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Seduced by the Alien: First Time Gay Fantasy Short Story

by I.C. Cox on 2018-01-20

I should have avoided him, but I couldn't resist the temptation...

I'm not really into guys. I'm your typical alpha male type, who always has to be the manly man. I guess that goes with living out in the country. But I guess I've had a few moments of "curiosity" here and there. I never thought much of this, until I was driving home from the bar one evening, and passed a drop-dead handsome stranger on the side of the road.

I should have kept driving, but there was something in his mysterious eyes that overtook me. Next thing I know, I'm in for the wildest, most out-of-this-world night of my life...

This is a humerous mysterious MM romance short featuring a straight alpha and an alien stud.

Pleased by a Robot: First Time Fantasy Short Story

by I.C. Cox on 2017-12-27

After her boyfriend dumps her because she won't give up her v-card, innocent and inexperienced v*rgin Ashley confides in her best friend, a spoiled rich girl named Alyssa. When Alyssa hears of Ashley's problem, she decides that it's time to let Ashley in on a seriously juicy secret.

The rich girl has been hiding a super advanced man-like alpha robot in her closet. The robot is specifically designed to fulfill any woman's most wild and f*rbidden dreams and now Alyssa decides that it's time her best friend's fantasies comes true. There's only one catch: don't touch the 'impregnate' button...