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Serpent King: A Short Shifter Romance

by Jaya Doone on 2018-01-05

Gina is a Blood Red, one of the Lupine Empress's private guard. She would die for her. But will she marry to save the empire?

Old loyalties and new love tangle with the treachery of a kingdom in crisis as King Sanders fights to secure his throne, and Gina fights to save the man she never thought she’d fall in love with.

“Serpent King” is a smolderingly hot, shifter romance short story.

Howl for a Hero: A Short Shifter Romance

by Jaya Doone on 2018-01-04

Farrah Begay is an entrepreneur and inventor on the planet, Hittatia. She has a security problem, and it’s more personal than professional, but her company, Nova Stealth, is all she has to trade when she has to ask Howl Jones, head of Howling Security, for help.

Howl would help her for free. Heck, the hard part would be stopping him. One sniff of the cute Ms. Begay and Howl recognizes her as his fated mate.

Unfortunately, Farrah doesn’t agree. She isn’t used to listening to her coyote shifter instincts.

Howl will have to help her get in touch with her wild side—but first he has to save her from an enemy who is closer than Farrah ever suspected.


“Howl for a Hero” is a hot shifter short romance.

Planet Heat: A Short Shifter Romance

by Jaya Doone on 2017-12-30

On Planet Heat the hottest thing are the men! Each is a shifter, but the king of them all is Leo.

Taryn Keel is a hyena shifter and a highly ranked Obsidian Courier. She’s also King Leo’s fated mate—a fact she’s been successfully resisting for five years. However, the day of reckoning is at hand. When they come together, Taryn and Leo are explosive.

But Taryn is hiding another secret, and it could tear apart Leo’s kingdom.

Welcome to Planet Wilderness where the stakes couldn’t be higher.

“Planet Heat” is a smolderingly hot, shifter short romance.