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Arriving Soon


Outer Banks

by Allison B. Hanson on 2018-02-26

Can love survive on the edge of humanity?

It's Dillon McAllister's grim duty to track down alien-infected humans-aka "Haunts"-and quarantine them to the Outer Banks for their protection. His job disgusts him, but he continues because if he can get to them before the other hunters, at least they'll be treated with respect.

But now he as a new client with a different mission: to get a pharmaceutical executive's daughter out of the Outer Banks, because she may hold the key to a cure.

Dr. Emery Mitchell hates what she's become, but she knows she may be the only hope for three hundred thousand detainees isolated on the North Carolina barrier islands-including herself.

Dillon is the only man who seems to be able to see the woman behind the black eyes and cool skin, and as she slowly begins to trust him, she starts to see herself as he sees her. A human woman with a human heart.

As society begins to unravel, the pressure is on to find a cure before the hate groups calling for eradication can no longer be drowned out.