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Fierce Flight: A Post Apocalyptic Survival Adventure (Drastic Times Book 2)

by R. A. Rock on 2018-02-24

In a locked down city, getting in is next to impossible. And getting out is murder...

Yumi can hardly believe her eyes. Stranded with her four friends in a poisoned Canadian wasteland, she can't wait to travel back to their rightful time. But with their devices and powers malfunctioning, their only way home is through the dangerous final stronghold of civilization…

After a less than friendly welcome to the hidden city of New Winnipeg, ruthless strangers would rather experiment on the super-powered travellers than help them get home. Time is running out for Yumi and her friends to fix their technology and escape with their lives…

Fierce Flight is the gripping second book in Drastic Times, a series of Canadian post apocalyptic adventures. If you like dystopian landscapes, dynamic characters, and twists and turns that keep you guessing, then you'll love R. A. Rock's time-bending tale.

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Fierce Fighter: A Post Apocalyptic Survival Adventure (Drastic Times Book 1)

by R. A. Rock on 2018-01-07

Canada has fallen. Five friends from the future are about to save the past…

When Yumi and her four companions arrive in a desolate clearing, they aren’t sure where… or when they are. As they attempt to figure out their place in time, the tyrannical forces in charge of the land they once knew take them captive. To make matters worse, their one ticket home has been damaged… possibly beyond repair.

To escape from prison and give them a fighting chance to get back, Yumi and her friends must trust a band of survivors. But the price of getting home may be too high to bear. They’re faced with an impossible choice: abandon their new friends or stay and fight a battle they may not survive…

Fierce Fighter is the thrilling first book in The Drastic Times series, a set of post apocalyptic adventure novels. If you like desolate settings, time travel, and the power of teamwork, then you’ll love R. A. Rock’s captivating tale.

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