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The Krinar Chronicles: Domination Games (Kindle Worlds Novella)

by Francesca B. on 2018-01-22

It was only supposed to be a game…

Ari Sandoval knows she should fear the Krinar. Despite having lived among them safely for years, she knows what they’re capable of. Still, when she meets Verit, a K with a voice like fine whiskey, all she feels is a thrill. After a one night stand turns into a bad habit, Ari, determined not to become another submissive statistic, sets up some ground rules: one night he’s in charge, and the next night she is. But soon Ari finds herself falling too deep into her own games, and maybe even falling for her playmate. In a game this dangerous, can anyone win?

WARNING for dirty talk, rough sex, foul language, and all the things that make books fun. Best enjoyed if you’re familiar with Anna Zaires’ Krinar Chronicles.