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Arriving Soon


The Distance Between Stars

by C.R Corbin on 2018-03-24

Jenny was a down on her luck girl, working a boring 9 to 5 job with nowhere to go.
Taking pity on her, a mighty half human half alien soldier by the name of Azzan takes pity on her and takes her onto his ship.
Although she is at first hesitant to let herself fall for this exceptionally handsome man, she can't help herself.
And when the soldier himself realizes and tries to make sense of his newfound feelings in conjunction with his complicated past, the two of them find that they need each other, desperately.
But what forces lurk in the night of space to threaten their love.
The forces of traditionalism threaten to sever the relationship between captor and captive.
What will this girl next door from Earth and a god among the stars do?
Read and find out!