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The Bionics (The Bionics Novels Book 1)

by Alicia Michaels on
A heart-pumping futuristic thrill-ride set in a frightening dystopian society. 2016 Once Upon A Book Award Winner.

It is the year 4006, and nuclear war has come to the United States. With tens of thousands killed and countless more injured or terminally ill from the blasts, there is no more “normal”…life will never be the same. For her part, Blythe Sol is reeling from the loss of her arm and an eye in one of the blasts – her dreams of following in her father’s footsteps and joining the military completely shattered. When she hears about the Restoration Project – a bionic government program that offers the sick and injured a second chance – she immediately enrolls.
Made whole again, Blythe is filled with hope and a renewed sense of purpose. But when it becomes apparent that those outfitted with the robotic parts now possess super-human abilities, fear spreads across the nation. The Bionics are forced to go into hiding, outcast from all society. In desperation, they band together to form an underground rebellion, and Blythe finds herself caught in a confusing tug-of-war between two of her fellow soldiers—Gage Bronson, the mysterious new addition to the Resistance, and Dax Janner, her best friend. But with war on the horizon and a death sentence hanging over her, Blythe hardly has time to worry about her feelings…

The Bionics Series is perfect for readers who enjoy futuristic science fiction, dystopian novels, science fiction romance, and genetic engineering science fiction. Filled with action and adventure, this series will appeal to fans of The Gender Game by Bella Forest and Secondborn by Amy A. Bartol.

Novels inThe Bionics Series by Alicia Michaels:

  • The Bionics
  • The Resistance
  • The Revolution (Available January 8, 2018)

The Legend of the Bloodstone (Time Walkers Book 1)

by E.B. Brown on
In 2012, a woman cuts her hand and picks up a strange colored stone -

Suddenly she is staring into the eyes of an angry Powhatan warrior.

And the only town nearby is Jamestown, circa 1622.

Maggie McMillan wakes up one day as a college student, yet ends the day in the 1622. Captured by Winn, a warrior who is torn between his duty to kill her and his desire to keep her, she is thrust into a life she had only read about in history books.

Hunted and feared by both the Powhatan and the English, she struggles to find a way home while Winn plots to keep her there. Maggie fights to survive as she finds herself entangled in the Indian Massacre of 1622, and Winn sees everything he ever believed in shattered by knowledge she holds.

As they battle against each other and the message she brings from the future, she must decide whether to return to her own time, or to make a life in the past with the man who holds her heart captive.

*The Time Walkers series*

(Recommended reading order)

The Legend of the Bloodstone

Return of the Pale Feather

Of Vice and Virtue

A Tale of Oak and Mistletoe

Claimed by the Commander (Brides of Taar-Breck Book 1)

by Sassa Daniels on
After she is caught with forbidden literature, twenty-year-old Caroline Chatterton is arrested and brought before Earth's corrupt, tyrannical High Council, but she is saved from a harsh sentence when Commander Andrew Rossingham of Taar-Breck claims her as his bride based on the terms of an agreement made years ago by her grandfather.

Before she kneels at Andrew's feet to speak her wedding vows, however, the High Council requires that Caroline submit to both an intimate, humiliating medical exam and a shameful public spanking at the hands of her future husband. But though the punishment leaves her blushing crimson, when Andrew takes her in his arms and masters her completely she cannot deny her body's response to his stern dominance and skilled lovemaking.

During the journey to Taar-Breck, Andrew begins the process of teaching Caroline obedience, and after she sneaks away in an effort to avoid a well-earned spanking she learns the hard way that naughty wives have their bottoms punished both inside and out. But with the High Council still seeking to hunt down her friends back on Earth, can Andrew tame his headstrong bride's reckless behavior before she puts herself in danger yet again?

Publisher's Note: Claimed by the Commander is a stand-alone novel which is the first book in the Brides of Taar-Breck series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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