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Arriving Soon


Snared: A Science Fiction Adventure Romance (Star Breed Book 6)

by Elin Wyn on 2018-06-29

When the only woman Xander cared for was ripped from his arms, nothing else mattered.
Now she’s back. Fragile and brave, beautiful and brilliant. Someone to protect, someone to fight for.
Except she doesn’t remember him at all.
Her curves and captivating scent drive him mad, demanding he cares for her, possess her.
He'll keep his mate safe, even if the Empire burns to ash around them.

Loree Sarratt is tired of everyone treating her like an invalid. Her hacking skills could save the Empire - if she's not arrested first.
First puzzle to solve? An overprotective pillar of muscle who turns her legs to jelly when he’s in the same room.
She can’t lose focus. But the heat of his gaze sends her pulse racing. His touch steals her breath. Everything tempts her to surrender…
And forget the danger she's in.

Craved: A Science Fiction Adventure Romance (Star Breed Book 5)

by Elin Wyn on 2018-01-25

Compassion. Kindness. Caring.

Not really part of my skill set. But for her, I might have to learn.

I run advance reconnaissance, collecting intel the Pack needs to execute our operations.
In and out, hard and fast.
And I don't need help.
So when a gorgeous woman saves my life, I'm knocked more than a bit off my game.
That's all it is.
Not the shy smile I hunger to coax from her lips, not the sweet body she keeps hidden. Not the mysteries that haunt her eyes.
And certainly not the bewitching scent that stirs me in ways no mission ever has.
I crave her like nothing I've found before.
Even if she might be the enemy, I'll make her mine.

He can't save me.
The secrets of the Compound are too tangled. The nightmares in my blood can never be erased.
But his touch sends me reeling, thirsting for what I can't have.
What harm could one night do?

Craved is the fifth science fiction romance novel in The Star Breed series. No cliffhangers, no cheating, HEA guaranteed!

Freed by the Wolf (The Wolves of the Daedalus Book 4)

by Elin Wyn on 2017-11-16

Once upon a time a tall, bearded wild man with a tangle of dark hair and jagged tattoos spiraling over half his chest would have scared me.

Once upon a time, back in my safe little world at the capitol, I would have crossed to another glide, stayed out of his way, never met his eyes.

Once upon a time was a long time ago.

Caged with the Wolf (The Wolves of the Daedalus Book 3)

by Elin Wyn on 2017-10-12

No Past. No Trust. No Way Out.

Zayda Caiden relies on no one. An Imperial spy, her mission was betrayed - but she doesn't know the identity of the traitor.

And there's certainly no reason to trust the giant of a man dumped at the prison clinic.

Mack has no memory, no real name. Just dreams of fire and pain, and a set of coordinates to a section of unexplored space he refuses to reveal.

When they have a chance at freedom, can they trust each other enough to escape?

Eris and the Wolf (The Wolves of the Daedalus Book 2)

by Elin Wyn on 2017-09-21

She doesn't need anyone.

He's not going to let her go.

Eris Vance, salvager and loner, is happy with her life in the remote fringes of the Empire with just her AI for company. An abandoned ship could be the find of a lifetime, but it's not nearly as empty as she thinks.

The Daedelus is filled with secrets and the results of genetic experiments to breed the perfect soldier... and now that she's awakened him, the mystery of it's destruction will hunt them both.

Eris and the Wolf is the second science fiction romance novel in The Wolves of the Daedalus series.

No cliffhangers, HEA guaranteed!

Given to the Wolf (The Wolves of the Daedalus Book 1)

by Elin Wyn on 2017-09-15

Kara knows how to survive in the domed city of Ghelphi. Keep her head down, her tithes paid to the syndicate, and her friends close.

But when a heist goes wrong, she's given to a ruthless enforcer as punishment.

Davien has one focus - do whatever is necessary until he has the credits to get back into space.

The last thing he wants is a smart mouthed thief - even if she does have the clue he needs to hunt down whoever attacked the floating lab he and his brothers called home.

Tossed between an unstoppable enemy and an underground rebellion, Kara and Davien discover they have more to risk than ever before - and the price has never been higher.

Given to the Wolf is the first science fiction romance novel in The Wolves of the Daedalus series.

No cliffhangers, HEA guaranteed!