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Arriving Soon


Lupus Primus (The Sorcerer's Wolves Book 1)

by Amber Foy on 2018-03-22

A curse binds the Incantator, has bound him for a hundred years...but with the rise of the next three moons, he will break free.

His First Wolf, Primus, must find his mate in the city of Fent. And he does.

She is the virgin, Arabella, Daughter of the Doge who willingly submits to the passion of the wolf.

And begins the rite that will free them all...

The Horned One: A Winter Story (Taboo Feasts Book 2)

by Amber Foy on 2017-11-30

On midwinter's night, the Hunter--The Horned One--rides with his pack in search of his Lady. The one he would take as his very own.
But that was impossible. I knew that. We were millions of light years from Earth. A strange and depraved twist on an ancient myth couldn't ride the cold skies here...
Could he?

This title can be read as a standalone story

The Orc's Queen (An Orc World Story Book 3)

by Amber Foy on 2017-11-25

I followed the Call of the Goddess in coming to this world. His world.
War-Blade, the Orc-King.
And finally--finally--I will be his queen.

All Orc World titles can be read as standalones.

Stellar Catch (Monster of the Deep Book 1)

by Amber Foy on 2017-11-16

Humanity has spread out across the cosmos...but in the depths of a distant ocean, a monster is waiting.
Waiting for a woman ready to be his mate.
His own. Forever.

The Orc's Chosen One (An Orc World Story Book 1)

by Amber Foy on 2017-11-03

The Call of our Goddess brought us to this barbarian world.
It's home to a race of orcs who are desperate for a priestess to have as their own. Their very own.
And who am I to deny that a priestess has needs too...?

All Orc World titles can be read as standalones.

Thrown to the Wolves: A Halloween Story

by Amber Foy on 2017-10-21

I was stranded, I needed money to get off a derelict planet and the only way to earn it was to dance for strangers.
But that night was the Thinning of the Veils. Beasts roamed under the moons.

And those beasts? They

This title is a standalone story.

The Orc's Willing Prize (An Orc World Story Book 1)

by Amber Foy on 2017-10-17

We followed the Call of our Goddess, but it led us to crash our ship on this barbarian world.
There are orcs in the forest out beyond our temple. Wild and bestial. They want us, desperate for a priestess to call their own.
And now...I, I am caught. A prize for an orc captain.
A willing one.

All Orc World titles can be read as standalones.

A Dragon Rides Her (Beast Bites Book 5)

by Amber Foy on 2017-09-04

Zaira Caith submits to a call to a distant world. To find her mate is waiting for her...

Her Tentacle-God

by Amber Foy on 2017-08-12

Doctor Chloe Baruch, astro-archaeologist, has an ache to know...everything.
A distant god will satisfy that need...
And so much more.

A standalone short story