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Brynhildr Aria

by Alexandria Francetic on 2018-05-22

Star Light, Star Bright, what horrors hide from human sight?

What if your life was a lie? What if everything and everyone you`ve known up to this point have been nothing but illusions, false memories implanted into your brain by an unknown entity? Enter Yuki Takanashi, a meek, ordinary young woman living an ordinary life. She`s 19 years old, originally hails from Tokyo, studies at a university in London, and works as a waitress at a less-than-savory maid cafe. Or, at least that`s what she believes. An encounter with a mysterious, charming man changes her life forever, as he reveals his true identity as a Kamui, a member of an ancient alien race with questionable morals. Yuki`s once-peaceful life is shattered when she discovers her own origins as a Brynhildr, one of the Kamui`s artificial female creations, and the keystone in an otherworldly battle for the very survival of the human race and beyond...

Note: The alphabetical code at the end of this book is a hidden message coded in the Caesar cipher. See if you can crack the code!