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Slave to the VR Machine

by Bridget Summerhall on 2018-04-04

On Owen’s 18th birthday, he leaves his miserable trailer park existence and signs his body over to AlphaTech, a mega corporation that specializes in virtual reality sex experiences. In exchange for a luxurious new life in a shiny new apartment, some big upgrades to his most important parts, and coded tattoos marking him as AlphaTech property, Owen gets all the pleasure he wants in return. Willingly enslaving himself to a corporation’s every demand, he’s on the rise to VR superstardom... If he can take it.

Pleasure in the Human Zoo

by Bridget Summerhall on 2018-03-30

Emmy wakes up to find herself in a manufactured paradise—a zoo with humans as the captive species for the amusement of aliens. She’s millions of miles from Earth and trapped wearing a collar that injects her with chemicals to make her hungry, among other bodily urges. How will she and the hottest guy there spend Emmy’s first night in the Human Zoo?