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Arriving Soon



by Dale Stubbart on 2018-04-03

How did I find myself alone in a ship with the one person who frustrates me the most? Why does Sarah have to be so different? Why do I keep hearing her name in my head? And why did I ever agree to take her to the middle of nowhere and wait to be paid for her trip until I got there?
This makes absolutely no sense to me. And yet here I am. The worst part is we'll have to act like we're married for part of the trip. And I can tell you, neither of us is looking forward to that!

Every Man's Dream or Nightmare as the Case May Be

by Dale Stubbart on 2018-03-24

Every man dreams of falling in love. But sometimes when he has that dream too often and still has yet to find his love, that dream can become a nightmare, always haunting him.
The only solution sometimes is to go off in pursuit of your dream, no matter how unlikely it seems that you will actually fulfill your dream.
If you'd like to read a clean romance story with a little adventure and mystery thrown in, this is it!