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 Raevu: Science Fiction Alien Romance (Galaxy Alien Warriors Book 4)

Raevu: Science Fiction Alien Romance (Galaxy Alien Warriors Book 4)

by Lara LaRue on 2018-02-27

When Eva read about the “dying alien race” something about it tugged at her heartstrings.

So few children that the whole race was dying out? Only one female born in every two thousand births? Having advanced technology that still couldn’t fix the situation? How helpless they must feel.

Eva knew that she might not be able to help, but the five thousand credits the alien program had offered just to let them try to see if her DNA was compatible with the alien DNA had seemed like a godsend.

There was no way she would be accepted.

All they would do was test her, say she was incompatible and send her home.

Or so she had thought.

Before Eva found out that her genes were compatible with a hot alien warrior…the king of his alien race.

And now the alien king is relying on Eva to save his race?

Galaxy Alien Warriors series are Stand-alone Science Fiction alien abduction romance books with fated mates and a guaranteed HEA, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and plenty of impossible Alphas! So if you like it fast, and gritty, and sexy, this is for you!

Buy Raevu to find your Happily Ever After with a super sexy alpha alien warrior hero today!


Q & A with Science Fiction Romance Author Lara LaRue

Q - How would you describe the Galaxy Alien Warriors series?

A – Alpha Alien Warriors in space! It’s a series of standalone books that take place on different planets. With each book you’ll experience a new adventure, featuring a new couple. Think powerful aliens – warriors, kings, princes, and renegades – trying to save their planet and race from extinction and finding their one true mate. In each stand-alone book there’s lots of action-packed romance between the hot alpha warrior and his human woman that was abducted from Earth. Oh and yes, in each book there’s a Happily Ever After and absolutely no cliffhangers.

Q – So, why did you want to write this Galaxy Alien Warriors series?

A – Because I wanted write a series that takes everything that I love…action, adventure, romance and diverse characters and put them into a galactic alien universe with infinite possibilities.

Q - What order should I read the books in the Galaxy Alien Warriors series?

A - All the Galaxy Alien Warriors books are stand-alone romances centered on the vast galactic universe, rescuing abducted humans, and having a Happily Ever After far from earth. Here's the order I suggest:

- Dekkir
- Sekkol
- Craze
- Raevu
More Galaxy Alien Warriors coming soon!

About Lara:

I love all things alpha male mixed with adventure, action romance. There’s just something so magical about characters that fall in love despite the most trying circumstances…it’s “Love overcomes all obstacles” stories combined with the excitement of adventure, danger, and action. I like to believe it's possible for us all to find our alpha mate and have our own Happily Ever After.

The Galaxy Alien Warriors Science Fiction Romance Series:

- Science Fiction Romance
- Action Adventure Romance
- Alien Invasion Romance
- Futuristic Romance
- Fantasy Romance
- Military Romance
- Paranormal Romance
 Beyond Blue Frontiers (The Adventures of Blue Faust Book 3)

Beyond Blue Frontiers (The Adventures of Blue Faust Book 3)

by Cecilia Randell on 2018-02-27
Blue and Forrest made the decision to return to Karran. They’ve said their goodbyes and packed their bags. She even managed to get a Portal open.

That was the easy part.

The reunion with her clansman is marred by unfinished business. Phillip is still out there, still using that crystal, still killing, and slowly going insane.
She was prepared to learn a new language, new customs and tackle a new kind of relationship. She was not prepared for cub-babies with razor claws, stubborn clansmen and mercenaries, and long-lost mob families.

But that's all part of the adventure, right...?

*** Please note that this series is a slow burn reverse harem.***
**Also, there is violence and some swearing, so, yeah.**
 Exodus (Heaven Corp Book 2)

Exodus (Heaven Corp Book 2)

by CC Bridges on 2018-02-27
Heaven Corp: Book Two

The truth could lead to war.

Henry “Hank” Abraham enjoys being one of the most sought-after personalities in Heaven. Life is good in the floating city for someone born to one of the wealthy and influential Founding Families. Hank parties with the privileged and beds someone different every night, flouting the morality laws that control the lives of the common people on the city’s lower levels. Then someone tries to kill him—repeatedly. Terrorists have Hank in their crosshairs, and his long disinterest in politics has come home to roost.

Ian Caldwell has been a security guard for the Abraham family for years. He survives the hypocrisy by sneaking away to the BDSM clubs on Earth to feed his baser desires. When he’s assigned to protect Hank, Ian pushes his attraction for his client aside. That kind of thing could get him reprogrammed. But he doesn’t count on actually falling for a man who isn’t as shallow and self-absorbed as he seems. Neither of them is prepared for the truth behind the attacks. Their journey will take them from Heaven to hell and beyond… and it might bring the tension between the classes to a violent head at last.
 How to Stop Time

How to Stop Time

by Matt Haig on 2018-02-27
“The first rule is that you don’t fall in love,’ he said… ‘There are other rules too, but that is the main one. No falling in love. No staying in love. No daydreaming of love. If you stick to this you will just about be okay.'"

A love story across the ages - and for the ages - about a man lost in time, the woman who could save him, and the lifetimes it can take to learn how to live

Named one of the most anticipated books of 2018 by Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, HelloGiggles, and Bustle.

Tom Hazard has a dangerous secret. He may look like an ordinary 41-year-old, but owing to a rare condition, he's been alive for centuries. Tom has lived history--performing with Shakespeare, exploring the high seas with Captain Cook, and sharing cocktails with Fitzgerald. Now, he just wants an ordinary life.

So Tom moves back his to London, his old home, to become a high school history teacher--the perfect job for someone who has witnessed the city's history first hand. Better yet, a captivating French teacher at his school seems fascinated by him. But the Albatross Society, the secretive group which protects people like Tom, has one rule: Never fall in love. As painful memories of his past and the erratic behavior of the Society's watchful leader threaten to derail his new life and romance, the one thing he can't have just happens to be the one thing that might save him. Tom will have to decide once and for all whether to remain stuck in the past, or finally begin living in the present.

How to Stop Time is a bighearted, wildly original novel about losing and finding yourself, the inevitability of change, and how with enough time to learn, we just might find happiness.
 Oath Forger (Book 1): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance

Oath Forger (Book 1): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance

by Nia Mars on 2018-02-27
I'm a scavenger. So what? With society's collapse on Earth, I do what I have to for survival. Especially after I'm kidnapped by space pirates. I have no idea why the five most powerful rulers in the universe decide that I'm the Oath Forger, the one foretold to fuse their royal houses together and bring peace. But I'm going to play along. Because, hey, it's better than probes in uncomfortable places. Now let's just hope they don't find out I'm lying.
 In Her Company: A Reverse Harem Apocalyptic Romance (Death

In Her Company: A Reverse Harem Apocalyptic Romance (Death's Relentless Dance Book 1)

by AJ Sinclair on 2018-02-27
Warning: Graphic Content, Sexual Situations with MMMMF interaction, For Adults Only

How does an ordinary woman measure up when she’s named after a legendary hero?

Dr. Indiana Jones has spent her life working to make the world a better place, so when the Scarlet Infection seizes Denver in its bloody, fevered grip, she fights back with her microscope. The city falls apart under quarantine, and Indie is trapped in her lab. She finds the cure. Now she has to get it out.

Only four strong, intelligent, dangerous men have survived of the one hundred fifty the Army sent to keep order. They arrest Indie, but she enlists their company to help her escape the quarantine. Their task is impossible and failure after failure send them spiraling into despair. But among the ruins, reckless love grows. Not just once but five times over. Can they make their unique relationship work? And will they live long enough to try when death’s relentless dance goes on and on…


Pearl's Dragon: Dragon Lords of Valdier Book 10

by S.E. Smith on 2018-02-27
Scorching hot and sexy stories set in science fiction and paranormal worlds that come alive in your hands. Her stories are unapologetic happily-ever-afters. They are also full of alpha heroes, heroines with a brain, action, adventure, and humor. Don't miss out on stories that readers say they can't get enough of!

Asim Kemark has lived a long, lonely life. It is his pledge to his former king and to Mandra Reykill that keeps him, his dragon, and his symbiot from going mad. He has given up on finding his true mate and devotes himself to caring for the wide assortment of creatures on Mandra and Ariel's mountain retreat. The last thing he expects to happen when he visits the palace is to lose control of his dragon and his symbiot after they sense their true mate. Before he knows it, he has kidnapped her!

Pearl St. Claire is enjoying a new adventure - learning to live on an alien planet. As a mature woman in her sixties, she thought she had experienced just about everything life could throw at her - only to discover she hasn't really experienced anything yet! She is both amused and exasperated when one of the dragon-shifting aliens kidnaps her, believing she is his true mate.

Life is no longer boring or lonely as Asim courts the enchanting and spirited, human woman, but he isn't the only one who has noticed Pearl or the unusual animals under his care. When poachers attack, determined to steal the exotic creatures under his protection - including Pearl and a new clutch of alien eggs from Earth - he will do everything he can to protect them. Can one dragon keep the most precious creatures under his care safe, or will he lose the biggest battle of his life?
 Omega Society Auction (Rourke Book 3)

Omega Society Auction (Rourke Book 3)

by Eileen Glass on 2018-02-28

Continue the sci-fi omega series with Episode Three!

When the alien alphas arrived on Earth, omega-compatible men weren’t given a choice in mating with them. After a long and troubled war, Earth brought down the harem towers and exiled the alien lords to the moon where they rule from afar. Things have calmed down in recent history; the powerful alphas seek mates who will submit themselves voluntarily.

But who would sell themselves into slavery? Who would want to become a breeder?

Rourke’s terminally ill mother needs a cure that’s only accessible to the very rich. An omega auction can pay for it.

Feb 28th is a placeholder date. This episode launches as soon as it's ready.

 Revelations (The Infinity Series Book 1)

Revelations (The Infinity Series Book 1)

by Bellamy Westbay on 2018-02-28
When modern day twists with the old texts from the creation of time, you find a story that leads a group of friends on a journey of revelations, ones that will change their lives and possibly the world’s….

Gwen Adams was faced a tough decision. On one side there was Alexander, the rich, powerful, devastatingly sexy man who intoxicated her with his very presence. On the other, the poor, hardworking, and gorgeous Ky, who’d earned her friendship and stolen her heart.

Alexander Prescott was bored with the predictability of eternity when his world was rocked by a beautiful woman who looked exactly like his long lost love. Despite the fact that she was human, he knew he’d found the woman destined for him. That was, until he met Gwen.

As outside forces push Alexander and Gwen together, another more sinister force lurks in the shadows, determined to destroy him.

Torn between the woman destined for him, and the one he desperately desired, what would he do?

This book is the first in a series that will take you on a unique journey of love, lust, revenge, and betrayal.
 Forever Changed: Book Three (Bachelor Battles 3)

Forever Changed: Book Three (Bachelor Battles 3)

by Angela White on 2018-02-28
Forever Changed will be 772 pages upon release and you will get every word of it.
Thank you for all the support!
Waving at you,

Apocalypse Romance and Rebellion

“Welcome to the final episode of the Bachelor Battles!”

The war changed all of us in one way or another, and some of us in every way possible.

“It looks like we’ll have another of those infamous, bounty-hunting Pruetts with us for this episode.”

We’ve had almost five hundred years of Network rule.

“Has there ever been a family so merciless, so mate-hungry?”

It was way past time someone challenged them.

“Samantha J. Pruett!”

Sam grinned, moving onto the time trials field as the crowd roared approval. She hadn’t come for the taste of blood or because of the change. Sam was here for the Network and she hadn’t come alone.

The thrilling conclusion of the Bachelor Battles trilogy!

Title: Forever Changed

Book 3 Bachelor Battles Trilogy

Length: 772 pages

Author: ©Angela White

Publisher: C9 Publications

ISBN#: 978-1-945927-84-3

 Jasmine of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Draga Court Series Book 3)

Jasmine of Draga: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Draga Court Series Book 3)

by Emma Dean on 2018-02-28
The Neprijat monsters have attacked the Draga Galaxy and millions have died. Prince Nash has left to save what’s left of his people. Adelina has a plan to save Draga, but first she must convince Raena to allow her to meet with the Drakesthai dragons and ask for aid before it’s too late while Varan, the Prince of Thieves makes an official request for her hand in marriage.

*This is a slow burn reverse harem series.
 Their Memoriam: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 1)

Their Memoriam: A Reverse Harem Romance (Utopia Inc Book 1)

by Jazz Michaels on 2018-02-28
Valda Bashan woke to the inexplicable—a biosphere where she and four others were the only occupants. She had a life before she woke, a life which seemed many years away and just like yesterday. A computerized voice welcomed her to Memoriam, the biosphere’s name and the job she’d accepted. The terms were clear, she and her companions had to make it work and only when they were complete would they be free to move on to the next task.

Andreas, Hatch, Oz, and Dirk couldn’t be more different, and each man seemed to be in the same boat as she. They didn’t remember agreeing to the project or what task it was they had to complete. If they can’t work together, they may never be able to escape. First, they have to learn to get a long, which might prove the most impossible task of all.

***Their Memoriam is the first book in the Utopia Inc series. A slow-burn reverse harem romance***
 Wicked Mate (A SciFi Alien Warrior Romance) (Warrior of Rozun Book 2)

Wicked Mate (A SciFi Alien Warrior Romance) (Warrior of Rozun Book 2)

by Zoey Draven on 2018-02-28
Cara Call never expected her life to take such a dramatic turn after she fell in love with her wicked alien captor, Devix. Now, after escaping Sarkon’s grasp, they are building their lives together on the peaceful colony of Rozun.

Then, their lives change forever when Cara discovers she’s pregnant.

With a difficult and potentially dangerous pregnancy ahead, Devix takes Cara to the only place he knows they can get help: his home planet of Luxiria. The same planet he was wrongly exiled from, accused of a heinous crime he didn't commit.

But Devix will do anything to protect his fated mate…even if it means confronting the wrath of his species and the ones who betrayed him.

WICKED MATE is the direct sequel to WICKED CAPTOR and concludes Devix and Cara’s story. It features the same spirited and sassy human female and the same seven-foot-tall alien warrior with naughty fantasies and even naughtier -ahem- equipment.
 Digital Magic (The Chronicles of Art Book 2)

Digital Magic (The Chronicles of Art Book 2)

by Philippa Ballantine on 2018-02-28
Magic has been ripped from the human world… or has it?

The connection with the Fey realm was destroyed over five hundred years ago and with it went mystery and beauty. To fill that hole the mortal world developed cybernetic wonders and digital worlds. Magic is now just a fading memory.
The English village of Penheram is an oasis of the past in a sea of modernity, a place where people go to escape. Ella failing in her writing career, is doing just that, and quite well too, until a shapeshifting thief with a hint of magic around him stumbles into her life.
In far off New Zealand a child full of power grows into a world-changing woman. Her gift though draws out ancient and terrible foes.
The two women’s stories draw closer and closer to a collision. No secret can be kept forever, and magic sometimes finds its own way back.
 Rishalt (Taxyon Space Book 2)

Rishalt (Taxyon Space Book 2)

by Aurora Springer on 2018-02-28
Two alien worlds. Two lovers torn apart. Spin the hyperthreads for unity.

Dr. Nikki Bell is devastated when the Watchers reappear without her alien lover. Why did he return to his home planet without even leaving a message? In search of answers, Nikki jumps at the chance to join the diplomatic team invited to visit the aliens’ home world. On Rishalt, she must contend with the intricacies of Warrish society and an undercurrent of hostility.
Kiron Arqin Ramis is summoned home by his family to the unwanted honor of a new triad and union with a high-ranked female. Unable to forget Nikki, he endures a perilous exile on a wilderness planet instead of complying with his family’s demands. But, the Triarchs have other plans for him.
Stakes are higher than the lives of two individuals. Earth leaders are desperate to acquire the alien interstellar technology, while Warrish perceive no advantage to an alliance with inferiors. Can Nikki and Kiron pierce the barriers separating them to find happiness with provoking an unequal war?
 The Blackstone Bear: Blackstone Mountain Book 3

The Blackstone Bear: Blackstone Mountain Book 3

by Alicia Montgomery on 2018-02-28
Coming Feb 27, 2018!

Book 3 of Alicia Montgomery's Blackstone Mountain Series: The Blackstone Bear featuring Ben Walker.

Details coming soon, but pre-order now!
 There Is No Peace: The EOS Soldier Chronicles  - Book One

There Is No Peace: The EOS Soldier Chronicles - Book One

by Shale Magnus Prange on 2018-03-01
Her father's secrets saved her.
Her mother's secret poisoned her.
Her secret may kill her.

Sixteen-year-old Valora Martin is bound by duty to follow the footsteps of her military commander father. Just as graduation day arrives and she must take her place among the elite, the war raging outside escalates to a nuclear apocalypse. Valora's first mission is to serve as Commander of her own evacuation vessel, one of thirteen scattering across the stars carrying the last chance of preserving Zerian life.

Before she escapes, her father advises her, “Remember your training…there is no peace.” His graduation gift, a locket from her mother who died under mysterious circumstances, carries secrets that can enlighten and kill.
Her shocking discovery may doom her fragile society with its dependence on artificial intelligence. When they land on a new planet, Arnes, she and her soldiers discover new technologies, a powerful and mysterious energy, and dangerous native life forms. The Zerian settlers are split between different factions, some valuing loyalty to the old ways and others seeking freedom of choice. Torn between love and duty, Valora must make heartbreaking sacrifices in order to save not only the lives but the souls of her people.
 The Zero-G Club: Lust & Honor

The Zero-G Club: Lust & Honor

by Ashley Adams on 2018-03-01
"There are only so many places to get laid on a spaceship. My challenge was to join the Zero-G Club, you know, like the old days of airplanes, only now spaceships. And worse, to attain membership you have to find a way to get laid on the bridge, a near impossible task. My name is Emilee Stanton and I'm a fem-tech aboard the USX Gauntlet, a galaxy class battleship assigned to offset the Chinese military. I've just been transferred here and honestly, the place is crawling with hot guys. Getting laid won't be a problem; the problem will be getting my membership in the ZGC.

Do you think you can help me? It could be fun!"
 Her Dragon

Her Dragon's Treasure (Dragon Guard Book 29)

by Julia Mills on 2018-03-01
Book 29 in the Dragon Guard series. The books in this epic saga can be read as stand-alone stories, or you can experience all the love, thrills and exploits of the whole series from beginning to end. It's up to you.

Decades trapped at the bottom of the sea. Doomed to spend eternity in a watery grave, the Guardsman known as Atticus had given up hope, resigned to his fate, then the impossible happened, the voice of his mate shone a light into his dark, dank tomb.

Tired of being the youngest and smallest, Talullah ached for adventure. Her heart and soul longed for a chance to prove she had dreams bigger than the sea and deeper than the ocean and possessed the strength and determination to carry them out.

Forced to the bottom of the sea by her dreams of a warrior in need, Lulu is caught in the middle of an underwater earthquake that triggered a tsunami, threatening both land and sea. Can this strong-willed mermaid save not only herself and her sister, but also the man whose violet eyes haunt her dreams and whose heart beats with hers?

Time is running out. Waves are decimating the shoreline. Flood waters batter the mountains. The ocean floor is being eradicated as the vacuum created by the storm leaves a humongous hole of nothingness hell bent on devouring everyone and everything in its path. Then, as if things couldn't get any worse, the unthinkable happens... the Afanc appear.

Disturbed by the storm, their underwater prison destroyed, this ancient race of scaly demons seek to avenge their fallen and exact revenge for their imprisonment by spilling the blood of one of King Arthur’s own – a true descendant of an original Dragon King - the Enforcer who imprisoned them all those centuries ago.

It may cost this little mermaid more than her tail to have her happily ever after, but she’s willing to sacrifice every glittering scale on her backside for the treasure of her dragon…if only Lulu knew it would be enough.

The Sea may be a harsh mistress but She never met Talullah. Who said mermaids can't fight? This one's taking it to the falls.

Fate will not be denied…And neither will Lulu.

This book contains explicit sexual material and violence. It is only suited for mature readers 18 years of age and older.
 She Is the End (The Vada Chronicles Book 1)

She Is the End (The Vada Chronicles Book 1)

by A.C. Weston on 2018-03-01
Earth is a resort planet for the rich and powerful of Vada, a coalition of planets newly freed from the strange aliens who once harvested humans to colonize the galaxy. The head of the coalition is the queen of the planet Arden, Relai Aydor.

She is a tyrant. She has murdered scores of the most oppressed people on Arden, and one has escaped and tracked her down to the wine-drenched countryside of Earth. Milo Hemm will have justice… if he can resist the pull of revenge.

But the queen is not the queen.

Now Milo and Relai will have to join forces with two Ardenian guards and a shady bartender to find a way off of this inexplicable, ignorant planet to bring down those ruling in her name. The freedom of Earth might hang in the balance, but Relai has bigger things to worry about…

With deep character relationships developed through thrilling action and humor, She Is the End begins an epic trilogy about trust and doubt, justice and mercy, friendship and love.
 The Dragon

The Dragon's Spellbound Alien: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story

by Fiona Roarke on 2018-03-01
Bianca Forrester may be a mind-reading alien from Alpha-Prime, but she’s an Arkansas girl at heart who leaps at the chance to work as a psychic in Nocturne Falls. The Halloween-themed Georgia town is the perfect cover for werewolves, gargoyles and, lately, aliens looking to stay under the human radar. Not only will it be an adventure, it’s the perfect place to dodge her mother’s matrimony mania.
Half-human, half-dragon shifter Warrick Hart has never forgotten the fear and loathing he faced as a child in Europe when superstitious humans and human-hating supernaturals chased his family from town to town—until they landed in the haven that is Nocturne Falls. The lingering trauma has made Warrick wary of most relationships, despite his mother’s pleas for grandchildren.

Bianca doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Warrick would never trust a woman with his heart. But Nocturne Falls is a place where never becomes now and beliefs can change on a spell.
 Karak Invasion: An Alien Menage Sci-Fi Romance (Alien Shapeshifters Book 3)

Karak Invasion: An Alien Menage Sci-Fi Romance (Alien Shapeshifters Book 3)

by Ruby Ryan on 2018-03-01
Two alien lovers are better than one.

Brandi Forbes is sick of her work at Mountain Home Air Force Base. A once talented pilot but now a Lieutenant Colonel, the only thing she ever gets to pilot these days is the stack of paperwork on her desk.

Until she’s visited by two Karak aliens who warn her of a potential Wolvae invasion of earth.

And as important as that may be, it’s tough for Brandi to focus while the aliens look like male super models.

But before the three of them can come up with a plan, Brandi and her two new Karak hunks learn the Wolvae are already on earth gathering reconnaissance! Now they must work together to stop the Wolvae scouts from returning to their fleet with vital information—or else risk a full invasion of earth.

As they battle the Wolvae in the forests of Idaho, Brandi realizes her connection to the two Karak shifters is stronger than just a soldier’s camaraderie. Can they stop the Wolvae in time—and then figure out what to do about their own scintillating attraction?

KARAK INVASION is the third book in the new Alien Shapeshifters romance series. It’s a full-length, standalone science fiction alien shifter romance book, with steamy menage love scenes that will leave you fantasizing about your own first contact with a pair of alien hunks. And of course, a guaranteed Happily Ever After!
 Guardian (Prison Planet Book 1)

Guardian (Prison Planet Book 1)

by Emmy Chandler on 2018-03-01
“Choose wisely. Then keep your head down and do what you’re told. Time will pass, and we’ll be back for you.”

Audra Copeland is among dozens of newly convicted felons dropped off on the prison planet Rhodon, where she discovers that the women of zone four have a long-standing arrangement with the men. If they hand over six of the new arrivals, the men won’t raid. And Audra has just been drafted.

She can take her chances on her own, or select a guardian. The deal is simple, if barbaric: sex, in exchange for food and safety from the other two hundred men in zone four. It’s a terrifying proposal. The men are violent, filthy degenerates.

Then Audra sees Tyson at the edge of the crowd. A hulking, scarred figure, the other men call him a savage, but his clothes are clean, and he’s holding a freshly caught rabbit. He can clearly protect what’s his.

As compassionate as he is powerful, Tyson ignites something fierce in Audra, and their connection is white-hot. The problem? Every thirty days, she’ll have to pick a new guardian.

Now that he’s found Audra, Ty has every intention of keeping her for himself. Even if he has to destroy the fragile zone four peace treaty to do it.

Guardian is a romance set on a planet populated by violent criminals, so expect a gritty story about characters who have to fight to protect each other and their relationship.
 Bomb Voyage (Blown Away Book 3)

Bomb Voyage (Blown Away Book 3)

by D.L. Jackson on 2018-03-02
Bomb voyage!

Captain Jayson Rivers, owner of a commercial mining scoop, likes the simple life. He appreciates order, making money, and reaping the rewards of a hard day’s work.
What he doesn’t like is getting dragged into galactic politics, or into the crosshairs of his ex-wife, a ruthless bomber, who has already tried to take him out once. He doesn’t need complications, like the sexy red-headed mechanic who’s walked her sweet ass onto his vessel, bringing with her a shitload of trouble, and turning his world upside down.

From expensive and illegal boiler parts that break the bank, to homicidal in-laws and a shotgun wedding he’d better be able to get an annulment from, his life can’t get much more complicated.

Until he ends up knocked out, bound naked with his bride, on a one-way trip to a hostile world with a bomb hooked to the control panel of his shuttle.

Yeah, the universe is a crazy place, but Jayson’s simple life has gone past complicated. He’s sliced off a bit of that insanity pie, and things might never go back to normal, if he can even remember what that is.
 Intergalactic Brides Vol. 1

Intergalactic Brides Vol. 1

by Jessica Coulter Smith on 2018-03-02
Brielle and the Alien Geek: Brielle has waited faithfully for her fiancé to return from Terran Prime, only to discover she's been engaged to a cheating bastard. Brielle will do anything to ensure her survival -- even sign up for a bride exchange on another world. Syl lives in his lab, preoccupied with his experiments. But the moment he sees Brielle, he realizes his life has been missing something after all. But what would an female like Brielle want with an alien geek like him?

Victoria and the Alien Doctor: Victoria will do anything to save her daughter, even if it means bonding with an alien for the rest of her life. Xonos isn't allowed to treat humans, but it's been his life's work to save people, and he isn't sure he can stand by and watch an innocent child die when he might be able to help. What starts as a simple arrangement quickly turns into something more as Xonos and Victoria grow closer. Love was never mentioned when they struck their bargain, but now she'll settle for nothing less.

Avelyn and the Alien Daddy: Avelyn's life was turned upside down the day she lost her baby. When she enters the Terran Station in Las Vegas in search of a job, the last thing she expects is to find her arms full of a screaming alien baby. Since Thrace adopted sweet little Lily, he's overwhelmed. A nanny is just what he needs! But when Thrace looks at Avelyn, he sees a woman who sets his blood on fire. What's an alien daddy to do when what he wants most is to have the nanny in his bed?

Publisher's Note: Intergalactic Brides Vol. 1 contains the previously published novels Brielle and the Alien Geek, Victoria and the Alien Doctor, Avelyn and the Alien Daddy.
 Valerian (Mine to Take 3)

Valerian (Mine to Take 3)

by Jacquelyn Frank on 2018-03-02
Valerian Jorku is second born heir to a massive throne overseeing the largest country in many lands, a country that is ever growing, thanks to his power hungry brother Vicktor, the emperor. But Vicktor is a cruel master and Valerian grows increasingly restless as he experiences his brother's brutal nature and its effect on others.

Melena, a newly acquired slave girl he is conditioning to his pleasure, whispers nightly of his responsibilities to the people and how those responsibilities should outweigh his honorable intentions toward a brother who is clearly insane. Should he listen to this woman, sister to a rebel thorn in his side, or should he continue to honor his father's last wishes and be Vicktor's silent general, doing whatever he asks, no matter how wrong?

When Vicktor threatens her life and begins to turn Valerian's women against him, Melena seizes the opportunity to push Valerian further in the right direction. But Valerian is not a man to be mastered. He is the one in control and ultimately it is he who holds all of their fates and futures in his hands.

Orion's Price (Loralynn Kennakris Book 6)

by Owen R. O'Neill on 2018-03-03
Mariwen Rathor was once a leading interstellar celebrity, revered from one end of charted space to the other. The victim of a terrorist plot, she’s been living as a recluse after undergoing years of intense rehabilitation that suppressed most of her memories. But they couldn’t suppress her memories of Kris and thanks to their unexpected reunion, Mariwen has finally found herself again.

But when Kris went deep into Halith space with Rafe Huron to rescue a hero long thought to be dead, they stayed behind to delay a major Halith attack, allowing their people to escape at the cost of their own freedom.

Now, to save the woman she loves, Mariwen must do the impossible: take on the Halith Empire.
And win.
Or die trying.
Or something much worse.
 Havoc (Defiant Trilogy Book 3)

Havoc (Defiant Trilogy Book 3)

by C.M. Herndon on 2018-03-06
A Fierce Protector…

All Faelan ever wanted was a home and family but the Santain soldiers snatched that away from her. Fighting against her inner desires to get revenge, she leaves everything—and everyone—behind in search of the missing Santain heir. It is her hope that he’ll help her end the brutal war between their people, as well as provide answers to a heritage that she lost long ago when she was abandoned on the streets as a baby.

A Determined Warrior…

Virion has spent weeks waiting on news from Faelan, but with hope quickly fading, he has no choice but to accept that she’s not coming back. Putting all his focus into saving Callana, he works to build alliances with other nations. Some of them are hesitant to choose a side, however, Santain’s rabid thirst for more territory is spreading, threatening the whole of Ektos. If he can gain the cooperation of other planets, he’ll create the largest alliance the universe has ever seen and have enough troops to take back his home planet from enemy hands.

A Ruthless Ruler...

As several worlds are yanked into the war, Faelan and the aid she brings to Virion may be their only chance against Santain’s merciless leader. When she is inadvertently captured and finally comes face to face with her greatest rival, can she manage one last escape or is she and Callana lost forever?

Havoc is the conclusion to the bestselling Defiant Trilogy
 TERRA (The Elements Book 2)

TERRA (The Elements Book 2)

by Tracy Korn on 2018-03-06
Under Pressure, Under Fire...Some Will Rise, and Some Will Fall.

Getting out of Gaia Sur was almost as hard as getting in, but there's no going back now. Jazwyn Ripley and her friends have no choice but to venture into the caves and tunnels underneath the ocean floor as the messages they've been receiving get stronger. Tensions rise and loyalties are tested when another of their crew is captured, and one critical choice means following unlikely allies down a path most would never dare--across the seven biomes of "The Rush"--which, if they survive, will either lead to freedom or imprison them forever.

 Warlord: A Sci-fi Fantasy Romance

Warlord: A Sci-fi Fantasy Romance

by Nia Mars on 2018-03-06
An intergalactic warlord fresh from the fight, Lukar is looking forward to a nice break before the next war. He has no idea what to do with the governorship and the princess he receives as reward. He's a rough and tough beast-a space warrior. All he knows is that Princess Meela is now his, and he's never going to let her go.

Meela is a princess of a fallen kingdom. She is the conqueror's prize. But she will bow to no one. She might have to surrender her body to the beast, but she will not surrender her heart.

Let the bedroom games begin!
 Polar Fates: A Reverse Harem Novel (The Drowning Book 2)

Polar Fates: A Reverse Harem Novel (The Drowning Book 2)

by Skye MacKinnon on 2018-03-06

Last night, we became one, the lines blurred between our minds for just a moment, but the echo of it is still vivid in my memories. I want to feel that again, and if I have to chain them all to my bed. That actually sounds like a pretty good idea.

The Fates like to play with our lives. They're not malicious, just bored. But that also means that sometimes, we have to take our destiny in our own hands and defy the Fates.
I will do anything to save the bear shifters from extinction, even if that means going against the will of the most powerful beings in the universe.
Because the bears are no longer just friends. They're family.

Be warned, this book contains four sexy bear shifters that will make your hormones bubble and your ovaries squeal. 18+.

 Draekon Destiny: Exiled to the Prison Planet: A Sci-Fi Menage Romance (Dragons in Exile Book 5)

Draekon Destiny: Exiled to the Prison Planet: A Sci-Fi Menage Romance (Dragons in Exile Book 5)

by Lili Zander on 2018-03-06

It took less than ninety days for my happy ending to fall apart.

Stuck on an alien planet? I can deal.
Abducted by rogue prisoners? No problem.
Mated to two powerful, sexy Draekons? Let’s be real. It’s not a hardship.

After three months on the prison planet, I think I’m finally free of my demons. I’m far away from home. I can start over. Here, there’s no one to hold me back. No one to sabotage my happiness.

But my mates have been plotting to escape the prison planet.
Without me.

I thought I could trust them. I thought they loved me. I was wrong.

Can we heal our shattered bond?

Is a second chance in our destiny—or were we doomed from the start?

Draekon Destiny is the fifth book in the Dragons in Exile series. It’s a full-length, standalone science fiction dragon-shifter MFM menage second chance romance story featuring a heartbroken human female, and the two sexy aliens who are determined to win her back. No M/M) Happily-ever-after guaranteed!

 The Wife Lottery: Fallon (Six Men of Alaska Book 1)

The Wife Lottery: Fallon (Six Men of Alaska Book 1)

by Charlie Hart on 2018-03-06
I wanted to taste freedom.

In a world where women are seen as a commodity to barter, Alaska promised a sanctuary. But to stay, I have to enter the wife lottery.

Six men, one wife. And I have no say in who those men will be. It's more than a game of chance--it's my life falling into the hands of strangers.

But the men who win my hand are ruggedly handsome and promise to protect me until death do us part.

Fallon and his strong will.
Giles and his protective streak.
Salinger and his easy smile.
Banks and his intellect.
Emerson and his faith.
Huxley and his charm.

I want them all, each for a different reason. My body is awake, my heart beats wild. But I'm also a woman running from a past that's catching up. Fast. My father is coming for me and he'll make my husbands pay--and that's not a gamble.
That's a guarantee.

*The Wife Lottery is book one of a six book series. Passion and suspense fill the pages of this dystopian romance. The world as we know it may be over, but Tia and her six men of Alaska aren't giving up without a fight.
 Sensate: A Stand Alone Novella in the Alien Attachments Series (Alien Attachements)

Sensate: A Stand Alone Novella in the Alien Attachments Series (Alien Attachements)

by Sabine Priestley on 2018-03-06
Marco Dar's position as an Earth Protector means he spends an incredible amount of time alone in space. His only company is with the talkative com unit. It isn't until he stops at the Galaxy Spinner restaurant that he discovers his com has become sentient - and it wants a physical form!

Dr. Zara Mancini hasn't seen Marco Dar in over eleven years. As far as she is concerned, that still isn't long enough. When Marco approaches her with an unusual request, she is torn between her fascination with the project, and wanting to leave him eating her space dust.

Marco is quickly falling all over again for Zara's beautiful smile and gorgeous lips. Young and foolish, he sabotaged their relationship years ago. Now he has a second chance. Can he convince Zara to help his AI, and prove to her that he is a different man?

 Cirsova #7: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

Cirsova #7: Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

by Adrian Cole on 2018-03-06
  • In the Land of Hungry Shadows, by Adrian Cole

Short Stories
  • Galactic Gamble, by Dominika Lein
  • The Iynx, by Michael Reyes
  • The Legend of Blade, by Jason Scott Aiken
  • The Great Culling Emporium, by Marilyn K. Martin
  • The Toads of Machu Hampacchu, by Louise Sorensen
  • Criteria for Joining the Galactic Community, by Michael Tierney
  • Anna and the Thing, by Abraham Strongjohn
  • My Name is John Carter (Part 6), by James Hutchings
 Oath Forger (Book 2): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance

Oath Forger (Book 2): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance

by Nia Mars on 2018-03-06
There's a saying on Earth: "Fake it till you make it." Sadly, I'm no longer on Earth. My motto is: "Fake it till you get caught."
I'm trying to settle into being the Oath Forger, trying to resist the advances of the five most powerful kings in the galaxy (it's going about as well as you'd think), expecting my lies to catch up with me at any second.
Except, the freaking space pirates catch up with me first.

 The Ghost Engine

The Ghost Engine

by Theresa Fuller on 2018-03-08
She thought she could change the world...

When Lady Elizabeth Ada Lovelace, a beautiful, arrogant suffragette, purchased the 19th-century Algorithmic Engine in order to become the world's first programmer, she planned to break the shackles of inequality for Victorian women.

Until her world became that of the machine...

Instead she learns the true meaning of equality when she ends up trapped, brought down to the level of the machine. Inside the double-crossing computer, Elizabeth must match wits with a stubbornly idealistic ghost and a chillingly handsome doppelganger in the computer's endless series of mind games. But as the machine learns to become a sentient being, time is ticking away. Elizabeth finds herself falling in love with the ghost trapped in the machine. Together they are pitted in a race against the machine to escape before the Algorithmic Engine shuts down – killing them all.

Now all their worlds hang in the balance.

 Offered to the Cyborg (Cy-Con 2)

Offered to the Cyborg (Cy-Con 2)

by Jessica Coulter Smith on 2018-03-09
When the Zelranian cyborg's ship The Sphinx is attacked by a reptilian race called the Meori, Wrylack is the only cyborg left standing. Forced onto the Meori vessel, his skills as a medic are demanded in exchange for his life. But any plans Wrylack may have had to escape died the moment he laid eyes on Shaylee, the human female slave in the Meori med bay. Even injured, she's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. And when the Meori realize they can use her to control Wrylack, they are only too pleased to give her to him.

Shaylee has only known pain and suffering all her life. First on Earth, passed around the foster care system, and later as a slave to one alien after another. No one has ever touched her with kindness, has ever cared what happened to her. When the sexy purple cyborg with the strange eyes and gentle touch says she's his, Shaylee is almost scared to hope that her life is changing. But the big male isn't interested in owning her as a slave. He wants a mate!
 Warrior Mine: Gay Sci-fi M/M Romance (Destination Lost Book 3)

Warrior Mine: Gay Sci-fi M/M Romance (Destination Lost Book 3)

by Missy Welsh on 2018-03-10
A routine mission from the Mars Colony to Earth ends in the five-man crew of the Swallowtail having been transported to the other side of the galaxy. Met with hostility, captured, and tortured simply for being Human, the three survivors hold little hope for their futures.

Charles Dunkirk is far away from the offices of Aviation Corporation now. Pressed into service as a sex slave on a space ship full of lion-like aliens, Charlie's simply trying to stay sane. When he's offered a chance at protection, there's not much left he won't do to survive.

Captain Makull Ihara has slowly discovered he chose to fight for the wrong side. Already looking to change his path, he receives further proof of the right course when fate hands him a Human mate. Their only choice now is to surrender.

Meanwhile, thousands of Humans are suffering throughout the galaxy and what Makull knows might be their only salvation. Will Makull and Charlie join forces to save them?
 The Prey: A SciFi Alien Romance (Betania Breed Book 2)

The Prey: A SciFi Alien Romance (Betania Breed Book 2)

by Jenny Foster on 2018-03-12
I will go off-mission. For her.

I am a cyborg. Half human, half machine.

My creator optimized me until I was exactly what he wanted. I have turned into an elite bounty hunter. My orders are simple. Anyone who endangers the certain survival of the human race is my prey.

The word failure is not part of my vocabulary.
Compassion is nothing more than a phrase.
My mechanical heart does not recognize feelings.

Until an assignment leads me straight to Mara. My creator’s beautiful daughter.

To her, cyborgs are nothing more than henchmen who quietly take care of anything that humans shy away from. When my eyes catch hers, I feel an unexplainable connection. Mara awakens something in me that I can neither hunt, nor kill.

*She* becomes my prey.
The most impossible hunt of my life.

* * * A SciFi Alien Romance. The Prey is Book 2 of the Betania Breed Series. * * *
This Cyborg Alpha Romance Novel is intended for mature audiences only.
Pages: 200

Betania Breed reading order:
The Captive
The Prey
The Human
The Dragon

You can enjoy every word in "The Prey" without ever having read any of Jenny Foster’s other books. You won’t be missing any information. On the other hand, maybe you already read “The Captive” or have been considering it. In that case, you will meet the two lovers from “The Captive” here again, but this time from another heroine’s viewpoint.
 Rescued by the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance)

Rescued by the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance)

by Cara Bristol on 2018-03-12
A cyborg with haunted past, a woman with a clouded future…
Battered and broken, hostage and sole survivor Solia waits for death at the hands of vicious predatory aliens when Cy-Ops agent Guy Roarke disobeys orders, charges in, and rescues her. A former medic, he initiates emergency medical procedures before rushing her to Cybermed, in hopes of saving her wing so she can fly again. He’s taken with the delicate, brave Faria, but his best intentions result in unfortunate consequences that place her in greater jeopardy. Can he overcome the guilt of past mistakes in time to save her life?

Please note: Rescued by the Cyborg was originally published in the anthology Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2. It is being re-released as a single title novella. Rescued by the Cyborg is Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance 5.5 and fits between book 5 (
Claimed by the Cyborg) and book 6 (Hunted by the Cyborg). However, all the series books are standalones with an HEA and no cliffhanger. You can read them in any order.
 Curved Horizon (The Camellia Clock Cycle Book 2)

Curved Horizon (The Camellia Clock Cycle Book 2)

by Taylor Brooke on 2018-03-12
In the sequel to Fortitude Smashed, navigating the ins and outs of love is hard enough as strangers, but now Daisy and Chelsea must find a way to transform their friendship into something more. Meanwhile, Shannon and Aiden’s year-long relationship is put to the test when a horrific accident puts Shannon’s life at risk.
 De sombres étoiles (The Kricket Series t. 3) (French Edition)

De sombres étoiles (The Kricket Series t. 3) (French Edition)

by Amy A. Bartol on 2018-03-12

Kyon Ensin dispose enfin de celle qu’il convoite depuis toujours : la prêtresse Kricket Hollowell, capable de prédire le futur. Avec elle, son pouvoir est inégalable et il peut régner en maître sur Éthar. Mais Kricket est fermement décidée à mener sa vie comme elle l’entend, aux côtés de Trey Allairis, son grand amour, et refuse de porter la couronne que veut lui imposer Kyon.

Au cœur de la guerre pour la domination d’Éthar et face au terrible clan Alameeda, qui nourrit les plus sinistres projets à son égard, Kricket ne peut se fier à personne. Pas même à Astrid, sa propre sœur.

Dans ce chaos, alors que la prophétie annoncée par sa mère semble sur le point de s’accomplir, Kricket – armée de la seule certitude qu’elle ne peut compter que sur elle-même – va devoir plonger dans un monde tourmenté pour tenter de changer son destin.

 Forbidden Stranger (The Protector)

Forbidden Stranger (The Protector)

by Megan Hart on 2018-03-12

A female bodyguard with enhanced abilities. A billionaire playboy committed to destroying people like her. A romance they didn’t expect…

Nina Bronson and Ewan Donahue have put their love to its limits. To Ewan, she’s the only woman he wants to be with for the rest of his life. To Nina, whose memories have been ripped out of her, Ewan is her kind and generous boss who’s helping her recover after an accident she also can’t remember. The more time they spend together, the more she begins to feel for him, but Ewan knows the truth — she loved him once. As Ewan tries to do whatever it takes to get Nina back to herself without putting her in danger, the two of them have to build a brand new relationship from the ground up. Sometimes, a lie isn’t a betrayal, it’s a lifesaver. Can Nina forgive Ewan for not telling her the truth about why she lost so much of her memories, or are they doomed to never be together again?

Dive into Forbidden Stranger, the third book in this fantastic new series set in the near future from New York Times bestselling author Megan Hart!

 Oath Forger (Book 3): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance

Oath Forger (Book 3): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance

by Nia Mars on 2018-03-13
Still faking being the Oath Forger. Yeah, I know. Stupid. You know what's stupider? Falling for The Five.

The five hottest, most powerful rulers in the galaxy all want to be my first. Who am I choosing? I'm not stupid enough to spill that in a blurb!
 Night of the Zandians: A Reverse Harem Alien Warrior Romance (Zandian Brides)

Night of the Zandians: A Reverse Harem Alien Warrior Romance (Zandian Brides)

by Renee Rose on 2018-03-14
The Zandians have taken back their planet. Now they need brides.
All human females have been assigned to mates. Yes, mates, multiple.
I've been given to three handsome males--cousins. Huge, purple and horned, they act like they want to eat me for breakfast.
After what I've been through with previous slave masters, I don't know how I'll survive this. But I have to. It's adapt or be sent off-planet, which would mean my death, considering I'm wanted for murder.

My mates cannot find out I'm not able to reproduce. I need to keep my secret, figure out a way to survive, stay focused. But when the Zandian warriors claim me, they make me forget my past and scream with pleasure.
I can't let myself fall for them.
If they learn my secret, I'll lose more than my life.
I'll lose my heart.
 The Wife Protectors: Giles (Six Men of Alaska Book 2)

The Wife Protectors: Giles (Six Men of Alaska Book 2)

by Charlie Hart on 2018-03-15
Six husbands. One Wife.
A secret that will tear them apart.

Tia thinks running from her husbands will keep them safe - but she never expected to have a gun in her hand, or to pull the trigger. A single bullet changes everything.

The life she escaped is catching up to her, but she's not the only one at risk. Giles sacrificed everything by coming to her he's paying the ultimate price.

The Lottery brought them together, but lies threaten to tear them apart.

Love may be the answer, but in this brave new world, it might not be enough.

The Wife Protectors is book 2 in a six book dystopian romance series. The passion is high but the stakes are even higher. Tia and her rugged husbands are in the wilds of Alaska fighting for their lives - and for their love.
 The Empress Capsule (Audacity Saga Book 1)

The Empress Capsule (Audacity Saga Book 1)

by R. K. Thorne on 2018-03-16

At 22, Commander Ellen Ryu is a little young to be "retired." Yet she’s planned—and bled in—more battles than veterans twice her age. And, well, she didn’t exactly retire so much as desert. Betrayed by her superiors, turned into a science experiment, and nearly driven insane, Ellen seized the chance for freedom when a shadowy organization offered her a ship of her own and an elite, all-female crew. She's got a new mission now: get revenge on the scientist who almost destroyed her. Nobody is going to get in her way this time. Especially not the merc who's just shown up at her cargo hatch, looking to hitch a ride.


In the middle of an op gone wrong, cyborg mercenary Kael Sidassian gets stuck with a mission he can't refuse: carry a capsule to safety, the contents of which would bring the galaxy down on his head if anyone knew what was inside. But he’s also got damaged hardware inside his head and a plan to escape from the merc company that forcibly conscripted him over ten years ago. So when a humanitarian ship grants him passage, he thanks his lucky stars for a job that'll solve all his problems at once. That is, if the attachment he’s forming to the ship’s commander—one that goes way beyond duty and loyalty—doesn’t get in the way.

As a new threat rises, the prodigy and the screw-up discover far more in common than they ever thought possible. Now both their missions will have to wait, because if they aren't audacious enough to work together, they'll never survive what's coming for them. For lovers of romantic space opera, Lois McMaster Bujold, and David Weber, THE EMPRESS CAPSULE is the first volume in the Audacity series.
 Soulless (Detyen Warriors Book 1)

Soulless (Detyen Warriors Book 1)

by Kate Rudolph on 2018-03-16
A warrior without a soul...
Raze NaFeen has sacrificed everything in service of his fellow Detyen warriors. Refugees without a planet, they search for answers. Who destroyed Detya all those years ago? And why? Otherwise cursed to die at thirty without a mate, Raze and his comrades have taken drastic action, destroying their souls and killing the emotions of young warriors to prolong their lives. Raze feels nothing. No love, no hate, no fear. Until he meets Sierra.

A spy on a mission...
Sierra Alvarez has a lot to live up to. As the daughter of a celebrated general, she's expected to follow in his militaristic footsteps and rise through the ranks of the Sol Defense Agency. Except Sierra is no soldier, her talents are best used for sneaking and subterfuge for Sol Intelligence. But when an off planet mission gets out of hand, she'll need to use every skill she has to work with a mysterious, sexy warrior to save dozens of lives.

Two worlds collide...
Raze and Sierra shouldn't fit, but every minute spent together tells them that their chemistry is too hot to ignore. But they'll need to fight pirates, their people, and the vast distances of space to find a way for two lost souls to become one whole. Can a man without a soul find his mate? And is that bond enough to heal wounds that run deep?

Soulless is the first novel in the new Detyen Warriors series. This takes place in the same world as Mated to the Alien. Each Detyen Warriors novel can be read as a standalone and there are no cliffhangers. Enjoy feisty women, intense men, fated mates, and relationships hot enough to steam up your screen.
 The Patch Project

The Patch Project

by Brittni Brinn on 2018-03-19
When most of the world inexplicably disappears overnight, only small patches of civilization remain.

May and Isak live on what used to be Holly Street. Since the Event, however, they have found themselves totally isolated, surviving day to day on what they can find in their pantry and their memories. May thinks that everything is going fine: apart from Isak’s weird disappearances and the humming only she can hear, they maintain a safe and secure existence surrounded by wasteland. Until one day, the phone rings…

After the Event, the convenience store became Ed’s home. Used to the busy life of a video game designer, the sudden lack of people and landscape around him is hard to deal with. Then, one day, he discovers that he can manipulate electronics using only his mind…

Pinot and Miller are on the run. They wander through the wasteland looking for supplies or anything smashable. Driven by Miller’s fear of retribution, they head west. Everything changes for Pinot when they come across an abandoned power station…

An introspective story about survival, identity, and memory, The Patch Project explores the need for connection and purpose in a sterile post-apocalyptic world.
 Dragon VIP: Pyrochlore (7 Virgin Brides for 7 Weredragon Billionaires Book 2)

Dragon VIP: Pyrochlore (7 Virgin Brides for 7 Weredragon Billionaires Book 2)

by Starla Night on 2018-03-20
Smokin’ hot dragon shifters have no idea what to do with these sassy Earth females — but claiming them as mates will change the universe!

Bad boy dragon shifter Pyrochlore “Pyro” Onyx is the acting CEO of the Onyx Corporation — and for the smokin’ hot billionaire playboy, it definitely feels like an act. He has two weeks to save his family’s company from destruction and himself from an unwanted marriage to the Empress of his home planet, Draconis.

When he catches sweet, curvy Amy stalking his every move, a new feeling wars with his old cynicism. No matter the species, females want Pyro for only one thing. And it isn’t true love or faithfulness.

Super responsible second-grade teacher Amy should never have given in to her secret fantasies to stalk the gorgeous dragon, but in his presence, her self-control just snaps. And although he calls her naive, she’s not so innocent that she doesn’t know what she wants. Playing with the fiery male risks getting burned, but as dark forces gather, she could be his only salvation.

This is a complete novel with a happy ending! It features steamy dragon shifter love scenes and a passionate teacher who can teach the bad boy a thing or two. Must love dragons!
 Pandemonia: Combustible

Pandemonia: Combustible

by Darcy Abriel on 2018-03-20
Earth of 4035 is a wasteland populated with sectors of penal colonies, seeded through the generations by its life-long inhabitants of criminals, lunatics, political prisoners, and DNA-spliced mutants, all ruled by a powerful conglomerate of scientific researchers called the Nucleate.

One such sector, Pandemonia, is situated on the former European continent in the vicinity of Paris, now a hunting ground of a world gone horribly awry.

Drayce Eth, of dragogen-spliced DNA creation, rules one quandrant of Old Paris with a strong hand. He has never mated, never taken a long-term lover, and has always denied the instincts of his dragogen-spliced DNA. But then he encounters an attractive disciple and slave of his arch-enemy, Dr. Francois Beljon, and a simple game of poke-the-bear to relieve his ennui may just result in more than Drayce ever expected. It may also be exactly what he needs when his mating instincts are aroused by this least likely of potential mates.

Crispen Wills is a product of the mean streets. He’s a survivor—a dancer, a liar, a scavenger, and whatever else will serve to keep him alive. But when he becomes a desirable pawn in a treacherous game, it could easily cost him his life. What Crispen never expects is to fall in love with the powerful dragogen that his master has sent him to destroy.

Passions mix with danger in a highly flammable game devoid of rules and safe words, where all’s fair in love, lust...and death. Only a fool would dare to risk everything for a fleeting chance at love, especially when that lover could easily barbecue you should you make one false step...

This story was originally released in May 2015 by Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure

CAUTION: This story contains explicit sexual situations and strong language. You must be over the age of 18 years of age to read this story.
 CHANCE: SciFi Cyborg Romance (Cyn City Cyborgs Book 1)

CHANCE: SciFi Cyborg Romance (Cyn City Cyborgs Book 1)

by Pearl Foxx on 2018-03-20
“I promise. Not all of me’s made of metal.”

A cyborg with a mysterious and dangerous past.
A naive girl fleeing the dying farmlands to forge her own future.

Chance has fought his entire life, first for survival in the streets of Cyn City and later for money and prestige in the underground Cyborg Fight League. His fists and cybernetic arm have solved almost every problem he’s ever faced, except for love. After losing the love of his life, he never thought he’d find someone again.

Verity left behind everything she knows to start a new future in Cyn City. But her Ecovangalit upbringing left her unprepared for the hard realities of life amongst the criminals and cyborgs. When a dangerous cyborg with a bad reputation proves to be the only person she can trust, can she lower her walls enough to let him in?

As Verity finds herself in debt to the wrong kind of man who will sell her body as fast as he will sell her soul, Chance is the only one who can clear her ledger, but only if he'll fight in the Cyborg Underground Circuit again.

Is Chance strong enough to win the only fight that ever mattered?

Each book in the series is fully stand alone and can be read in any order.

Book One: Chance
Book Two: Enver
More To Be Announced!

Note to Readers: This science fiction cyborg dystopian romance series contains lots of action, alpha males, fierce women, and steamy romance. If you love bad boys who love as hard as they fight, then this series is for you! Guaranteed happily-ever-afters with no cliffhangers.
 Promise (The Naravan Chronicles Book 1)

Promise (The Naravan Chronicles Book 1)

by Isabo Kelly on 2018-03-20
Kira Farseaker led a sheltered, privileged life—until the discovery of a secret that plunged her into an underworld of danger. Now she fights to save an alien species, the Shifters, from government-sanctioned extermination. When she learns some of the Shifters are evolving, she vows to give them sanctuary on a secret planet, a Farseaker legacy. But getting them off-planet and safely to the promised haven will be the most dangerous mission she’s ever attempted. A challenge made more deadly by her attraction to the dark, hungry eyes of a suspected spy.

Officer David Cario’s assignment to a Shifter extermination squadron might be just the break he needs to uncover the secrets behind his sister’s execution. But earning the trust of his commander’s ex-wife, the suspected terrorist Kira Farseaker, proves more complicated than he planned. Crossing into Kira’s world will lead him to truths he isn’t prepared to discover, and the desire between them destroys everything David once believed.

Tangled in a web of treachery, Kira and David struggle between duty and a growing passion that could destroy everything they’ve worked for…or save both their lives.

This book was previously published as
The Promise of Kierna’Rhoan

 Left For Dead: Shifters of Alaska Book 3

Left For Dead: Shifters of Alaska Book 3

by Gisele St. Claire on 2018-03-20
23-year-old Olivia Elford has just moved her Rock Climbing business to Crimson Creek, Alaska. She has tried to put her past behind her although when she takes her group up the mountain, the unexpected happens and her world to avenge her father's killer becomes her only mission - again.

Isaiah Avery is not your typical wolf. He is laid back, a rich playboy and an expert at extreme sports, specifically mountain climbing. After a three month climbing excursion, he comes home to savor his newest defeat but his life quickly gets turned upside when he finds a woman left for dead. He is instantly drawn to this gorgeous woman and will do anything to protect her. Question is, will she let him?

Book 3 in the Shifters of Alaska Series
 The Shifter

The Shifter's Spell: Dark Realms Book 4

by Kathy Kulig on 2018-03-20

One enslaved beast. One female sacrifice. Freedom or heartbreaking loss?

A shapeshifting beast of the forest has searched centuries for his mate.

How can a shapeshifting beast possibly find love, especially when supernatural dangers surround him? But when a brave beauty enters Rory’s domain, he must convince her to perform a ritual to break the enchantment, otherwise, he’ll be trapped forever. Carolyn, a lone camper, would be perfect for his needs, but it’s risky. How far is he willing to go to break the spell?

˃˃˃ The last place Carolyn expects to meet a devastatingly handsome stranger is in the middle of the forest.

Yet Rory arrives at the perfect time to chase away an illegal hunter who had threatened her. Rory warns her to stay away from the nearby ruins. He claims the stone circle possesses unpredictable magical powers. But she doesn’t believe his folktale, suspecting he’s a local trying to keep outsiders away. He’s flirtatious, intense, beyond mysterious, and a little annoying for telling her where she can and can’t hike. Still, something about Rory is compelling and Carolyn can hardly resist him. Magic powers or not, she desperately must know more about Mr. Mysterious and the stone circle.

˃˃˃ They’re drawn into a supernatural world of danger and all-consuming desire.

A perilous journey propels them through alternative worlds. Time runs out and secrets are revealed. Will Carolyn find a way to forgive Rory, or lose him to the shapeshifting beast forever?

(Previously published as Seducing the Stones. Revised and re-edited.)

This heartbreaking love story is a stand-alone paranormal romance with lots of steam, shifter fun, magic, scorching love scenes and action adventure. Get your copy today!

 Planet Bear (Once Upon a Harem Book 1)

Planet Bear (Once Upon a Harem Book 1)

by Rebecca Royce on 2018-03-20
Jessica White never intended to stray from her intended path. Her assignment was hard but simple. Travel through the unrestricted path of space corridor that runs between Planet Bear, Planet Wolf, and Planet Cat to human territory to deliver the packages the Union have entrusted her with. The pay day she gets when she completes her job will seriously help her family. But when she gets attacked and ends up crash landing on Planet Bear, her life changes immediately.

Finn, Cole, and Rylan aren’t just any shifters—they run the planet—and if they want their human mate accepted they’re going to change everything to get what they want. She is their mate. Everyone else can get out of their way. But Jessica isn’t at all sure she wants to go along with this mating. Their furniture is too big, their food is weird, she’s not a bear shifter, and she can’t defend herself from crazy bears shifting to threaten her life.

The brothers three will have to convince her they’re worth all the adjustment or lose her to space.
 The Wolf Lord (Ars Numina Book 3)

The Wolf Lord (Ars Numina Book 3)

by Ann Aguirre on 2018-03-20
Roguish. Reckless. Unreliable.
Raff Pineda has a certain reputation among the Animari. He’s the one to call if there’s a party starting, not the man to rely on when all hell breaks loose. Though he’s nominally the leader of the Pine Ridge pack, he defers to his second on the tough calls. Raff prefers to live fast and hard and keep his heart hidden, but a certain Eldritch princess won’t fall for his usual tricks, and their contract political marriage may be anything but convenient.

Ambitious. Elegant. Isolated.
Princess Thalia Talfayen may not have been raised by a witch in a tower, but she’s spent the last few decades locked up for a failed insurrection. Plotting and scheming come naturally to her; personal connections do not. Since she’s come this far in her unstoppable quest to claim the silver throne, she won’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to unite her people, even if that means giving herself to the big bad wolf…
 Ideal Insurgent

Ideal Insurgent

by Stephanie Barr on 2018-03-20
Two top analyst escape their intellectual enslavement to the Empire, now intent on taking the Empire down using any and every method at their disposal, not the least of which were their great analytical minds.

Bryder was well-suited for this task, a chaos agent with laser-sharp instincts, a grudge against the Empire, and contacts with rebels throughout the Empire.

But Nayna's the one you'll really have to watch out for.
 Covert Game (A GhostWalker Novel)

Covert Game (A GhostWalker Novel)

by Christine Feehan on 2018-03-21
Treason, torture and temptation haunt the GhostWalkers in their most dangerous adventure yet, as Christine Feehan's #1 New York Times bestselling series hits an explosive new high.

Rescuing an industrial spy from the hands of a criminal mastermind is a suicide mission for the GhostWalkers. And there's no one more up to the task than Gino Mazza. He's the perfect killing machine--a man driven by demons so dark and destructive that his blighted soul has given up trying to find solace. But his laser-sharp focus on his target has transformed into something nearing desire.

A treasonous senator dangled top secret GhostWalker data in front of a Chinese crime lord, and he bit. Zara Hightower, one of the world's leading experts on artificial intelligence, was sent in to psychically wipe the crime lord's computer network. She succeeded, but at a huge cost. Now she's the captive of a man who has descended into paranoid madness. Torture and death await her...

But GhostWalkers never leave one of their own in enemy territory. And it's up to Gino to save Zara, or kill her if it turns out she's led them into a trap. Either way, heaven or hell won't stop him...
 Relentless Fire (A Novel of the Dracol Book 2)

Relentless Fire (A Novel of the Dracol Book 2)

by Michelle Howard on 2018-03-21
(previously published in Trial by Flame duet)
Three words which best described Varyk, King of the Green Dracol. Events in his life taught him to hold his heart back to avoid the pain of loss. To do so, he used his insufferable attitude as protection and it worked. Until fate came into play.

Inez is a soldier with the Black Dracol who has no problem saying what she means. Love and mating are for the distant future. Until an act of betrayal causes her path to cross an arrogant King.

Suddenly two opposing forces must find a way to work together to ensure the continuation of the hard fought peace between their kind.
 Night of the Monrok: A Reverse Harem Romance

Night of the Monrok: A Reverse Harem Romance

by Aubrey Cara on 2018-03-21
Trust your fate and be brave.

Those were the last words said to me, before I was sealed in a crate and shipped to Pacbar. Beaten and broken, I never made it to the capital planet of the Jun’pn Galaxy. My crate was intercepted, opened, and I, a rare valuable creature, was stolen, paraded naked on stage in an open market, and sold to not one, but four Monrok warriors.

I know what the Monrok want from me. I was created for just that purpose, but I need something from them too. I’m on a mission they cannot know of, yet every moment with my new Monrok masters makes it harder to keep my secret.

It’s imperative I reach Pacbar and speak to the Galactic Unity Council, for the fate of the galaxy rests on me, a veran concubine.
 Savage (Alien Breed 12) (German Edition)

Savage (Alien Breed 12) (German Edition)

by Melody Adams on 2018-03-22
Savage ist ein SP Breed. Sein inneres Biest ist unruhig und wild, besonders seitdem eine neue Ärztin im Camp für schwere Fälle arbeitet. Dr. Christine Michael ist so schön wie unnahbar. Sie lässt Savage bei jeder Gelegenheit abblitzen, doch ein Breed gibt niemals auf, wenn es um seine Gefährtin geht. Wenn nur sein Biest nicht drohen würde, vollkommen außer Kontrolle zu geraten.
Christine geht vollkommen in ihrem Beruf auf. Und ihr neuer Job auf Eden ist die Erfüllung ihres Wunschtraumes. Eine Beziehung zu einem ihrer Patienten stet vollkommen außer Frage. Auch wenn der SP Savage ihr Herz höher schlagen und ihr Blut sieden lässt, sie ist entschlossen, der Anziehung zwischen ihnen keine Beachtung zu schenken. Es würde auf Dauer ohnehin nicht gut gehen. Immerhin ist sie zehn Jahre älter als Savage. Sie lässt ihn wieder und wieder abblitzen, doch der Breed gibt einfach nicht auf. Wie lange, bis das Verlangen, welches er in ihr geweckt hat, größer wird als ihre guten Vorsätze?
 Taming the Alien Prince: Sci-Fi Alien Royalty Romance (Intergalactic Lurve Book 2)

Taming the Alien Prince: Sci-Fi Alien Royalty Romance (Intergalactic Lurve Book 2)

by Rie Warren on 2018-03-26
Area 51 . . . the new hook-up spot for aliens and humans. Who knew?

One might describe Zaneeviex as cocky, with good reason. He’s been doubly blessed, and his extra endowments haven’t gone to waste on his own planet. But the Zenithian Prince is ready to mate for life. Where does he locate his perfect breeder? Area 51, natch.

Astrid’s no stranger to Believers—crazy folk who dedicate their lives to making contact. As a NASA astrobiologist, she’s studied the possibility of extraterrestrial life forms, though really, she just wants to make contact with a man who melts her panties right off.

Imagine her surprise when she discovers A. Aliens are real, and B. Zane, a Zenithian Prince, doesn’t just melt her panties, he absolutely incinerates her body into a pile of do-me-goo.

Two dicks—and two hearts—really are better than one. Until the ongoing peril facing humans on Zenithia threatens to tear Zane and Astrid apart.

The Intergalactic Lurve series:
Taming the Alien King
Taming the Alien Prince
Taming the Alien Warriors
 The Warrior (Men of the North Book 5)

The Warrior (Men of the North Book 5)

by Elin Peer on 2018-03-27
Even the strongest man in the world has a weak spot!
Magni knows what he wants and he’s used to getting it. As the second in command in the Northlands, he doesn’t care that he comes across as rude or domineering. Asking for permission or apologizing for his actions is for weaker men.

Six months ago, Laura was Magni’s sweet and submissive young wife. Tempted to experience the independence of women in the Motherlands, and to learn martial arts, she ran away. Now, she’s back. Stronger and more confident than before. Determined not to let a man dominate her, not even the one she once fell in love with and married.

Is there a way for Magni and Laura to be a couple again with her need for independence and his need for control? And can someone as proud as Magni overcome his anger with Laura for leaving him in the first place?

The Warrior is the long-awaited fifth installment in the highly praised Men of the North series. Prepare for an explosion of intense passion, deep emotions, and the fierce dialogue that always has readers raving about Elin Peer’s books.

This Sci-fi Romance is guaranteed to make you cry, laugh, cheer, and swoon. If you're ready for Magni and Laura's story, sit back and enjoy the suspense, humor, and sizzling passion that will suck you in.

Pre-sale price is $2.99 - will go up to $3.99 after release day.
 The Girl Who Dared to Think 6: The Girl Who Dared to Endure

The Girl Who Dared to Think 6: The Girl Who Dared to Endure

by Bella Forrest on 2018-03-27

The end is near...

Ready to reunite with Liana in the PENULTIMATE BOOK of The Girl Who Dared series? (As we move toward the grand finale in Book 7!)

Pre-order now!

 Tropical Temptation (An Arathian Universe Novella Book 2)

Tropical Temptation (An Arathian Universe Novella Book 2)

by Nicole Krizek on 2018-03-27
Adrianna is in love. Saric has been her anchor as she adjusted to her new life on the colony, and has held her heart ever since they first met: the worst day of her life, when he tended her injuries after the crash. He’s already mated to a male named Duran, and although Adi doesn’t know him as well, there’s something magnetic about the tall, stoic Arathian.

After years of pining for the pair, Adrianna finally gathered her courage to tell Saric how she felt, only to have him rebuff her tender affections.

Now there’s nothing tying her to Aeonas, so she reluctantly agrees to move to Arath alongside her roommate, Kaitie. Adrianna dreads the idea of starting over on a new, unfamiliar alien planet (again), but she longs to heal the ache in her chest, and leave her mistake behind. Her broken heart can’t stand to stay near the male she loves.

Saric hates that he hurt Adi. But what else was he supposed to do when his mate has been adamant that he doesn’t want a female in their lives? At the time, it’d been necessary to discourage her affections in order to protect her; but Saric’s passion for Adi has only intensified, and now she’ll soon be leaving.

Duran has good reasons for his stubbornness and refusal to become intimate with a female. He made them clear to Saric years ago, but now his mate has real feelings for Adrianna. Duran isn’t immune to her appeal… her friendly personality, and those lush curves in all the right places, would tempt most males… but Duran is terrified of the repercussions of including a female in their relationship.

She’s a dangerous temptation... And she’s not the only danger in the jungles of Aeonas.

Warning: this book contains explicit scenes of intimacy between three consensual adults: M/F, M/M, and M/M/F.
 Growth of Love: Book 2 in the Heirs of Orion Series

Growth of Love: Book 2 in the Heirs of Orion Series

by D. Anne Paris on 2018-03-27
Keith Brinks always had a plan

Don’t get killed

Get Married

Start a new life

Except finding his girlfriend riding another man like a bull changed it all. Numb to everyone, he pushes away the only other woman who stirred feelings in him.

Jeri Miller is the ultimate survivor

The death of her parents




But when her brother’s friend Keith is close to death, hidden feelings tear at her soul and make her want something more.

Only someone else has other plans for them.
 Avenging Eden (The Eden Series Book 5)

Avenging Eden (The Eden Series Book 5)

by Lexi Post on 2018-03-28
Sometimes the price of revenge is too high.
When Mya discovers a badly wounded Edenist in the jungle, she hopes by saving him, he will help her enter the city of Naralina. She takes him to the safety of her home, only to find another Edenist is already there…and he’s looking for her.

Keeva’s mind is more than intrigued about the invisible woman who came to his rescue since there is no such thing as a female Edenist, not that his body cares. When he learns of her history, his protective instincts flare to life, bringing with them a need to avenge her.

Bent on revenge, Haldone seeks Mya’s help to punish those who harmed his brother, at least that’s what he tells himself, but his feelings for her go far deeper than the “friend” she dubs him. Unfortunately, he’s not the best at communicating his feelings…or anything else for that matter.

The men’s thirst for vengeance on those who took her parents gives Mya hope and a new sense of family. It isn’t long before she develops a growing attraction, the first in her life. But surprises in the enemy camp and dangers to them all mount until she realizes they each must decide what is more important, revenge or each other.
 Heroes of Tomorrow (Boomers Book 4)

Heroes of Tomorrow (Boomers Book 4)

by Heather Long on 2018-03-29
In the epic conclusion of the Boomers saga, can yesterday’s heroes become the heroes tomorrow needs?

Ronan Keating

Codename: Dark Angel

Abilities: Enhanced strength, the power of flight

Mission: Destroy the Infinity Corporation

Soldiers from the future and mad corporations from the present have destroyed Ronan’s team and his life. They took everything from him—his identity, his wings, his friends, and maybe even his sanity. He wants revenge, and vows to tear it all down starting with the Infinity Corporation—and the adopted parents of Rory Graystone.

Skye West

Codename: Bulldog

Abilities: Tenacious journalist willing to follow any lead to its conclusion.

Mission: Save Ronan Keating

When her boyfriend vanished, Skye West fought her fear and relied on her belief in he and the Infinity team. Over the course of months, one by one his team members continued to disappear and Skye won’t stay on the sidelines. She’s begun following the leads, determined to find the man she loves and when a stray Internet video reveals Ronan in the skies months later, nothing will stand between she and her man.

Consumed by rage, Ronan doesn’t want Skye’s help but not even he is powerful enough to outrun her dogged determination. Together, they will fight to avert a horrific future and Skye wages a war on two fronts, because she refuses to lose Ronan to his fury.
 Omega Society Auction (Rourke Book 4)

Omega Society Auction (Rourke Book 4)

by Eileen Glass on 2018-03-31

Continue the sci-fi omega series with Episode Four!

When the alien alphas arrived on Earth, omega-compatible men weren’t given a choice in mating with them. After a long and troubled war, Earth brought down the harem towers and exiled the alien lords to the moon where they rule from afar. Things have calmed down in recent history; the powerful alphas seek mates who will submit themselves voluntarily.

But who would sell themselves into slavery? Who would want to become a breeder?

Rourke’s terminally ill mother needs a cure that’s only accessible to the very rich. An omega auction can pay for it.

March 31st is a placeholder date. This episode launches as soon as it's ready.



by Kevin Tinto on 2018-03-31
The sequel to the Amazon Bestselling Debut that sold more than 300,000 copies!

The Americans and Russians are racing toward nuclear confrontation over a mind-blowing find under the ice in Antarctica. The American Executive Branch is in meltdown over the President’s order to detonate a highly classified Iso-Hafnium nuclear device in Antarctica, killing a platoon of Navy SEALs and the same number of Russian Special Operation, Spetnaz.

Dr. Leah Andrews and Jack Hobson, having escaped the President’s plan to eliminate them have the upper hand, thanks to a nuclear device hidden in the New Mexico desert. This leverage will only last so long, and the key to unlocking the mystery lies with twenty-eight Native American, cliff dwellers, who survived more than eight-hundred years, under the ICE in stasis.

While Leah tries to untangle the mysteries of the ‘Ancients’, Jack Hobson is trying to protect Leah, and the Ancients, while finding himself drawn into another mystery; is there more of these high technology caches? If so, how will they secure them before other interested parties, including the Russians locate them?

The key to the mystery, as Leah learns, is one of the Ancients. A Lakota Shaman, named Appanoose. He has no interest in cooperating with Leah; just as she learns stunning new facts about the Ancients and what happened to them more than eight-hundred years ago.

Leah and Jack find themselves the targets of not only the US government, but foreign powers and even the Ancients themselves, in the thrilling follow-up to the bestselling debut: ICE!
 Retribution (Recompense Book 3)

Retribution (Recompense Book 3)

by Michelle Isenhoff on 2018-03-31
A slave in Brunay. A revolution in ashes. And a heart of Ruby.

Jack was the revolution’s contingency plan. With the assault on the Macron City Military Base shattered, she was to assassinate Governor Andromeda Macron and revert Capernica back to Capernican control. But she failed, the revolution lies in ashes, and the one person she loves more than anyone in the world has betrayed her.

Alone in Brunay, Jack becomes an anonymous cog in the vast Bruelim slave economy, where callous wardens aren’t the only threat to her safety. The labor compound she’s been assigned to contains an inmate hierarchy dominated by descendants of the Provocation’s original victims, and they don’t welcome newcomers. But Jack also finds friendship among the displaced laborers, and like her grandmother, Ruby, she burns with the desire to see them all home.

More importantly, Jack discovers the key to freeing Capernica from Bruel aggression forever. But even if she managed an escape, how could she leave Will in Brunay, trapped in the body of a Berkam?
 Full House: A Drift Series Novella (The Drift)

Full House: A Drift Series Novella (The Drift)

by Susan Hayes on 2018-03-31
Opportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes, it crash lands.

A veteran of the Resource Wars, Raze is a cyborg with a simple plan. He wants to be left alone, forever.

Planetary scout Sevda Rem is light-years from civilization when her ship is damaged, forcing an emergency landing on an unoccupied planet. At least, it was supposed to be unoccupied…

He’s trespassing on a corporate-owned planet. She’s duty bound to report him. The deck is stacked against them, but if they play their cards right, they might discover that together they hold a winning hand.

 Section 12: Book #3 in The Makanza Series

Section 12: Book #3 in The Makanza Series

by Krista Street on 2018-03-31
To save them, she'll risk everything.

The last time Dr. Meghan Forester saw Davin and the other infected Kazzies, she made a heart-wrenching choice. Now, her new life is filled with loneliness.

Trying to carry on while Davin and her friends are held captive on Reservation 1, Meghan begins a daunting position at Compounds 10 and 11 in Washington state. There, she is thrust into a challenging new world with a handsome assistant as her guide.

But Meghan refuses to abandon her friends, so when reports surface of atrocities being committed within Reservation 1, she returns to South Dakota and discovers the only way to save Davin and her friends is to face her old enemy. An enemy who will stop at nothing to keep the Kazzies contained, even if that means taking a life.

Section 12 is the third book in The Makanza Series - a Sci-Fi Dystopian Romance with strong fantasy elements. This series is filled with strife and intrigue, and questions what it truly is to be human. Fans of Stephenie Meyer and Jennifer Armentrout are sure to love these books!

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