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Code Red Unit : An Interracial Romance

by Jessica N. Lane on 2018-06-09

Abducted as a child, and held captive by a mad scientist for over a decade, a young woman emerges from the fiery ashes of the laboratory that had been her prison with a remarkable, new gift that transforms her from a victim to a hero. She finds allies, and a love she never saw coming on her journey of self-discovery, but she also finds danger when a ghost from her past comes back to haunt her.


by Jessica N. Lane on 2018-05-08

After the world ends, the only place left to take refuge is space. Aboard The Genesis -a space station adrift in the cosmos- survival of the human race is the main goal, the only goal. Resources are scarce, so couples are only permitted to have one child, and that one child had better be beneficial to the survival of the human race. That's where the matching comes in. The matching is a test that every eighteen-year-old takes that matches them to the best partner to ensure the survival of the human race. The goal is to breed stronger, smarter humans. And though the council try to pass it off as a true love test, Elise Keller rolls her eyes at the thought. Although her parents happened to fall in love after their matching, that makes them the exception, not the rule. She knows this, so she's not holding out hope for some fairy tale ending. However, when she meets her match, Matthias Floyd, there are fireworks. They're just the “I want to slap you” kind instead of the “I just found my soulmate” kind. But just when they start to grow closer together, the powers that be begin devising ways to tear them apart. Someone didn't like the results of the matching too much, and he'll stop at nothing to get his way, and that means separating the unlikely lovers by any means necessary.

The Colony

by Jessica N. Lane on 2018-04-03

In the distant, war-torn future, walls are a must. Walls are all that keep the citizens of the colony safe from the murderous grip of the outsiders, and the walls Dara Cass have built around her heart keep her from getting it broken. But Jaxon Cormac isn't the kind of man who takes no for an answer. He sees what he wants, and he goes after it, and he's never wanted anything more than Dara. But when survival is a daily struggle, and war is always looming on the horizon, maybe they should be less worried about losing their hearts, and more worried about losing their heads.


by Jessica N. Lane on 2018-02-07

It's simple really. People are either good, or they aren't. They either follow the rules, or they break them. And those who break the rules are punished. See? Simple. Until it wasn't anymore. Cecilia is an enforcer trained at The Academy from the time she was eight after being orphaned and found living on the streets of a post-apocalyptic America. She has just turned eighteen, which means it is time for her to complete her first solo mission. If she fails, she can never return to The Academy. She must capture the thief Cassius -a man who seems to think of himself as a modern-day Robin Hood- and bring him back to The Academy to face his punishment. It's a task she soon learns is easier said than done. When right becomes wrong, and wrong turns out to be right, will duty or love prevail, and who will be left standing in the aftermath?


“So The Academy is sending the rookies after me now? Must be since the usual suspects are nowhere in sight. Gotta hand it to the pigs though, they're usually better at staying out of sight until they want me to know that they're there. Oh man, I should probably be insulted that they sent you, but I'll make an exception since I was in need of a laugh.”

I glowered up at him. “You wouldn't be saying that if I'd had a second longer to grab my tranquilizer,” I said threateningly, my voice a little hoarse from just having my windpipe nearly crushed.

“And you wouldn't be saying anything anymore if I wasn't such a nice guy,” he shot back, tapping a finger against my side –where his knife had just been a second ago- meaningfully. I swatted his hand away from me, cursing the butterflies that fluttered in my stomach in response to him touching me to the deepest pits of Hell. “I wouldn't count on being so lucky the next time if I were you. Rule number one in battle, Sweetheart, never hesitate. Don't they teach you anything in that clone factory people like you get shipped off to as soon as you can walk besides how to empower a dictator, and crush any semblance of resistance against her so-called rules?” Cassius scoffed. He backed away from me a step before turning his back on me to continue down the alley the same way I'd come.

“Hey wait!” I called out to him, jogging slightly to keep up when he didn't stop.

“As great as your company has been, Sweetheart,” he said sarcastically, responding to my scowl with a mischievous smirk. “I have something I need to go do.”

“Oh, you mean like steal from more people? Yeah right! Like I'm actually just gonna stand back, and let you get away with that.”

“First of all, if by steal you mean give people back what's rightfully theirs? Then yes, I'm about to go steal the fuck out of some shit. And second, you can't really stop me. I mean, you can try, but we both kind of just saw how well that worked out for you. Tell that overlord of yours to send me more of a challenge next time. Unless of course your plan was to seduce me over to the dark side rather than actually fight me. In which case, I'd be more than willing to give that a go.” His emerald orbs took their sweet time trailing down my form.

De Ja You

by Jessica N. Lane on 2018-02-01

De Ja You is an interracial, sci-fi, romance novelette.
We all know how repetitive school days can be, but when Leah and Owen find themselves stuck in a time loop where the same day has repeated itself 100 times already, they find new meaning in the world mundane. With the help of a mystic in a rare book shop, they learn that time loops are the result of a regret held deeply enough by two souls, and the only way to break them is to erase the regret. Turns out Leah's love for Owen isn't unrequited after all, but can the two of them overcome their hang ups over telling each other how they feel, or will they doom themselves and the entire town to repeat the same mundane, school day for the rest of their lives?

Pound of Flesh: a dystopian romance

by Jessica N. Lane on 2017-12-30

The year is 2050, and a nuclear war has ravaged the earth, turning it into a barren wasteland where signs of life are few and far between. Naomi lost both of her parents a decade ago to the effects of prolonged exposure to the nuclear radiation that still hangs thick in the atmosphere, something she herself is immune to since she was born after the bombs began falling from the sky. The human race has been all but eradicated. So much so that Naomi has never seen another human being besides the father who raised her... that is until she stumbles upon a man in the woods with the face of a god and the cuddliness of a porcupine. Naomi convinces Luther that if they're destined to wander the lonely remnants of the planet until the end of their days, at least now they won't have to do it alone, and the two embark on a journey of no destination that leads them right to something neither of them ever knew they were searching for.


by Jessica N. Lane on 2017-12-24

In a time of war, death, and uncertainty, Nya finds herself given to The Keeper, the protector of the lands in which she has found refuge in these difficult times, because he wants her to be his. Nya thinks she has Levi all figured out, and hates him for the man she thinks he is. When she gives him a chance, will she find that the man he actually is is not at all what she expected. Will love actually bloom between the keeper and his kept woman? Will either of them live long enough to find out?

Bad Seed

by Jessica N. Lane on 2017-10-29

When a paranormal investigator is summoned to a withered farm by a vengeful ghost, she finds herself in a fight for her life and her heart that spans one night of terror.