slowly going insane.
She was prepared to learn a new language, new customs and tackle a new kind of relationship. She was not prepared for cub-babies with razor claws, stubborn clansmen and mercenaries, and long-lost mob families.

But that's all part of the adventure, right...?

*** Please note that this series is a slow burn reverse harem.***
**Also, there is violence and some swearing, so, yeah.**

Behind These Blue Eyes: Between The Adventures (Book 1.5) (The Adventures of Blue Faust)

by Cecilia Randell on 2017-09-16

***Note: This is a short novella, not a full-length book, and covers the period after Blue's first adventure, and before her next.***
Blue and her friends have returned to Earth. Now, they need to deal with the aftermath of their (mis)adventure. Blue hopes to keep what really happened silent, but old resentments and tensions come to the fore, and the rumors can't be avoided.
Additionally, though Phe, Kevin and Forrest haven't exactly stopped being her friends, there is a distance there, and Blue is determined to overcome it despite her own feelings of guilt.
So, Blue has a new Plan, and mysteries to solve. She's going to get Phe and Kevin together, and Forrest out of his house. And she's going to figure out why she can't stop thinking about a certain red-haired clansman, and what she'd going to do about it.

A Girl Named Blue: The Adventure Begins (The Adventures of Blue Faust Book 1)

by Cecilia Randell on 2017-07-15

***Note: This is the first book in a Reverse Harem series. If you expect her to end up with just one guy, then this is not for you.***
**Also, there is violence, and just a little bit of foul language.**
*Oh, and it's a slow burn, so no sexy times till the second or third book*

Blue Faust and her mother have just moved to a new city, and Blue has a Plan and a List. This will be The Year of New Things. Little does she know just how right she is. When she and her new friends are out hiking one day and suddenly find themselves in a new world, Blue thinks she may have gotten all the New she can handle.
She has to handle kidnappers, killer crystals and stubborn beast mounts. Throw in some very appealing men, all with their own agendas, and it's all Blue can do to keep her head from exploding.