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Redek (Barbarian Bodyguards Book 2)

by Isadora Hart on 2018-03-01

Guarding Maddie should have been the easiest job of Redek's career, but the moment he meets her he knows something is wrong.
She's kept under lock and key twenty-four-seven.
As Redek falls deeper and deeper for Maddie, he knows he can't let her stay trapped in her prison.
But breaking her out means triggering the wrath of one of the most powerful men in the universe, and he doesn't know if either of them will survive it.

Maddie has been locked up her entire life, hiding from the same people that murdered her parents.
All she's ever wanted is to see the universe, but sharing her captivity with Redek makes things slightly easier.
He's gorgeous and fierce and Maddie's pretty sure she falls in love with him the second she sees him.
And when her life comes crashing down around her, he's the only one who can bring her out the other side.

Redek is a full length romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ever after! The Barbarian Bodyguards series does not need to be read in order.

Vikram (Barbarian Bodyguards Book 1)

by Isadora Hart on 2018-01-03

Cassie hasn't been off the ship a minute when her boss is assassinated and she's looking into the barrel of a gun.
Now lead negotiator at the biggest conference in her charity's history and sure she's in mortal danger, Cassie is completely out of her depth.
Vikram should be the answer to all her problems: A big, strong bodyguard with one of the most prestigious security companies in the universe.
And then she fell head over heels for him.

Vikram has wanted to be a bodyguard his whole life. He spent two extra years at the training academy learning to control the rages every Suytovian is burdened with.
One look at Cassie and all that training unravels.
With his job and Cassie's life on the line, Vikram's blood feels like it's on fire twenty-four-seven, and his control is unraveling minute by minute.
If he's not careful, he'll lose both before the conference is over.

Vikram is a full length romance novel with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ever after!