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Fat Friends & Aliens: Book One of the Fat Friends Sci Fi Romance Series (Fat Friends Sci Fi Series 1)

by Jilly Jaxx on 2018-02-21

Molly almost got fired. The only thing to make her day better was her Fat Friends Meeting

She didn't count on being abducted by hot aliens with a broken ship. And they're on the run!
Their ship is broken and she's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then she meets Kran.
He's hot, and he wears a kilt. Which is confusing because although he looks human, he's a little bit purple. Are the Scottish race decended from aliens? Or is he a purple human?
The whole crew is purple, kilt wearing, and hot.
Molly's captive and not happy about it and Kran needs to get his ship fixed. Not sure if she should be more worried about her attraction to Kran, losing her job, or maybe even losing her life?
She really needs to get her priorities straight. But it's so hard with Kran around.
Kran, on the other hand, is confused by Molly. Women are strong where he comes from, and in power. And untouchable. But he wants to touch her, and it seems she might want to touch him.
Technically he's a virgin. And he doesn't have time for this complication.
Is it lust or love? How can they end up together?