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ENTITY: Fallen Drakon Empire Book 4

by Diana Drakulich on 2017-10-27

A Story of Redemption and Rebirth -
Where do Souls come from? Where do they go?

One night a demonic alien set out to seduce an earth angel.
His mission: break her faith, terrify her, make her beg, destroy all hope.
Then kill her.
If the demon fails, a savage punishment awaits him.
The demon and the angel have this one night.
How will they interact?

Darren’s slap across Rivah’s face was more like a benediction. She barely felt it yet it shook her to the core. Then he possessed her mouth in another soul-sucking kiss

Visionary. Alternate History. Sensual. Stand Alone. HEA

Eye of the Dragon (Vision of a Dreaming God) (Fallen Drakon Empire Book 3)

by Diana Drakulich on 2017-07-07

The space freighter Golden Door is attacked by pirates and forced to crash land on Rastabahn - `Eye of the Dragon’. Rastabahn is a primeval Jurassic Zone swarming with dangerous predators, including telepathic aliens known as Drakons.

Golden Door co-pilot, Roxanne, becomes intoxicated with the Drakon warrior, Zoran. He wants Roxanne to stay on Rastabahn as his fated mate. But Roxanne fears the man-eating predators and craves her former high tech life.

The other crew members feel the lure of the ruined White City, whose temples are laden with gold, ghosts and mystery. Intruders beware, for White City is zealously guarded by bloodthirsty reptilian velociraptors, known as the Rasta.

Throughout the story the planet casts an unforgettable spell. Rastabahn pulses with a gorgeous mystical rhythm that slows Time. It calls to the crew of the Golden Door - Stay...Stay...

Visionary Adventure - Steamy Romance - Standalone - HEA.