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Bridges Burning (Parallax Book 1)

by Marina Landry on 2018-02-11

For generations, natives of Earth have been forced to export large quantities of food to Unity, the spacecolony their ancestors built to guarantee the survival of the human race. The UPG military corporation has built a prison on Earth to hold and hide the Freestanders fighting to end its reign over the citizens of Unity.

Dissatisfied with farming, Earther Ana Silvan is looking forward to working at the new prison. It doesn’t take long for her to wonder if the rebels are the real criminals in the prison.

Bearing fresh scars, Hart James leads his fellow Freestanders to escape the UPG prison. When he discovers Ana's role in his freedom and the sacrifices she made, Hart pledges to support her efforts to oust the UPG troops from Earth.

Together, Ana and Hart struggle to overcome personal tragedies, to accept the passion igniting between them, and to provide justice for the inhabitants of a new Earth. Through their tests of courage, they forge an unbreakable bond of love.