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Arriving Soon



by AR DeClerck on 2017-12-04

Top 50 Neoverse Writing Contest 2016

**This is a short story**

An explosion on a mission left Vixen near dead, but dead was better than the reality of what she really lost. 


by AR DeClerck on 2017-12-02

She came into the world screaming, and left it much the same way.

When a mysterious wormhole opens up outside a small Nevada town, physicist Rand Hazen is the first on the scene to study it. He knows he can use the wormhole to prove that time travel is possible. A sudden flux sweeps away the town and Rand's lover, leaving him alone in 2018. Rand has no choice but to go through the wormhole himself, following her to whenever she's gone. He swears he won't speak her name until he sees her face again. On the other side of the wormhole, he discovers that humanity is nearing its final end. 

Muriel Matthews has ended up in a world much unlike the one she knew. With her trusted friend PAL, she knows that Rand will find her. But can she convince him that this world is worth saving?

Forged in Fire

by AR DeClerck on 2017-11-26

Live as a Sword; die as a Sword.

Gin Draven is the Sword Guardian of Dinara, pledged to protect the galaxy from the Boderian incursion. He lives to win the war that has taken so much from the people he cares about. He fears he has no heart left, except in service to his men.

When her father calls for one of his daughters to wed the Sword Guardian, Maeve knows that it must be her. She knew Gin once, under another name and in very different circumstances, and she knows he is the only man who can help protect the one thing she cares most about. Her daughter. 

Thrown together. Shot down. Torn up. Gin and Maeve must come to terms with the past to save the future, but do they have the strength it takes to let go of the hurt and hold on to their love?

Judge and Jury

by AR DeClerck on 2017-11-25

Jury Parker has known her destiny was to save the world ever since she was a child. She's been waiting for the day a stranger would show up on her doorstep. What she never expected was that the stranger would be tall, mysterious, and handsome as hell.

Dex has been following the demon horde from galaxy to galaxy, always too late to stop them from destroying more worlds and killing more people. This time, he's ahead of the pack and he knows that he can win with the help of the Lexicon, the most powerful human witch. What he never expected was the the Lexicon would be a curvy, dark-haired bombshell.

Can Dex and Jury put aside their attraction and focus on the demon horde that threatens them all? Or will they let their desire burn them, and everything else, to ash?

Bound to You

by AR DeClerck on 2017-11-25

Jacks Baine has a gift, and no problem selling it to the higest bidder. His newest contract with Ferrell Terraforming will net him and his crew enough currency to retire to any planet in any galaxy they choose. His only issue is the new corporate liaison assigned to him. She's exactly the kind of distraction he does not need on a mission.

Lia Bernardi wants to climb the corporate ladder and get out from under her condescending boss. The mission to V-097 is her chance to finally prove that she can run a terraforming operation on her own, and impress her stoic father. Jacks Baine is interesting, but he's only a means to an end. Right?

At the edge of the December Quadrant, far beyond charted space, Jacks and Lia will discover that sometimes the dead linger. And they have secrets to tell.