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The Champion's Secret (Red Dragon Book 4)

by Becky Black on 2018-04-09

Former JAG officer Will Garrett took a job as a lawyer with the Outer Spiral Trading Company for one reason only. To keep his ex out of jail. The case is over, his ex is free—and engaged to someone else. So, Will’s seeing out the final months of his contract as legal counsel for a sports team of Modern Gladiators on a Company sponsored tour of the Deneb sector. After that he must decide if he’s going to go home and become the corporate lawyer his parents always wanted him to be. Even though that prospect is what made him join the military as a JAG officer in the first place.

Fight fans love Jimmy Campbell, mighty Highland warrior, the captain and champion of promoter Lenny Sheridan’s Team Spartacus. But Jimmy is really James De Villiers, half-Scottish, half-South-African, ex-soldier. He’s only in this gladiator game for the money. He’s already older than most of the team, carrying a nagging shoulder injury, and tired of hiding his sexuality because Lenny thinks it will damage his image. One more season of this, then he’s gone. Though he said that last year too…

Will and James get together, thinking only of killing time in bed during the dull trips between tour stops. But as they grow closer and Will makes friends with the gladiators, trouble starts with team manager Lenny, who wants Will and James to split, to preserve the champion’s secret. When the gladiators are involved in a crisis on a space station orbiting a xenophobic alien world, they become the focus of all the media in the Deneb sector. James is forced to decide if keeping his secret and his career is more important to him than acknowledging his relationship with Will, whatever that costs him.

Higher Ground (Travelers Book 3)

by Becky Black on 2018-02-13

Zach is impatient and likes to hurry. Adam likes to take it slow and to tease. But, they’d have worked it all out – if only the end of the world hadn’t gotten in the way.

Zach Benesh is sure his prediction is right – the island colony of Zahara is about to sink into the ocean. Adam Gray isn’t as certain, but he’s happy to follow the intense, brilliant geophysicist into the mountains to escape the flooding. Though he’d be even happier without three hundred other people – and their pets – tagging along.

But Zach’s prediction is right and as disaster begins to unfold towards an unstoppable, inevitable conclusion, the two young scientists must become a team in the fight to save their people. They draw strength from their rapidly developing relationship, but the higher Zach and Adam climb, the more difficult the tests they face – as lovers and as men.

Tempting the Stars (Red Dragon Book 3)

by Becky Black on 2018-02-12

Marriage should be a happy ending, but for Alyn and Jarvez it’s only the start of a new set of problems as grief and guilt stir deeply buried desires in Jarvez. Will wedded bliss prove to be a myth?

When the Red Dragon returns to Earth carrying the newly-married Captain Alyn Evans and Company Rep Jarvez Kashari, Jarvez expects confrontation with his grandfather, but instead he learns a terrible old secret that will change his perceptions of his family forever. Coming to terms with what he learned at home, haunted by guilt for his unwitting part in it, Jarvez finds dark urges surfacing. He longs for punishment, domination, and pain – longings Alyn finds hard to satisfy.

The Red Dragon leaves Earth with a new mission and Jarvez has new ambitions. But his plans are threatened when a consignment of diamonds is stolen aboard the Dragon, leaving the ship stopped in space a few days short of Deneb, not allowed to go on until the case is solved. With only a short time left to make the future he dreams of happen, Jarvez must find those diamonds.

Liar's Waltz (Travelers Book 1)

by Becky Black on 2018-01-06

Lieutenant Greg Matthews took a transfer to space station Saira to make a fresh start. But a rogue military intelligence officer has discovered the closeted Greg’s secret and forces him to spy on Karl Webster, the owner of the last gay bar on Saira. The disapproving military authorities want Karl’s bar closed, and he’s feeling the heat. He thinks his new lover is an ally in his fight, but Greg is reporting on all of Karl’s plans to save the bar. Despite his fear that Greg is too jittery and unstable to bother with, Karl wants him too much to give him up.

He can’t guess the real reason behind Greg’s anxiety—fear of what will happen when Karl discovers his deception. As the campaign against Karl, escalates Greg becomes ever more reluctant to deceive the man he’s falling in love with. The inevitable revelation shatters their relationship and their lives as the blackmailer takes drastic action to silence Karl. Greg must sacrifice everything he’s been trying to protect to undo the damage and save Karl.

Chrysalis Cage (Travelers Book 5)

by Becky Black on 2018-01-06

Freedom fighter Jarrett Blake’s escaping from prison after months of torture and solitary confinement, but his bid for freedom ends when his stolen ship crashes into a remote moon. He wakes to find himself with two broken legs and helpless in the care of Marc Satie, a technician stationed alone at an isolated monitoring station. Marc saved Jarrett’s life, but was it an act of mercy or does he want to claim the reward on Jarrett’s head? It’s a big reward—as Jarrett’s the galaxy’s most wanted terrorist.

Jarrett gradually recovers under Marc’s care and seduces him, hoping Marc will never turn his lover over to the authorities. As time passes. Jarrett begins to think of it as more than a seduction. Marc is beautiful, gentle and kind and Jarrett’s had none of those things in his life for a long time.

But Marc has a secret and the exposure of it will show Jarrett he’s been in more danger than he ever realized. Marc is not the man Jarrett thought he was. After the truth comes out, Marc proposes a daring plan. If it succeeds they can walk away together as free men. But they have very different ideas about where they’re walking to.

Bring Me the Dead

by Becky Black on 2017-10-31

A million years, ago a galactic empire fell. That ancient empire is a source of many things. Wonder, knowledge, academic careers, and treasure. Treasure is what Beau Johnson seeks, tracking down artifacts for high-paying clients. Once a top student at the specialist institute for the study of the ancient empire, Beau rejected respectable archaeology and academia in favor of adventure.

Unlike his one-time rival Park Ki-tae, a brilliant student who became an enforcement agent tasked with keeping Imperial artifacts out of private collections. Beau thinks Ki-tae needs to loosen up, have more fun, and stop making it his life's work to send Beau to jail. Ki-tae thinks Beau is a rogue and a criminal, and that it was a big mistake to sleep with him that one time...

When a client sends Beau after a legendary artifact that allows communication with the dead, Ki-tae pursues, sure that this time he'll nail Beau. But circumstances force them to work together and deal with the feelings for each other they've both long denied. They have very different plans for the artifact they're seeking--if it's not a myth. Will they ever agree on their plans, or on anything else at all?