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Arriving Soon


Claimed for Their Use (Ventori Masters Book 2)

by Ivy Barrett on 2018-03-29

After she is taken captive by a drug cartel, Jessica Saint Claud is surprised to be rescued by two huge, handsome alien warriors. Commanders Rook and Dare of the Ventori are unlike any men she has ever met, and she feels powerfully drawn to them for reasons that she cannot explain.

Upon realizing that Jessica is their perfect mate, Rook and Dare set about courting her in their own unique way, but when the time comes will they be able to prove to the Ventori High Council that the beautiful, feisty human is the right match for them?

Trained for Their Use

by Ivy Barrett on 2017-11-17

When twenty-four-year-old Amanda Powell’s father gets in over his head with a drug cartel, she decides that the only way to keep herself alive is to get off the planet. With that in mind, she agrees to an arrangement in which she will serve for two years aboard an alien ship in return for the protection of the battle-hardened Ventori mercenaries to whom it belongs.

To her surprise, the warriors she is assigned to serve turn out to be more handsome than she would have ever imagined, and as she gets to know them better Amanda cannot help falling in love with them. But when their bond with her threatens their ability to lead their men, will Amanda’s presence prove catastrophic for her new mates?

Sharing Sarah (Captives of Stilox Book 5)

by Ivy Barrett on 2017-09-01

Sarah Wylie has felt lost since the moment her mutation was “cured” and she lost the prophetic ability she had long possessed. Everything changes, however, when a powerful spirit seeks her out and promises her almost limitless knowledge. But there is a catch. If she wishes to avoid being overwhelmed by the spirit’s power, she will need the help of not one but two men.

Though Allen Lansky and Rayden Kolter could not be more different, they share a love for Sarah, and when she calls on them to help fulfil her destiny they cannot turn her down. But can they join together to provide what she needs, or will jealousy and stubbornness tear them apart?

Mastering Their Human (Captives of Stilox Book 4)

by Ivy Barrett on 2017-06-30

Though Kellan Felix is a military commander not known for his soft side, when he sees Brianna in one of his interrogation rooms naked, vulnerable, and on display, he is all but overwhelmed by an intense need to comfort and protect the beautiful little human. But before he can take Brianna in his arms and claim her as his own, he must learn the truth about her presence on his planet, even if that means spanking her bare bottom hard and thoroughly until she learns to obey.

As a lawyer used to fighting her battles in a courtroom, Brianna is utterly unprepared to be thrust into the midst of a bitter conflict on a far-off world, but in spite of everything her body's reaction to Kellan's bold dominance cannot be denied, and she soon finds herself writhing in ecstasy as the huge, handsome alien warlord brings her to one helpless, shattering climax after another.

The situation becomes more complicated, however, when an ancient being takes an interest in Brianna. To confront this threat to the woman he has already grown to love, Kellan must enlist the aid of an old ally with powerful abilities of his own, but will the two men end up fighting over Brianna or sharing both her body and her heart?

Publisher's Note: Mastering Their Human is the fourth book of the Captives of Stilox series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book. Also note that an earlier version of this book was previously released by another publisher with the title Specter.