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Search of Game: Sports Romance Short Stories

by Joanna Berry on 2018-03-04

A Collection Romance Book of 3 Steamy Sports Romance Short Stories + Bonus Hot Romance Stories!

Nightfall - Vampire and Ice Hockey Romance

A story of vampire-themed fantasy romance and ice hockey, the chapters chart the lifestyle of a teen girl who schools in Boston, Washington, and falls in love with a guy, Scott because she so much loved him and couldn’t express the way she felt, she bit him leaving him exposed and scared. Scott ran into the woods at night, looking for things but meanwhile an ice hockey league at the corner while Scott was the captain of his team, Catherine managed to join the first six. Betty’s father, her friend’s father was a vampire hunter same as her brother, Alex...It focuses on women who endangered their lives after falling in love.

It focused on the relationship and romantic love between two people, Scott and Catherine who from the first moment they saw had a tinge of feelings for each other yet Catherine, a vampire denied him of such love at the expense of her favorite sport “Ice Hockey”. In order to prove she felt the same way, she bit him and each situation became attached with series of suspense and irony.

A high school girl who’s a vampire who found it difficult to fall in love bit a guy, Scott and couldn’t but fall in love with him.

Turning Point – Football Interracial Romance

This is a story of a boy who had gone through the harshness of life and has tried to struggle free from the one thing that always brought him back (poverty), embracing the only friend he knew (football). He wanted so badly to be on the NFA team as one of the top players, but there was really no one to support him.

He succumbed to the pleadings of his friends to go on a robbery night which did not go well for him on the first night. A young lady saw him bleeding by the road side and took him to the hospital to get treated.

This was the beginning of their love story. Live meets football in the epic romance story. She assists him in realizing his dreams by making him the biggest NFA star to ever live.

Passionate Affair - Cowboy and Football MFM Menage Romance

Cheyenne goes back to Houston with the main aim of seeing her childhood crush, Brent. Brent is a cowboy there and now even a rodeo professional, but he has a terrible reputation with women since he uses them for sex and dumps them. When Cheyenne gets there and attends one of the rodeo shows, she also meets up with his best friend, Tristan.

A date that Brent misses due to some trouble at the ranch leaves Cheyenne alone with Tristan, and she gets absorbed into a romance she had not anticipated. There is only one problem, though, she needs to get over the sexual obsession that she has with Brent. The big question is, will this affect her romantic relationship with her new found love, Tristan.

Each standalone story ends Happily Ever After. The stories contain explicit love scenes and are intended for 18+ readers only!

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