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Arriving Soon


The Tortured Wind (The Galactic Pantheon Book 1)

by Alyce Caswell on 2017-10-20

In the millennia since leaving Old Earth, humans have spread far and wide into the galaxy. An array of sub-level gods were created to deal with the expanding population, always to protect them out of sight, never to become one of them — and never to understand love or experience it for themselves.

Callista is a member of a gang in her planet’s only city and has killed her fair share of opponents. She trusts her gang with her life, but she can never tell them about her strange powers or the visions she has of a faceless man. Sandsa, god of the deserts, was designed by his father the Creator God to rule over the sands and those living on them. But Sandsa does not care for the mortals he is meant to protect and abandons them to seek the woman who haunts his dreams.

Once united in their waking hours, he and Callista discover that following your dreams can have consequences. Their love plunges Atsa City into an all-out war and soon they face more than just mortal threats — the Creator God must have a god in the deserts. And his children are determined to see his will done, no matter how many mortals might die in the process. Sandsa and Callista must face a pantheon of gods — but even if they succeed they risk losing everything they have built together.