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Crossing Realms - Part Three (The Crossing Realms Series Book 3)

by Shannon Ahn on 2018-05-31

Author's Note: The following contains spoilers for Crossing Realms - Part Two.

Lost in a new world. Caught in a whirlwind of danger. Hurtling toward her destiny.

Transported to another parallel universe and thrown into a life she can’t remember, Nina discovers heartbreaking news about Aeden and a painful past involving her parents.

But when Nina is captured by a diabolical criminal, she must shove aside her personal troubles and fight for her soul. And when she glimpses an impending devastation, she’s the only one who can face a powerful foe and prevent a massive destruction. Can Nina change the future to save innocent lives, and will she and Aeden be together again?

Don’t miss the exciting finale of the Crossing Realms trilogy. Pre-order it today and save 50%!

Crossing Realms - Part Two (The Crossing Realms Series Book 2)

by Shannon Ahn on 2017-07-28

Author's Note: The following contains spoilers for Crossing Realms - Part One.

Visions she can't explain. Powers she can’t deny. Fate she can’t escape.

Reunited with Aeden and her memories restored, Nina is determined to leave behind her life as a Unit Zero agent and move forward with her peaceful life as a civilian.

But when Nina is plagued by visions of a mysterious woman who finds her and pleads for help, she can no longer run from who she is. And when she begins to have disturbing visions that could be foreshadowing a dangerous future, she has no choice but to embrace her powers. Can Nina change the course of fate and stop a deadly catastrophe before it's too late?

What Nina thought was her happy ending is only the beginning of her journey. Find out what happens next in this gripping series that seamlessly blends science fiction, romance, action, and mystery. Read Crossing Realms - Part Two today!