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Love Me or Kill Me (The Cable Denning Mystery Series Book 2)

by James P. Alsphert on 2018-02-11

'FOR THE PASSIONS THAT THRILL LOVE, AND LIFT YOU HIGH TO HEAVEN—ARE THE PASSIONS THAT KILL LOVE, AND LET YOU FALL TO HELL!' Cable meets his would-be nemesis Cronus-Gor…as well as Gor's other-worldly wife, Saturnalia, not to mention the Girl Who Lived in a Seashell. Along the way, he battles the forces of the Oculus, who are trying to wrest from him the secrets of the Fen de Fuqin. Beautiful women, danger and a magical experience with Saturnalia's exquisite daughter, Cassiopeia, are in the offing—while plenty of adrenalin-pumping action and murder dot the map of Cable's life; along with the respites that only great music, smoky dives and beautiful babes in revealing gowns, can provide. But for the ‘evil ones’ —how do you stop a 30 year old daredevil by the name of Cable Denning—who knows no fear?!!!