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Jessie (The Mark Series Book 1)

by D.A. Stafford on 2017-12-31

The world is closing around Jessie as it is on every other woman on the planet. Every male on Earth has gone mad, each turning into psychopathic killers. Jessie strives to protect not only herself but her new-found friends from the demented mad men, but all they can do is hope for a miracle.

When things are bleak, and Jessie is about to be brutally killed by a friend now turned maniac, two gorgeous strangers answer their prayers. Now Jessie must decide if she should trust these strikingly handsome aliens from another planet or remain on Earth to face savage annihilation.

With no other options, Jessie and her friends return with the stunning male specimens to their planet Arenia. The alien brothers, Looch and Leigh have some secrets of their own which may change Jessie's fate forever.

WARNING: This book contains: M/F/M, ménage a trois, explicit sex, light spanking and violence. If this material offends you, please don’t buy this book. There is no sexual touching or titillation between the men, just hot sex, with a HEA.