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Night of the Dragons: A Reverse Harem Romance (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss)

by Miranda Martin on 2018-02-17

Broken pod, wrecked ship, no water in sight. But Piper Sage is a survivor.

Diagnosed with an aggressive terminal cancer, the doctors on board her generational spaceship had no choice but to put her in stasis, hoping to keep her alive until a cure could be found. When she wakes, it's not to a miracle but a nightmare. Two blazing suns, nothing but sand and more sand.

There's no way she's going to just give up and die. Not a chance.

But long unused muscles and pale skin are making it impossible on this treacherous red planet.

Salvation comes in the form of four powerful dragon-men. Enormous, seven-foot walls of muscle with wings and tails and scales, these four have decided to be Piper's protectors.

The only trouble is they don't want to share.

Kaidan, Ejder, Anguis and Mikhos are all possessively alpha and will do anything to be the one who gets to claim Piper as his treasure. She's got other ideas.

After all, why choose one when you can have them all?

Dragon's Taming

by Miranda Martin on 2017-11-26

They see me as broken, but it's up to me to save them all.

They keep me locked away, too dangerous to be free, because they don't see what I do. They don't know the truth like I do.

I was stopped from accomplishing my mission before but I can't fail. The fate of our entire planet, of every human and Zmaj both, rests in my hands.

It was easier before she came. Kind words, soft touch, she's awakened my dragon. Temptation rises every time she's near. Do I give in to desire or hold true to my path?

I'll find a way to make her mine and save us all. I have to, it's all on me.

Dragon's Capture (Red Planet Dragons of Tajss Book 6)

by Miranda Martin on 2017-11-14

A Commander never compromises.

The beautiful, headstrong human female contests me at every turn. She is the leader of her people and they love and respect her, I simply want to claim her as my treasure.

My people revere the Edicts above all else. Together we are stronger. I must make her see that in order for my people and hers to be one, for she and I to be one, she must eliminate the threat that could drive our entire world apart.

Gershom. He has finally gone too far and I cannot tolerate his continued presence.

The humans who mate with the Zmaj have been exiled and the confrontation has come to a head. This female who tempts my Dragon will find out how possessive and dominant a Commander can be.

Wolf: A Filthy Sweet Fairy Tale Romance

by Miranda Martin on 2017-09-01

What a big tongue you have!
The better to eat you with, my innocence.

Prince Zane

The idea of me as a hero of any kind is laughable. I'm the one that draws the unsuspecting into the world of sin. Not the one that rescues them from it.

That doesn't stop me from lying through my wolf-ish teeth, pretending to save luscious, sweet little Red when she finds herself alone in the dark up against my loup-garou.

But there's no hero worship in her sharp eyes. Smart girl. I'm nobody's hero.

But I need to play it right to get closer to her.

Ruby Devaux

All I wanted was to be free to choose my own life. Free from my over-protective, smothering family. Free from all their expectations.

Instead I ran headlong into the arms of trouble. Smoking hot, devilishly handsome trouble that won't take no for an answer.

The kind of trouble that wants to eat me up. Literally.

*** Wolf is an over-the-top, spun sugar sweet and filthy STANDALONE modern fairy tale romance novella with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after. ***

Rescued by the Alien Prince: Celestial Mates (The Alva)

by Miranda Martin on 2017-07-15

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Senator Ling Richards is passionate about saving the Earth. So when she refuses to allow a mega-corporation the right to destroy one of the last nature reserves, it puts her very life in danger. To get their way, they'll kill Ling and all her allies. The only safe place to turn is off-world and the Celestial Mates dating agency offers the perfect opportunity. Ling can't say no when she sees the holographic picture of the seven foot tall, blue alien with stunning gold eyes.

Prince Naefaren Viir has been making powerful enemies with his desire to change the status quo and offer a better future for both Major and Minor houses. His foes see the perfect opportunity to force him to step down as head of House Viir by capturing and holding hostage his vulnerable human female. Even before meeting Ling, he knows he'll do anything, even give up his title, to rescue her.

Naefaren desires to mark Ling as his own with his mating bite for all to see, to make her his Pari, but sometimes the overprotective alien has to shield her from all dangers, including himself. Losing her would shred his heart to pieces and when his enemies use that against him, it threatens everything.

Rescued by the Alien Prince is a Celestial Mates full-length novel. It is a completely standalone part of the Alva series with a happily-ever-after ending. If you enjoy hot, sexy, alpha aliens desiring strong, independent Earth women and steamy romance of the cold shower kind, then this is for you!