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Midnight Lady: Bad Girls of Romance

by Jamie K. Schmidt on 2018-06-09

Maggie Flannery walked away from an arranged royal marriage in order to open a bar in Cozumel. That decision cost her mother, Black Belle, two of her fastest airships. So when Maggie hasn’t heard from her in almost a year, she figured it was because she was still pissed.

But it turns out that Black Belle wasn’t just sulking about forfeiting her daughter’s bride price. Belle kidnapped a crazy monk who claims to know where Aztec treasure is buried. Belle has gone on the run with him, and half the galaxy is chasing them. And now, there’s a price on Maggie’s head.

To locate her mother, though, she’s going to have to hit up her estranged father for clues and maybe that nefarious airship captain she hooked up with for some wild sex and adventures. (Although lately, it’s been more quickies and take-out tostadas.)

When Maggie’s bar is broken into, her customers roughed up and her best friend taken hostage, in order to save her friend’s life and get her own back, Maggie has to track down her mother who might blow her out of the sky as soon as she gets in range.