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Palingenesis: When the clock ticks down to the end of the line, trust… or fall.

by Helena Doherty on 2018-06-12

When the clock ticks down to the end of the line, trust… or fall.

In the distant future, Earth, now Sanctuary 5, has fallen to environmental and economic ruin. To maintain their place amongst the galaxy’s top-tier planets, the de facto Government, The Keep, uses time as a tool to steal, spy and kill their way to profit. When The Device, their means of time travel, gets stolen and used to change history, Agents Karna Arnu and Edmund Yáo must race against time to undo the ensuing paradox and save reality as they know it.

Karna Arnu, professional thief extraordinaire, is no stranger to a dead-lock paradox; a lose-lose situation, the type that ends with ones face in a bottle of scotch and all the worlds failures crashing down on them. But when she finds herself quite literally in such a situation, defeat is not an option, and no amount of ingrained pessimism or training can save her from its fiery, heart-racing destruction. Falling through time as the tip of a precarious scales, naught but a handsome, enigmatic stranger at her side, she will only further understand the mistakes she has made, the damning state of their world, and how much she must learn to forgive in order to succeed. And even more so, how much she must learn to trust.

Don’t miss this high-octane romance novel by debut author Helena Doherty.