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 Enticed & Seduced (House of the Cat Book 7)

Enticed & Seduced (House of the Cat Book 7)

by Shelley Munro on 2018-07-19
Some days, getting out of bed is a mistake…

Kaya Ignatius loves her job, working as part of the Indefatigable crew. But this isn’t a normal morning. Gryffnn Drake, a hunky dragon shifter, has a problem with another clan and wants her to act as his betrothed. It’s a chance to smash a dry spell and help the man who has become a good friend. After all, what’s not to like about steamy sexual encounters?

But everything after that is downhill.

She’s slimed by a stinky plant, her brother arrives with bad news and dumps a huge, scary responsibility in her lap. Suddenly, her life is full of drama and nasty surprises.

Gryffnn has always lusted after Kaya, but she only saw his older brother. Now things have changed, and he has a plan to capture the sassy Kaya and woo her to his way of thinking. A move by an opposition clan forces him to escalate his romantic plan. Things proceed well until the past struts in to say hello and creates havoc with his love life and his dragon clan.

Never mind bed, Gryffnn and Kaya are too busy putting out dangerous fires and trying to stay alive to worry about the future…

Note: although Enticed & Seduced is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone.
 Unchained: a science fiction romance adventure

Unchained: a science fiction romance adventure

by Ruby Lionsdrake on 2018-07-19
One geeky neuroscientist sent to research the inmates of a prison asteroid.
Two cyborg criminals determined to free the inmates.
A forbidden romance among the stars.

Dr. Skylar Russo, a woman known for her research skills rather than her people skills, wants nothing more than to forget that her fiancé left her at the altar. She’s vowed to focus on her career instead of men, even when that career sends her to the most inhospitable place imaginable. An asteroid prison in the middle of nowhere.

Worse than the location are the inmates she’s been sent to study. Former cyborg soldiers who couldn’t readjust to civilian society after the war ended. These enhanced men are physically and emotionally scarred, and no sane woman would want anything to do with them.

But when former warship captain Diego and combat sergeant Jerick kidnap her as part of their plan to free the prisoners, Skylar is wrapped up in a deadly adventure she never envisioned with two fierce cyborgs who should terrify her. But she finds herself drawn to Diego’s poetic soul and Jerick's hot muscled ferocity. She grows sympathetic to their plight and wants to help them, but she can’t do so without risking her career—and her life.

With four government warships on the way, Skylar will have to choose between what’s best for her... and what she wants with all her heart.

Unchained features two hunky heroes, one geeky heroine, and a forbidden romance that will irrevocably change their lives forever. If you don’t like the idea of threesomes finding a happily ever after together, please pass on this novel.
 Dina - Stunde des Schicksals (German Edition)

Dina - Stunde des Schicksals (German Edition)

by Ilona Andrews on 2018-07-19

Spannend, witzig und voller Magie: ein neues Abenteuer für Dina von Bestsellerautorin Ilona Andrews.

Dina Demille erholt sich gerade von der nervenaufreibenden Friedenskonferenz in ihrem magischen Gasthaus, als ein Hilferuf ihrer Schwester Maud sie erreicht. Zusammen mit Vampir Arland und Werwolf Sean jettet Dina in die düsterste Ecke des Universums, um Maud und deren kleine Vampir-Tochter Helen zu retten. Sie bringt die beiden auf der Erde in ihrer Pension in Sicherheit.

Doch Dinas Pension wäre nicht Dinas Pension, wenn jetzt alles in ruhigen Bahnen verliefe. Es sieht so aus, als ob die alte Fehde zwischen Hirus und Draziris ausgerechnet vor ihrer Tür gelandet ist. Dina hat kaum Zeit sich zu fragen, was sie eigentlich mit alldem zu tun hat, bevor sie schon mittendrin steckt in der Auseinandersetzung.

 True Light (From the Stars Book 1)

True Light (From the Stars Book 1)

by G. Bailey on 2018-07-19
With sharing the true light, there is always a cost.
Moving is crap.
My new neighbor is an arrogant jerk.
Oh, he's also an alien who claims we share a soul, and he wants me as far away from him as possible...
Ura didn’t want to move, but her father didn’t give her a choice when he wanted an escape after the car accident that nearly killed them both. Trying to survive in a literal ghost town is never fun, but add in the neighbor from hell, well it’s becoming a nightmare.
When two strangers move into Maxx’s house, Ura finds out there is more than just the true light to be frightened of.
When light appears, so does darkness…

17+ Full-length book.
 Rand: Son of Tallav (Sons of Tallav Book 3)

Rand: Son of Tallav (Sons of Tallav Book 3)

by Cailin Briste on 2018-07-19

Two shamed souls, a mutual enemy and an attraction they can't control...

Randolph Meryon is a man no woman can resist despite the whip he brandishes. Compelled to return home after his sister’s death, he struggles to fit new responsibilities into the hedonistic lifestyle he prefers to live. It’s a task he finds difficult enough without adding in the tangle of unanswered questions his sister has left behind and the sugar-cookie sweet nanny caring for his niece. He hasn’t had a taste of sweet in a very long time.

Jen O'Malley, shunned by her family, struggles to find work without their backing, meeting barriers wherever she turns. A position as nanny with the scandal-riddled Meryons seems like a lifeline. She’s relieved until she arrives and becomes enmeshed in a web of intrigue, unable to discern the identity of the spider at the center.

 Holographic Convergence: A Space Fantasy (Planet Origins Book 6)

Holographic Convergence: A Space Fantasy (Planet Origins Book 6)

by Lucia Ashta on 2018-07-20
Ilara is a princess—maybe.

King Oderon has done everything in his power to keep the princess’ identity a secret.

Ilara must rely on Tanus to discover the truth. But there’s a catch.

If Tanus discovers the real princess, Ilara will lose him.

To reveal the truth, they’ll have to risk their lives, using their energy bodies in unproven ways… on an alien planet.

And they’d better hurry. Because if they don’t, they won’t have a home to return to.

If you like non-stop adventure, mind-bending powers, sultry princesses, and badass heroes with attitude to spare, you will LOVE the next installment of the Planet Origins series.


  • Planet Origins

  • Original Elements

  • Holographic Princess

  • Purple Worlds

  • Mowab Rider - prequel (FREE to email subscribers)

  • Planet Sand

  • Holographic Convergence

 Forbidden Mate: Steamy Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance - A Royal Family Story (Abducted Book 1)

Forbidden Mate: Steamy Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance - A Royal Family Story (Abducted Book 1)

by Opal Carew on 2018-07-20
Being abducted by aliens to be mated to their king is not how Aria imagined her dream vacation would begin.

Aria’s career fills the void that foster care left behind, but recently, steamy, erotic dreams make her think she’s working too hard.

A free trip to a luxury resort is just the ticket. Until she’s ushered to a “VIP party” and abducted by an alien who insists she’s his king’s soul-mate. Love at first sight, let alone sight unseen, is a myth. Her increasing attraction to the ship’s captain, however, is far too real.

Captain Tai Gaman’s mission was simple. Kidnap Aria and deliver her to his king. What’s complicated is the blinding desire he feels for the Earth woman that is almost impossible to resist.

As the sexual hunger between them reaches unbearable height, Tai must make the most difficult decision of his life. Claim her as his own, or fulfill his duty to the king.

Forbidden Mate is the first book in Opal Carew’s sexy sci-fi romance series, Abducted. If you love stories with a captivity theme that lead to passion and everlasting love (and a lot of exciting, explicit sexual encounters), then you’ll love every story in the Abducted series.

Buy this passionate and sexy sci-fi romance today for some serious heat!
~ ~ ~
Note: this was originally published as The King and I (Celestial Soul-Mates series).
5 Stars!
" paced, erotic, and romantic... I could not put [it] down... I cannot wait to read the other abductees story... A definite keeper!"
~Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 Stars!
"...unexpected scorching sex... the relationship between Tai and Aria leaps off the pages... the ending will have the reader gasping for breath... I look forward to following this new series."

4 Stars!
"...extremely HOT! These aliens definitely know how to sexually party. Ms. Carew had me squirming in my seat while reading this story. This book was so great I want to read more stories by this author."
~Coffee Time Romance
Forbidden Mate is the first of the Abducted series of sci-fi alien abduction erotic romance novellas, which includes:

Forbidden Mate
Unwilling Mate
Rebel Mate
Illicit Mate
Captive Mate
Opal is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of erotic contemporary romance. Her books have won several awards, including the National Readers’ Choice Award (twice), the Golden Leaf Award (twice), the Golden Quill (3 times), CRA Award of Excellence, and Silken Sands.

Opal Carew writes about passion, love, and taking risks. Her heroines follow their hearts and push past the fear that stops them from realizing their dreams… to the excitement and love of happily-ever-after.

Opal loves nail polish, cats, crystals, dragons, feathers, pink hair, the occult, Manga artwork, Zentangle, and all that glitters. She earned a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and spent 15 years as a software analyst before turning to her passion as a writer. She grew up in Toronto, and now lives in Ottawa with her husband, huge nail polish collection, and five cats.

Social Media Links
Reader Group:
Facebook: OpalCarewRomanceAuthor
Twitter: @OpalCarew
Pinterest: opalcarew
Contact Opal:
 Art of Dodger (Tales From Dreg City Book 2)

Art of Dodger (Tales From Dreg City Book 2)

by Kiernan Kelly on 2018-07-20
Dodger has known nothing in his life besides the tough, hand-to-mouth existence in the lowest levels of Dreg City, where society is measured only in degrees of poverty. It's been a hard, lonely life, until Dodger finds Twist, a kid with a smile that lights up the heart and an attitude that defies the worst Dreg City can through at them. Ten years later, little has happened to dull Twist's smile or Dodger's love for him -- not even Twist's recurring dream of the City in the Clouds, a place where food is plentiful, and dreams come true for everyone, even though Twist couldn't possibly have ever seen the place. When Dodger's painting of Twist catches the eye of Dreg City government, it sets Dodger and Twist on a heart pounding journey to find out the truth behind Twist's dreams.
 Stella Novak

Stella Novak

by David Balmer on 2018-07-20
From a remote village on the Welsh Coast, to the buzz of London's Camden Town, and finally by the shores of an ice-cold lake in Norway, Stella Novak is the story of kindred spirits in search of love, and the true meaning of music.

Enigmatic songwriter Stella Novak mesmerizes audiences with her strange mix of rhythms and harmonies. But where does her inspiration come from, and why does she always politely refuse to reveal anything about herself? Jazz pianist Robbie Tucker is captivated by her beguiling beauty and yearns for the love that she is reluctant to give him. But beneath Stella’s cool, rational veneer lies a passionate young woman, and when the time comes for her to say goodbye to Robbie forever, she finally reveals her true, astonishing identity and can no-longer deny that Robbie is her first, true love.

You won't stop reading until you discover the truth behind this extraordinary young woman, Stella Novak.

 Survivre à l

Survivre à l'apocalypse avec l'homme que l'on hait (French Edition)

by Kimberley Kapita on 2018-07-21
Emma déteste Diego depuis plusieurs années. Tous les deux se mènent une guerre que seul Diego parvient à gagner, car il ne montre aucune faiblesse exploitable. Il est populaire et très aimé par les filles, tout le contraire d'Emma.

Lors du premier jour de leur examen, des événements étranges se produisent dans tout le pays. Un terrible virus est en train de se répandre.

Malgré elle, et mettant sa fierté de côté, Emma s'embarquera avec Diego dans cette aventure, dans l'unique but de sauver sa propre vie.

Mais parviendront-ils à mettre de côté leur animosité pour survivre ?
 Twice Turned (The Wolves of Hemlock Hollow)

Twice Turned (The Wolves of Hemlock Hollow)

by Heather McCorkle on 2018-07-23

Four years ago, Ayra's father is forcing her to marry to make alliances, her brother has gone off the deep end in a big way, and to top it all off, her reaper powers have been awakened, something she hoped would never happen. Who the hell wants to put down other werewolves for a living?

And now, just as she's starting to figure out her place in the world, Vidar's back from Iceland, looking hotter than ever and still managing to ring all her bells with just a look. All Ayra wants to do is lose herself in him, in the past, but it's never going to happen. He's only back and paying attention to her because she's the reaper. And there's a little snag in the form of a vow of celibacy he took.

The sparks are undeniable, and Vidar swears he's the only one who can help her on her journey. But he already left her once...

Each book in the Wolves of Hemlock Hollow series is STANDALONE:
*Once Bitten
*Twice Turned

 A Touch of Prudence: The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico (Magic

A Touch of Prudence: The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico (Magic's Destiny Book 2)

by Evelyn Lederman on 2018-07-24
Prudence ‘Prue’ Hardt never knew who her father was, only that he was from Magic, New Mexico, a town she hasn't seen in twenty years. Fearful of the power that she might have inherited from any number of mystical beings that live there, Pru knows she has no choice but to track down her paternal DNA before it is too late. What she doesn't expect when she returns home is to be drawn to a mysterious man, or to discover that her life is in danger.

Star Ranger Dreyden has been on one too many missions when he is ordered to a primitive planet to spy on a small town with unusual residents. His attitude toward his unwanted assignment changes when he spots a beautiful woman - and sees the patterns on her skin. Patterns that can only mean one thing - she is his chosen one. Resentment turns to cold determination when she is threatened, no easy task when she isn't exactly appreciative of his efforts.

Prue and Dreyden must work together as Prue searches for her father and struggles with her new powers. Dreyden knows that it will take a touch of prudence to convince Prue to trust him. Will he be able to protect her from the dangers that threaten their future while she learns to control the power she wields?

Find out in A Touch of Prudence. 
 Be My Shadow

Be My Shadow

by Mya Lairis on 2018-07-24
As an elite mech jockey in the United Galactic Alliance, Commander Herra Daskana was a savior to many. Sent on perilous mission across galaxies, there was never any time to wonder if she herself was in need of saving. From the moment, she laid eyes on the lithe, blue-haired, Arune, thoughts of have someone special, of her own emerged, even if only for one very expensive night.

Arune may have appeared to be a high-priced whore, but he was far from it. After experiencing a harrowing brush with death, the Elgeruan prince searched across primitive worlds for a fierce protector and Commander Daskana more than fulfilled that need. From the moment he laid eyes on the ferocious, dark-skinned soldier, he was willing to use every weapon at his disposal to possess her.

Through mistrust, conspiracy and certainly manipulation, theirs was a relationship doomed even as it blossomed…certainly before the threat of an all-out war!
 Deep Blue

Deep Blue

by Jane O'Reilly on 2018-07-24

'A really fun, fast-paced read in an interesting universe.' Cat Rambo, author of Beasts of Tabat

Date: 27th September 2188.
Vessel: The Alcatraz 2. Prison Ship
Location: UNKNOWN

Jinnifer Blue opens her eyes to find herself in a nightmare. Her plan to expose the horrific truth behind the government's secret Second Species programme has failed, and now she's being turned into a weapon by her worst enemy . . . her mother.

At the other end of the galaxy Caspian Dax, ferocious space pirate and Jinn's sometime lover, is facing an even more terrifying fate. He's being forced to fight in the arena on Sittan, a pitiless, ruthless alien landscape where blood is the only prize that matters. They will use him, destroy him, change him.

Jinn has only one chance - to go to Sittan and find Dax before his mind is completely destroyed. She must rely on her friends and one old enemy, leave her beloved ship the Mutant behind, and travel to a hostile planet. But hardest of all, she must keep faith that when she finds Dax, there will be something left of the man she knew.

One thing's for sure: the fight has only just begun.


'I was addicted from the first page! An intriguing story line with interesting characters and a different view of the future and of space travel.' Amazon reviewer

'This is one fabulous Sci-Fi story with a brilliantly well realised futuristic world' Reading Revelations

'I just had seen the Last Jedi when I read this and was looking to read something that had similarly strong female characters, this didn't disappoint. I read it within a day because each chapter left me desperate to find out what happened next. It's sexy, action packed and it was easy to get sucked into the world created.' Amazon reviewer

'A thrilling adult sci-fi adventure set in 2187 with a backdrop of a dying earth, space travel, aliens, technology and fabulous space pirates. The cast of characters are an eclectic mix of personalities with questionable morals, hang-ups and conflicts that are brought to life with vibrant description, thrilling action and humour.' Amazon reviewer

 Loving Phoenix (Magic, New Mexico: Little Angel Rescue Book 1)

Loving Phoenix (Magic, New Mexico: Little Angel Rescue Book 1)

by Trinity Blacio on 2018-07-24
Nava Torres’ life was one of turmoil and danger. Considered a freak of nature by her peers and hunted by the government, she never expected to find a place where she could feel safe – until she heard about a town called Magic. For the first time since her parents’ deaths, she felt awe, hope, and something even stranger – attraction to a man who could heat her blood with one look!
Special Ops Marine, Saxon Wehurst, had sworn off women – at least until he met a fiery redhead with black streaks that made him want to run his hands through the colorful tresses. There was nothing in the world that could fire up his protective instincts faster than a woman with trouble nipping at her heels and fire in her hair.
When outside forces threaten Nava and the town, Saxon and his men are more than ready to gear up to protect them both. For Saxon, it is personal – nothing stands between a Bull Dog and his mate – not even the government. Will Saxon and his men be able to protect the woman he loves and save the town, or will she be taken from him forever? Whatever happens, it is time to feel the Burn.
 Dark Warlord (Refuge Book 5)

Dark Warlord (Refuge Book 5)

by Cynthia Sax on 2018-07-24
Battling the Barbarian…

All Chamele Warlords have a destined mate, a gerel they are fated to spend their lifespans with. Batu, being genetically enhanced, believes he’s the sole exception. He devotes himself to battle, is resigned to living a solitary life, dying with swords in both of his hands.

Then he sees her.

Genine is a warrior female intent on protecting her loved ones. To keep them safe, she must face Fighter Batu in the ring. If she loses to the barbarian, she becomes his to do with as he wishes. And he wishes her to submit to his deep voice, rough touch, passionate kisses. If she defeats Batu, she will have to kill the one male she was destined to love.

This story was previously part of a box set.
Dark Warlord is a short companion story in the Refuge series and is meant to be read after Dark Flight.
It is a SciFi Romance set in a gritty, dark world.
 Inferno (Valos of Sonhadra Book 11)

Inferno (Valos of Sonhadra Book 11)

by Nancey Cummings on 2018-07-24

How do you mend a broken heartstone?

Amber crashed onto an alien planet and survived the dangers of an unknown world. Three literally hot aliens with lava coursing through their veins decide she’s their mate. She’s endured everything Sonhadra has thrown at her but she might not survive their fiery embrace.

Pel and Mishal know that the commanding human female is their mate. They vow to claim her once they repair Flin’s fractured heartstone, the material from which can only be found in the frozen north. Barely able to keep their hands off each other, how can Amber and her Fire Valos resist temptation until they can find a way to safely be together?

Inferno is a return to the multi-author, multi-book Valos of Sonhadra series and full of steamy Reverse Harem action.
 A Touch of Harmony: The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico (Magic

A Touch of Harmony: The Worlds of Magic, New Mexico (Magic's Destiny Book 3)

by Evelyn Lederman on 2018-07-24
All they need is a touch of harmony…

Harmony Neutron’s new assignment brings her to Magic, New Mexico, where a devastating threat looms over the town. Her mission goes from bad to worse when she is forced to confront her greatest fear – of animals! She is sure that some cosmic force is laughing at her when she discovers that her Chosen One is none other than Chase Bishop – a werewolf.

Chase has been the unfortunate subject of his two best friends’ unsuccessful attempts at matchmaking. Determined to stop their meddling in his life, he is shocked when a woman from the stars appears – and changes everything. Unfortunately, recognizing the woman is his mate does nothing to calm her fears of his werewolf.

Frustrated and helpless, Chase does the unthinkable and asks for assistance from a powerful witch to help ease Harmony’s fear of his animal side. He doesn’t have much time to convince her they belong together. A rogue governmental agency is after Harmony and determined to catch her at any cost. Will the spell give Harmony the time she needs to accept that their love is real, she can trust him, and he would never hurt her – before it is too late?
 Heartless (Detyen Warriors Book 3)

Heartless (Detyen Warriors Book 3)

by Kate Rudolph on 2018-07-25
The woman Kayde can't escape might be the only person who can save his soul...
 Shifting Auras (The Universe Chronicles Book 1)

Shifting Auras (The Universe Chronicles Book 1)

by Claire Davon on 2018-07-25
Maya Wingfield was raised to trust no one—least of all the dueling U.S. and Russian paranormal agencies, Universe and Night Stars, who’d love to harness her mind-reading gift.

She thought Richmond a safe place to escape their influence and hide from a rising psychic malevolence that drove her out of San Diego. But when she gets yet another call to retrieve her drunken roommate, her mind shows her an amber-eyed Universe operative with an impenetrable net around his deepest secret—and a voice that sends shock waves of awareness down her nerve endings.

Maya’s curves and aquamarine eyes aren’t the only things that jolt Ian Sanderson’s mental shields, bringing sexual tension thrumming back to life. It’s a power his Universe-trained mind knows he shouldn’t trust. And a vulnerability that makes his telekinetic power burn in his palms to protect her.

But to Universe, she is just one of too many unanswered questions. A target for Whisper, a shadowy new group of paranormals with powers beyond anything Universe has ever seen. Once before, Ian failed to protect a sensitive from a brain-scrambling attack. He will not fail again . . . even if it means using his talent—or his body—to stop a bullet.
 Zara (Leisure Planet Book 5)

Zara (Leisure Planet Book 5)

by Alice Gaines on 2018-07-27
Lowly Deckhand Third Class Zara Thomas finds she's been transported to a beautiful alien planet. Her only companion is a huge but friendly dog. When she wakes the next morning, she finds a naked man where the dog had been. The dog is friendlier, but the man is very talented in bed.

Dog-shifter Rasim has escaped the planet of his birth in a stolen spaceship. He's searching for the mythic land of shifters, simply called Home. This woman could be his mate, but first he has to convince her that she can be like him and the two of them can have a future together.
 The Unique Solution: A Dozen Worlds Romance

The Unique Solution: A Dozen Worlds Romance

by Val Roberts on 2018-07-27
With no home, no family, and her grand plot an utter failure, Talyn Penthes emigrates to Garnford Major and goes back to her roots, remaking all those Zonan craft projects she was always pulled away from.

Sharif Tanaka Six-Alpha is worried. One of five clones of the chief exec of the Hauptmann cartel, which essentially runs the Garnford system, the highest-tech of the Dozen Worlds, he knows there’s a problem in the R&D department, as there doesn’t seem to be any innovation happening anymore.

Once back home, he learns that the cloned DNA is failing, and Tanaka generation five is fading fast so he’s running out of time to fix things. And on top of that, a series of suspicious accidents might mean one of Six-Alpha’s cloned brothers is trying to kill him—he’s not sure of it, but Talyn is (and she has experience).

It will take both working together to break the Garnford system out of its self-imposed deep freeze – if Talyn can keep Six-Alpha alive until the board meeting so she can put her Unique Solution into effect and save both Hauptmann and the man she loves.
 Ignite: Bolt Saga: Volume Two: Parts 4,5 & 6

Ignite: Bolt Saga: Volume Two: Parts 4,5 & 6

by Angel Payne on 2018-07-31
Life is beyond different when a girl is in love with a superhero, and Emmalina Crist is basking in every passionate, supercharged second of the dream. But lightning bolts and power pulses can’t replace the trust she and Reece need to survive as a couple—a bond that’s challenged when a significant secret is withheld.
In a quest for clarity, Emma flees to New York—but Reece soon follows when learning the Consortium is ready to get back at him by targeting her. His mission to keep her safe has Emma more jumbled than ever. Is she strong enough to be with a man—a superhero—like him on a long-term basis? The ignition of their bodies is undeniable, but is the fire of their souls just as formidable? What happens when lightning flares but has no ground?
When a night of celebration goes horrifyingly awry, disaster strikes. Reece has to chase down the people who have taken his woman and ripped out his heart. But saving Emma also means reliving the hell of his past.
 Hunted: Katieran Prime

Hunted: Katieran Prime

by KD Jones on 2018-07-31
***Adult Readers Only***

CristOF is a renowned tracker for the Kiljorn Nation. There isn’t anything that he couldn’t find. So when he is tasked with investigating suspicious activity on the far side of Kiljor, he took the mission without question. He faced battles, dangerous creatures while hunting but nothing could prepare him for the most risky adventure yet, falling in love.

Tera Kincaid is a elementary school science teacher fascinated with other worlds. She heads up the new school system on Kiljor that will incorporate the children expected to come from the new Foster program that Katiera and Kiljor were starting. Her adventure takes a turn when she meets a sexy alien tracker who makes her heart race and her body roar with need.

Danger surrounds them and only working together can they survive being HUNTED. 

 Rogue: An Apocalypse Romance (Rabid Series Book 3)

Rogue: An Apocalypse Romance (Rabid Series Book 3)

by Ishabelle Torry on 2018-07-31

Book 3 of the Rabid Series.

With sex slaves as the new currency, women and children have become pawns.

Captain Gerald Tandy and Dr. Stella Tupper have been chasing Domino, the mastermind behind the country’s largest sex ring, for weeks. When they locate his hideout—an abandoned Air Force base—stopping him should be a simple seek and destroy mission. But with the deadly zombie pandemic still running rampant, nothing is ever as it seems. Emerging secrets alter the battlefield as the threat of an all-out war looms ahead.

Can they hope to win when weapons are few, and there’s a fine line between enemies and allies?


A warning from the author:
This book contains foul language, blood, violence to humans, and animals. Please use your discretion in choosing to read Rabid.


Reading order of the Rabid Series:




 Silent Siren (Climatic Climacteric Book 1)

Silent Siren (Climatic Climacteric Book 1)

by L.B. Carter on 2018-07-31
Being a freak in high school is easy if you're smart, doubly so when you’re found on a riverbank, mute, with green-tinted hair, a locket, and amnesia. Secretly, dread that she really is a freak silences Sirena. Her lips seal in a single memory:

Rena drowned her father, saying goodbye with a life-ending kiss.

Death in his parents’ organization forces Norton on his first mission to a podunk coastal town with his brother, where their colleague last made contact. To fulfil the client’s contract:

Nor must recover the specimen fabled to adapt life to climate change.

Thanks to homeschooling, Nor is unprepared for going undercover at a high school. The protective nature his training instilled goes awry when the damsel believes she’s not the one who needs saving. As the two dive into the murky depths of the past, they unearth someone—or someones—willing to kill to keep the truth silent. Can they discover their answers...

Before they go under?
 Edge of Nowhere

Edge of Nowhere

by Felicia Davin on 2018-07-31
Kit Jackson has two talents in life. He can navigate the void known as the Nowhere to teleport himself across long distances and he can keep his mouth shut. These talents have earned him a reputation as a discreet, reliable Nowhere runner—he’ll smuggle anything for the right price—and that’s how Kit likes it. Morals don’t earn money, and neither do friends. When the private research firm Quint Services makes Kit an astounding offer for a mystery delivery, he says yes.

The parcel turns out to be an unconscious man, and even for Kit, that raises questions. When something monstrous attacks them in the Nowhere and throws them into an unknown wilderness, Kit and this stranger, a man named Emil, have to rely on each other. Kit just wants to make his delivery and get paid, but he finds himself increasingly entangled in Quint Services’ dangerous research—and his own attraction to Emil.

Emil Singh left his career in the Orbit Guard to work at Quint Services Facility 17, a base hidden in an asteroid, to prepare a team to cross the Nowhere into other worlds. It’s the chance of a lifetime and he can’t wait to explore the universe. But then Emil witnesses a terrible accident in a Facility 17 lab and gets sent to Earth for questioning. Something isn’t right, but before Emil can investigate, he and the Nowhere runner hired to transport him are knocked off course. Is the monster that attacks them a creation of Quint Services? What else is the corporation hiding? He has to get back to Facility 17 to protect his team and he needs Kit’s help. Can he trust the cynical young smuggler?
 Taken: Book Two in the Condemned Series

Taken: Book Two in the Condemned Series

by Alison Aimes on 2018-07-31
Run-away breeder Ava Davies only wanted to live life on her own terms. Now she’s captive in a labor camp deep within Dragath25’s core, a sweltering maze of caves overrun by brutal prisoners-turned-slaves. Her only chance for survival? Appeasing the leader of the most powerful subterranean gang: a man from her past with his own score to settle.

Two years ago, resistance fighter Hunter Valdus’s and his men were sentenced by the Council to live and die as slaves. Now a beautiful, desperate female from his past has landed in his grasp. A woman who just might be the key to his crew’s escape and his revenge. All he has to do is keep her alive and at a distance until he can use her for his own dark purposes.

But raw, blood-pounding lust is a potent force. Forgiveness and love even stronger. And the best-laid plans can be laid to waste, especially on Dragath25.

TAKEN, Book Two in the Condemned Series, is an action-packed sci-fi prison planet romance that burrows to the deepest, hottest recesses of the globe to explore what happens when revenge and lust, redemption and love, collide.
 Syrina: Science Fiction Romance (Enigma Series Book 11)

Syrina: Science Fiction Romance (Enigma Series Book 11)

by Ditter Kellen on 2018-07-31
Syrina awakens after a devastating plane crash only to find herself in the clutches of the Cuban government. Worse still, Brant is injured and on the verge of death. Her Bracadyte blood is his only chance for survival, even though it means bonding with him for life...

Former Marine, Brant Henderson despises weakness in any form, yet that is exactly the position he finds himself him in. He's injured, bleeding out, and on the verge of certain death. Until the blood of a beautiful, forbidden Bracadyte enters his veins. Her life force holds the power to heal his body, even when he's in danger of losing his heart...
 Bolt Saga: 6

Bolt Saga: 6

by Angel Payne on 2018-07-31
Trying to catch lightning in a bottle, they’ve messed with the wrong Bolt…
When a night of celebration goes horrifyingly awry, Reece Richards has to call upon a team of elite operatives to help him chase down the bastards who have taken his woman—and ripped out his heart.
But this ops mission is anything but one of their ordinary runs. The woman who holds Emmalina in her clutches also holds the key to a big chunk of Reece’s mysterious past—a hell he must face again in his bargain for Emma’s life. Only by latching his heart to Emma’s, and trusting in the connection of their love, will he be able to get her out of the ordeal alive—a demand that takes its toll on him in ways he hasn’t experienced.
What happens when Reece and Emma’s most frightening challenge is no longer those who are hunting them? What can a superhero do when he’s the biggest danger to the woman he loves? And what will that woman do to save them both from that hell?
 Hades (Alien Breed 16) (German Edition)

Hades (Alien Breed 16) (German Edition)

by Melody Adams on 2018-07-31
Band 16 der Science Fiction Romance Serie Alien Breed
Hades hat jahrelang in seiner eigenen persönlichen Hölle gelebt. Als Killermaschine missbraucht, gequält und gedemütigt hatte er auf den Augenblick gewartet, wo er die Karten umdrehen konnte. Nachdem er sich seiner Peiniger entledigt hat, flieht er. Auf seiner Flucht hinterlässt er einen Pfad von Tod und Zerstörung, der das FBI alarmiert. Nachdem einige Augenzeugen von einem Alien und einem Monster reden, wird auch das Alien Breed Task Force eingeschaltet. Bei einem Show Down mit dem FBI wird er schwer verwundet, doch er kann fliehen und schafft es, sich bis zur Haustür der allein in der Wildnis lebenden Mia zu schleppen, wo er zusammen bricht.

Als Mia ein schwer verwundetes, seltsames Wesen auf ihrer Veranda vorfindet tut sie, was sie stets mit verwundeten Wildtieren zu tun pflegt. Sie schafft ihn ins Haus und flickt ihn zusammen. Doch als ihr Patient erwacht, ist er alles andere als dankbar. Erst scheint das Biest es sich in den Kopf gesetzt zu haben, sie zu töten, doch dann überlegt der unheimliche Hybrid es sich anders und sie wird nicht nur seine Geisel, sondern auch seine persönliche Sex Sklavin. Sie sollte ihn dafür hassen, doch stattdessen wecken seine Berührungen in ihr eine Leidenschaft, wie sie es nie zuvor erlebt hat.
 Diplomacy: A Space Fantasy Romance (Strands of Starfire Book 2)

Diplomacy: A Space Fantasy Romance (Strands of Starfire Book 2)

by May Sage on 2018-07-31
For a thousand years, being born with magic was a death sentence. Hart and his twin have survived by hiding who they truly were until their time came.
It started as a whisper, rumors, but when they find out there truly is a mage uprising, they join the fight, tilting the balance in the mages’ favor.
The era of magicless mortals has passed in their multi-planetary kingdom. A war has started, and the mages will win it.
Hart has lived and breathed for liberating their kind, thinking of nothing else, until Dara comes to his aid.

When Dara’s deluded father imprisons Kai Lor Hora’s ambassador, she knows there will be reprisals. Her world stands at the brink of destruction. She has no love for mages, but helping this one escape might just save her planet.

They’re two mortal enemies, who should never have met, and can never go back to a simpler time.

Warning: Strands of Starfire is a space fantasy romance series, and each book includes some explicit scenes.

Note that this series will only include standalone books.
 Magic In His Toucj: Little Angel Rescue (Book 2) (Magic, New Mexico)

Magic In His Toucj: Little Angel Rescue (Book 2) (Magic, New Mexico)

by Trinity Blacio on 2018-07-31
Elf’s life was confined to the four walls of her prison. Nothing changed the dark horrors of her life. Her one attempt at freedom had nearly killed her. So, she existed—imprisoned within the only walls she had ever known.
Kayden Dresco knew since he was a teen what he wanted to do with his life. What he had not expected was to find Elf. Scarred, frightened, but defiant, this beautiful woman quickly became his world. Now, his biggest fear was if he could keep her safe.
Elf and Kayden had to find a way to escape before the Gifted Special Project claimed another victim. Can Elf find a way past the nightmares that hold her as much a prisoner as the four walls did, or will her fears destroy not only her, but Kayden as well?
 William 874X (Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined Book 5)

William 874X (Cyborgs: Mankind Redefined Book 5)

by Donna McDonald on 2018-07-31
Will didn’t need the trouble Meara caused, but maybe he did need her.

For Captain William Talon, aka William 874, there weren’t many choices left. Whoever had captured him after the war had kept him out of the Cyber Husband program and systemically turned him into a killing machine—a worse one than most cyborgs.

Will had no idea how many deaths were on his hands nor did he want to know. The few incidents he recalled were bad enough. But now it had come to this…

Kyra and Peyton needed a better cyborg than their enemy was making. Will’s processor was dying daily which meant the rest of him would soon die as well. An upgrade of the kind Kyra was talking about would either improve his entire existence… or kill him completely. Ironically, Will really didn’t care which. He’d have taken his own life years ago if he could have gotten around the daily brainwashing.

His losses as a human male were massive. Like many other cyber soldiers, they included the loss of a family who were convinced he was walking evil.

His gains since Peyton had rescued him? Really there was only one—just one annoying, endlessly chattering, red-haired troublemaker who had also volunteered to be upgraded. Now they were cybernetic equals, or at least they were in Meara's mind.

What was he supposed to do with a female who had no boundaries? And what was he supposed to do with the first hope he’d felt in years?


This is a science fiction and fantasy series that takes place in the not too distant future. These Cyborg romance heroes are genetically engineered military men who have been cybernetically imprisoned after a near-apocalyptic global war. The heroine in Book 1 appears briefly in every book as one by one she and her team attempt to restore each soldier's humanity. Each book in the series deals with a different restored cyborg. Each story also contains lots of action and adventure, some violence and language, and hopefully a few laughs along the way.

Book 1: Peyton 313
Book 2: Kingston 691
Book 3: Marcus 582
Book 4: Eric 754
 Stolen from Earth (Gesamtausgabe) (German Edition)

Stolen from Earth (Gesamtausgabe) (German Edition)

by Alexa Kim on 2018-08-02
Alle 5 Teile der "Stolen from Earth" Serie als Gesamtausgabe

Eve will einen romantischen Urlaub mit ihrem Freund verbringen, um ihrer
festgefahrenen Beziehung neuen Schwung zu verleihen.
Während sie einen Strandspaziergang macht, wird sie von einem grellen Licht geblendet und verliert das Bewusstsein.
Als Eve wach wird, findet sie sich in einem Sternenkreuzer mitten im Weltraum wieder – um sie herum fremde Männer, die aussehen, wie einer Gladiatorenarena entsprungen.
Vark ist Carganier und hat die Erlaubnis erhalten, Eve als erster mit in sein Bett zu nehmen – aber eine so starrsinige Frau wie Eve ist ihm noch nie untergekommen ...
 War: Learner Series Three (The Learner Series Book 3)

War: Learner Series Three (The Learner Series Book 3)

by Alan nayes on 2018-08-05
WAR is the riveting conclusion to the sci-fi paranormal romance Learner Series.

The Šumayins have arrived from the Dark Universe.

NayéLi and Jared discover the real mission her rulers have unleashed on Earth, forcing them and all humanity to flee for their lives! While attempting to save their world, they discover everything regarding the last 200,000 years of human history has been a huge lie! But will learning the shocking truth help save Earth?

Who will be the last planet standing?

Alan Nayes is the author of the spell-binding sci-fi apocalyptic series, The Resurrection Trilogy (GARGOYLES, PLAGUE, RESURRECTION), and the sci-fi thrillers, SMILODON and ABOMINABLE. For a complete list of books, please visit
 Entropy (Atrophy)

Entropy (Atrophy)

by Jess Anastasi on 2018-08-06

Captain Qaelan Forster is used to trouble. He lives on the wrong side of the law and he’s on the most-wanted lists. He’s mixed up in his cousin's mess who has problems on a cosmic level—like shape-shifting aliens who want them dead. But Qaelan’s not prepared for the cheeky kind of trouble called Camille Blackstone, whose infamous father has any man interested in his daughter executed.

After Camille drags Qaelan into an impulsive act of rebellion, she finds herself trying to defend the sexy captain from her overprotective father's wrath, even if she has to handcuff herself to the sexy captain to keep him alive. However, it soon becomes apparent there are much more dangerous things lurking in the dark corners of the universe than a vengeful pirate lord. And she's just landed in the middle of it.

The Atrophy series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Atrophy
Book #2 Quantum
Book #3 Diffraction
Book #4 Entropy

 The Forbidden (Kelderan Runic Warriors Book 4)

The Forbidden (Kelderan Runic Warriors Book 4)

by Jessie Donovan on 2018-08-07
Princess Kalahn tro el Vallen has wanted a purpose beyond smiling and marrying some strategic connection her entire life. So when her brother proposes a way for her to help protect their family, she jumps at the chance and agrees to training. What she didn’t expect was for her trainer to be the male she kissed years ago and hasn’t been able to forget since.

Ryven Xanna is not only one of the best warrior trainers in the Kelderan Army, but also best friend to a prince. So when his best friend invites him to participate in a secret operation that will rid the planet of traitors, Ryven doesn’t hesitate to join. True, the female he’s supposed to train is the same one he kissed in the past and wishes to kiss again, but he has the fortitude to resist her and complete his assignment. Only then can he ensure his mother’s future in the colony and the safety of his friend.

As Ryven and Kalahn work together, the pull between them only grows until suddenly they’re connected in a way that they never could’ve foreseen. However, that connection could end up killing one of them if they continue with their plans. Will they both find a way to survive their mission and be with each other? Or, will duty trump all, including the life of one of them?

Approximately 70-75,000 words with a happy ending. More detailed synopsis to come.
 Dark Blooded Desires (Bonds of Damurios Book 1)

Dark Blooded Desires (Bonds of Damurios Book 1)

by Nicki Ruth on 2018-08-08
Can she overcome the darkness fueling her desires or will she become the monster she fears?

Plucked out of the vastness of space, Davina awakens to a different world and time, unsure of who or what she is. What she does know is that something dark churns within, strong and powerful, and willing to consume her completely to get its way. It hungers for blood and fire, and aims to render the world to nothing but desolation and despair.

But she is not alone. With the help of Alexios, the brooding, mysterious stranger who takes her aboard his ship, she will try to control her growing thirst and forge a new destiny for herself. But Alexios has his own demons to battle and plans of revenge that could derail their fledgling bond.

With time running out, will they realize they need each other to conquer the raging darkness within, even as ancient forces plot to destroy them both?
 Past Imperfect (In the Present Tense Book 2)

Past Imperfect (In the Present Tense Book 2)

by Carrie Pack on 2018-08-09
Now on the run from the corporation that turned him into a lab experiment, Miles finds himself in a fight for his life as he unravels the complicated relationships he shares with ex-boyfriend Adam, whom he still loves, and wife Ana, whose allegiance he cannot trust.

Meanwhile, nineteen-year-old Bethany Carter is on the run from her past and present. Having escaped the same institution that trapped Miles, she must find a way to safely manage the schizophrenia that triggers her time travel while navigating unpredictable bouts of paranoia.

As Miles’ and Bethany’s lives become more intertwined, Dr. Branagan, the man who made their lives a living hell at Longleaf Retreat, will stop at nothing to continue his research, even if it means destroying his subjects in the process.
 Reviving Dade (Project DEEP Book 3)

Reviving Dade (Project DEEP Book 3)

by Becca Jameson on 2018-08-09
Blair has the perfect cushy assignment.

Protect Dade while he recovers from ten years in a cryostat.

In a remote hidden cabin.

With plenty of supplies.

And nothing but time.

But time is Dade’s number one enemy.

And Blair can’t seem to maintain her badass persona around him.

He’s breaking down her walls.

She’s working her ass off to convince him life is worth living.

A mole in the government would rather see him dead.

An experimental treatment could save him. One he isn’t willing to try.

Even when they’re arguing, the chemistry between them is palpable.

But now is not the time for romance.

Now is the time to fight for his life.
 Legion (Xian Warriors Book 1)

Legion (Xian Warriors Book 1)

by Regine Abel on 2018-08-09
He gave her his soul, but she couldn’t hold it.

Ayana has devoted her life training to join the Vanguard, an elite intergalactic military force dedicated to fighting back the Kryptids who nearly destroyed Earth. Only the most powerful psychics are chosen. Yet while her power is unrivaled, she’s unable to perform the most crucial task of soulcatching, even when the Warrior she’s fantasized over for years freely offers her his soul.

Legion is mesmerized by the beauty of Ayana’s aura. The instant his mind touches hers, he recognizes his soulmate. Although she’s Hollow, unable to hold a Warrior’s soul, a strange spark within her could help turn the tide in this bloody war. When a traitor infiltrates their ranks, intent on destroying them from within, Legion is torn between his duty as leader of the Vanguard and the need to protect his mate.

Will he lose the woman who owns his soul before they could even start a life together?

Soldier's Runaway (Korystus Aliens Book 2)

by Avery Rae on 2018-08-09

He should turn me in, and I should hate him. But here we are. On the run together.

Kolyr is a soldier, loyal to Korystus. I'm an escaped prisoner.

He chose to save me from my captor and I don't know why. His kind treat humans like dirt.

Which is why I shouldn't be so eager to fall into his arms. But alone in the glowing forests of Korystus... anything can happen.

The question is, where do a dishonored soldier and a runaway go from here? My captor won't stop looking for me, and the forest can't hide us forever.

 Raven (Alien Breed 17) (German Edition)

Raven (Alien Breed 17) (German Edition)

by Melody Adams on 2018-08-09
Als ein Krieg mit den verfeindeten Jinggs unausweichlich scheint, versucht Raven mit einigen Alien Breeds und Soldaten, den Oggrrul des verfeindeten Stammes zu einem Friedensabkommen zu überreden. Der Oggrrul willigt zwar ein, doch er hat eine Bedingung. Raven soll bei ihm bleiben.
Raven hat nicht vor, sich dem Oggrrul freiwillig hinzugeben, auch wenn er noch so sexy ist. Das wilde Verlangen, dass er in ihr erweckt, wird von Tag zu Tag schwieriger zu ignorieren. Sie wäre eigentlich nicht abgeneigt, wenn da nicht dieses eine Problem wäre. Der Oggrrul lehnt Monogamie strikt ab und Raven ist keine Frau, die teilt.

Tarron ist von der Alien Breed Frau mit den blauschwarzen Haaren vom ersten Augenblick an fasziniert. Er muss sie haben. Sie als Kriegspfand zu fordern ist ein genialer Schachzug, sie in sein Bett zu bekommen jedoch um einiges schwieriger. Sie scheint sich zwar zu ihm genauso hingezogen zu fühlen wie er zu ihr, doch für ihre Hingabe stellt sie eine Forderung. Keine anderen Frauen außer ihr. Monogamie ist nicht der Weg eines Jingg und erst recht nicht der Weg eines Oggrruls. Doch Tarron muss sich eingestehen, dass keine Frau ihm jemals so unter die Haut gegangen ist wie Raven. Ist sie es wert, alle Traditionen zu brechen und sie zu seiner alleinigen Gefährtin zu machen?
 Division 5: Book #4 in The Makanza Series

Division 5: Book #4 in The Makanza Series

by Krista Street on 2018-08-11

With freedom, comes choice.

Dr. Meghan Forester’s dream has finally come true. A vaccine for the deadly Makanza virus is spreading throughout the world. Borders are open. The Kazzies are free.

But just when happiness and hope are infiltrating society, Meghan’s world comes tumbling down. Davin’s first love reappears. The Kazzies are incessantly harassed. A young girl falls gravely ill.

Now, more than ever, Meghan knows she has a job to do. Only a cure will solve the relentless problems that have plagued the world since the First Wave. But just when a cure is within her grasp, a shattering event threatens to end it all.

You'll love this book if you enjoy:

  • Slow burn romances

  • Dystopian worlds with modern day references

  • Fantasy-like powers in humans due to scientific origins

  • New adult character ages

  • YA themes

  • Stories that highlight social injustice

  • Heroines who must internally grow to overcome insurmountable odds

  • Protective, strong, and fiercely loyal heroes

Are you ready for the FINAL book in The Makanza Series?
Grab your copy of Division 5 today!

Division 5 is the final book in this Sci-Fi Dystopian Romance Series.

 Love, Death, & The After: Never Again: Book 3

Love, Death, & The After: Never Again: Book 3

by CK Page on 2018-08-11
Blowback's a bitch with a grudge, and she ain't happy...

Love, Death, & The After: Never Again picks up the story where TeamPlus, Tesla and the Nagual left off in Abandoned Spaces.

As if encountering a plan to end humanity in The After isn't enough to deal with, throw in a local revolution, and the rise of a new apex species with a superiority complex, TeamPlus may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Tesla finds himself desperate to keep up, let alone stay alive. But Cain's Nagual look easy compared to a fellow prodigy from The Before. Only Rainey and TeamPlus stand in his way. If he can keep his shit together and pour on the charm, he might pull off his end game--Check. And. Mate.

The third novel in this four part series, the thrilling conclusion in "Love, Death, & The After: Never Again" brings science-fiction, horror, and the dark side of the human soul to bear against the cautious need for romance, loyalty, and community in The After's violent world hell-bent on devouring it all.

"Careful who you save, Doc"--an open hand or hammering fist may not be enough.
Book 1: Love, Death, & The After: Darkness
Book 2: Love, Death, & The After: Abandoned Spaces
Book 3: Love, Death, & The After: Never Again
 Das Mädchen, das zu denken wagte 3: Das Mädchen, das den Abstieg wagte (German Edition)

Das Mädchen, das zu denken wagte 3: Das Mädchen, das den Abstieg wagte (German Edition)

by Bella Forrest on 2018-08-13

Kehre in den Turm zurück und begleite Liana Castell im atemberaubenden dritten Buch der Reihe Das Mädchen, das zu denken wagte.

Bestell jetzt!

*Achte auf Spoiler in den untenstehenden Rezensionen, die nicht mit einer Spoilerwarnung versehen sind.*

 5:30 RETURN: A short novel

5:30 RETURN: A short novel

by William R Herr on 2018-08-15

"Utopia doesn't come easy... and it takes a monster to enforce it."

Juan is a disabled vet, a recovering addict, and a professional extractor in Arizona's drug tourism trade. He is also a man with too many challenges. His only real friend in the world, Sammy, just turned up dead, apparently by a too-convenient suicide. His most recent client has disappeared into Tucson's drug-fueled sadist subculture, and a drug-immune infection is devouring his face...

To survive, Juan must threaten the most taboo of class boundaries, defend a mindless child, and somehow solve the murder of the only person who ever wanted him to live. And to do it, he'll have to become more than just a monster.

 Shelter  the return

Shelter the return

by Allyson Young on 2018-08-15
Shelter part three The Return
They won the war but the real battle was right around the corner. Together again, after considerable adversity, Jesse shares the other part of his mission with Addy. The plague that decimated the population has left another legacy and he has been ordered to ‘encourage’ Shelter’s women to move to the base. With the fanatical Sawyer Bridges and his men dealt with, repopulating the country is now the top priority.
Determined that women be allowed the choice, of both the father of their child or to have children at all, Addison accompanies Jesse in an attempt to appeal to the top brass.
Their appeal rejected, Addison and Jesse are separated and detained while the General attempts to carry out his plan. But there are decent people everywhere and they rise up to do the right thing.
Because of his need to protect her, Jesse makes the wrong call and Addy draws a line in the sand. She returns to Shelter, leaving Jesse to follow—if he can find it within himself to accept a true, future partnership.
 So This Is the End: A Love Story

So This Is the End: A Love Story

by Alexandra Franzen on 2018-08-15

What happens when you find your soulmate, but you only have one day to live?

Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You and Jill Santopolo’s The Light We Lost, comes a powerful romance

What if doctors could revive you from death—and give you an extra 24 hours of life?

One more day. One more chance to tell your family how much you love them. One more chance to say goodbye to friends, listen to your favorite song, throw an epic party, feel the grass beneath your feet, or watch the sunset. How would you spend your time?

So This Is The End follows Nora Hamilton as she navigates her final 24 hours. She’s determined to do something meaningful and make every moment count.

Enter: Renzo. Ren, for short. Strong, compassionate, unfairly attractive, with a face that makes Nora’s stomach explode into stars. Their connection is immediate, with white-hot intensity. Nora is wracked with bittersweet joy and confusion as she realizes, “I’ve finally met the love of my life… on the last day of my life.”

Should she tell Ren the truth about her condition—tell him she doesn’t have much time left? How will he react? Is it unethical to allow yourself to fall in love with someone when there’s no possibility of a future together? Or is love a precious gift, no matter how long it lasts, even if it’s just for one day?

What happens next is a story about taking chances, making your own rules, and the power of living like there’s no tomorrow.

A moving romantic drama: Early readers call So This Is The End "a breath of fresh air," "moving and beautiful," "an amazing wake-up call," a book you'll be "unable to put down," with a story that makes you "fall in love the instant you start reading."

 Rebel without a Pulse (City of Ruins Book 1)

Rebel without a Pulse (City of Ruins Book 1)

by Odessa Gillespie Black on 2018-08-15
Sexy. Intelligent. Undead.

Nerdy, high school senior, Willie Hatcher’s mundane life is forever changed when Cherryville’s water supply is contaminated with a lethal virus that revives the dead. After a fatal bite, Willie’s corpse arises fortified with corded muscle, increased stamina, and enhanced senses. The only downfall: he's a carrier with the animalistic urge to devour human flesh. To salvage any humanity he has left, Willie becomes Will, leaving all evidence of his previous life behind. He’s successful until he crosses paths with Kaylee, an old friend who not only threatens to reveal his monstrous secret, but steal his heart, a devotion in which his devastating affliction leaves him incapable.

Two years after the catastrophic event, Kaylee resides alone in an abandoned home. Her semi-peaceful life comes to a crashing halt when a human-trafficking ring abducts her and tosses her into nightmarish repopulation attempt. Freed by the strangely-familiar, smoking-hot Will, she notices uncanny similarities between her vigilante and a nerdy, but cute class mate she once knew as Willie. Kaylee’s attraction is obviously reciprocated, but Will rejects her at every turn. With such a devastating and dangerous secret between them, how can Will and Kaylee build a future together?
 The Devil You Know (The Devilish Divas Series, Book 3): Women

The Devil You Know (The Devilish Divas Series, Book 3): Women's Fiction

by M.J. Schiller on 2018-08-15
Life Brings Love, Laughter and Tears for The Lunch Ladies in The Women's Fiction Tale, THE DEVIL YOU KNOW, by M.J. Schiller

Having recently "tied the knot" Dani and Tucker are facing the joys and struggles of a growing blended-family when an accident turns their eager anticipation into fear.

Meanwhile, Tucker's teenaged daughter, Zoe, has developed more than a passing interest in the boy next door, Zack. Zoe's plan to get out of Zack's "friend-zone" backfires and puts her in a risky situation when she "uses" Ben.

Dani, Max, and Alex want to make sure wedding bells ring for their pal Samantha and her fiancé, Kyle, even if it requires a showdown with Sam's ex and a case of Ding Dongs to avert disaster. Now they just need to find the bride!

It's going to take a team effort to rescue Zoe from Ben and get Sam and Kyle to the alter, because no one can hurt you quite like THE DEVIL YOU KNOW.

Publisher's Note: This series is a fun look at the serious side of life and will be enjoyed by chick-lit and women's fiction fans of Sophie Kinsella, Fannie Flagg, Colleen Coleman and Sally Thorne as well as Emily Griffin.

The Devilish Divas Series . . .
To Hell in a Coach Bag
Damned if I Do
The Devil You Know
Satan, Line One

 Marauder: A Science Fiction Alien Mail-Order Bride Romance (TerraMates Book 16)

Marauder: A Science Fiction Alien Mail-Order Bride Romance (TerraMates Book 16)

by Lisa Lace on 2018-08-15
He bought me for his king.
Now he's claimed me for himself.

I didn't believe the rumors about TerraMates. People say the company has started taking women off the streets and selling them as sex toys for aliens.
I should have listened.
I'm a prisoner, and my captor is supposed to deliver me to his leader.
But after tasting my body and mastering my soul, he has decided he wants me for himself. He doesn't care what the king wants.
Do I want to go back to Earth, or keep begging for more?
 Heaven in Hell: Episode Seven: A Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance Series (The seventh episode in the Heaven in Hell Series)

Heaven in Hell: Episode Seven: A Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance Series (The seventh episode in the Heaven in Hell Series)

by Dia Cole on 2018-08-15
There is nowhere to hide from the monster inside…
When Lee misses another dose of serum, Dominic’s lies unravel and the truth about her monstrous nature is finally revealed. As Lee battles her cravings for flesh and blood, she must confront the horrifying realization that she may be the greatest threat to them all.
 Akashim: Der Cop (German Edition)

Akashim: Der Cop (German Edition)

by G.H. Chambers on 2018-08-25
Die Bücher der Akashim-Reihe können unabhängig voneinander gelesen werden.

Jessica ist eine junge, ehrgeizige Polizistin im Streifendienst. Als ihr Partner während eines Einsatzes verletzt wird, bekommt sie von ihrem Captain mit Scipio einen neuen Partner zugeteilt. Obwohl sie sich über dessen anfänglichen Übereifer amüsiert, ist sie von ihm und seiner ganzen Art fasziniert.
Sie fängt mit ihm eine Beziehung an, auch wenn er sich über seine Vergangenheit in Schweigen hüllt. Als sie schließlich das Geheimnis seiner Herkunft erfährt, trifft es sie wie ein Schlag.
Doch sie haben keine Zeit, ihre privaten Probleme zu bereinigen. Ein Fall, der als reiner Routineauftrag beginnt, entpuppt sich als etwas, das ihr Leben in Gefahr bringt.

Vorbestell- und Einführungspreis 0,99 statt 2,99.
 Heaven in Hell: Boxed Set Episodes 5-8 (A Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance Series)

Heaven in Hell: Boxed Set Episodes 5-8 (A Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance Series)

by Dia Cole on 2018-08-25
This Heaven in Hell boxed set includes the second set of episodes (five through eight) in the Heaven in Hell post-apocalyptic paranormal romance series.

Episode Five: Hidden truths are unspoken lies…
Lee, with no memory of her last mission, is struggling to understand her new abilities and terrifying cravings. Instead of providing answers, Dominic accuses her of betrayal and maintains an icy distance. With danger mounting both inside and outside the safe house, Lee must choose between her conflicting feelings for the lethal sergeant and saving an innocent from a fate worse than death.

Episode Six: The battle for survival starts from within…
Furious with Reed and Dominic for their betrayal, Lee attempts a dangerous solo mission to rescue an abducted child. Tensions explode when the men insist on accompanying her deep into zombie territory. Unsure of who she can trust, Lee discovers they aren't the only ones after the little girl and those hunting her are far more terrifying than the dead.

Episode Seven: There is nowhere to hide from the monster inside…
When Lee misses another dose of serum, Dominic’s lies unravel and the truth about her monstrous nature is finally revealed. As Lee battles her cravings for flesh and blood, she must confront the horrifying realization that she may be the greatest threat to them all.

Episode Eight: Death is only the beginning…
A surprise attack leaves Lee and her friends in peril. Lee knows she must do everything in her power to stop their enemy’s diabolical plans and rescue those she loves. But by giving into her darkness she risks losing her humanity and unleashing a new evil on the world.
 Feral: Torment

Feral: Torment

by Nora Ash on 2018-08-25
He sacrificed everything for me.
The beast who took me against my will and tied my soul to his so tightly I can no longer breathe without him.
He sacrificed his freedom. His life.
For me.
They say love will make you do anything, give anything.
But what’s between him and I - it isn’t love. It’s a bond.
And my destruction.

Torment is the third book in Nora Ash’s suspense-filled Omegaverse serial, Feral.
Please note: This series gets dark, and it gets dirty. If you don’t enjoy your romance scorching and your alphas rough & dominant, give this book a pass.
 The Queen

The Queen's Flight: The Emerging Queens Book 2

by Jamie K. Schmidt on 2018-08-25
When Viola shifts into a dragon Queen after the centuries-old curse has been broken, she is taken prisoner by a greedy stud who wants her to have his babies. Rescued by the dragon embassy and put into protective custody, Viola tries to learn about her new place in dragon society, but her entire world has turned upside down with bizarre rules and rituals she can’t even fathom.

Sergei hates Queens. But Viola is more human than dragon. When she accidentally names him her protector and consort, dragon law does not allow him to refuse. But the deep attraction they feel to each other makes it more than the life sentence it could be. Even though there’s a dangerous cult out to kill her, dragon studs who want to kidnap her, and the old Queens do not like that their power structure being challenged by all the new, emerging Queens, Sergei vows that no one will harm Viola and he’ll sacrifice his life to keep her safe.

But when Sergei is accused of murdering a Queen, Viola has to find her power to save the both of them, before it’s too late.

*** This book was previously published by Entangled. This version includes deleted scenes. ***
 The Twisted Vine (The Galactic Pantheon Book 2)

The Twisted Vine (The Galactic Pantheon Book 2)

by Alyce Caswell on 2018-08-25
When Fei, a brilliant but downtrodden programmer struggling with a crisis of faith, finds proof that GLEA, an organisation filled with the Creator God’s most loyal followers, owns the company she works for, her secular sanctuary is shattered. Kuja, god of the rainforests, encounters Fei while she is still reeling from her discovery and feels compelled to give her the patience and understanding she so badly needs.

But Kuja must make sure he abandons her before his siblings discover how deep his feelings for her really are. They would see her as a distraction — or worse, a threat to the grand design, one that needs removing. And Fei is already in enough danger. With GLEA preparing to wipe out hundreds of thousands of innocent lives simply because those people dare to worship other gods, Fei knows she has to try to stop them, even if it means risking her career and her life.

Kuja is desperate to return to her side and help her. But even if he could protect her from his divine siblings, why would she want to spend an eternity with him? And how could she forgive someone who has lied to her from the very beginning?
 Alien Commander

Alien Commander's Mate (Warriors of the Lathar Book 6)

by Mina Carter on 2018-08-28
Alone. Ill. She’ll do anything to find her kids.

Both her children taken by the Lathar and her home destroyed in the process, Amanda Kallson is at her wits end and desperate. With nothing left to tie her to Earth, she’ll do anything to track down her daughters… even take an alien warriors crazy deal.

It doesn’t hurt that said alien warrior is tall, ripped and as handsome as hell. But Fenriis isn’t the only warrior who has eyes for Amanda and while her ferocious mate is busy fighting off an outside enemy, it’s one within who may steal their happily ever after before it even gets started.

Small. Exquisite. He’ll risk the wrath of the Emperor himself to make her his.

It was supposed to be a quick in and out mission. After an attack on Earth, a planet no non-native was supposed to set foot on, Fenriis is forced to go down to the surface to make sure no enemy forces remain. But when he hears a woman crying, begging for help… from her gods, sure, but in their absence, he offers his aid. She’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and all she wants is to find her children. Since they’re on his planet, how can he refuse to help… especially when she agrees to be his mate in return?

But, in Latharian society, sometimes it’s not the enemy you can see you need to watch out for. Sometimes the worst attack comes from the last place you’d expect. Forced to fight off her people and his… can he find her before it’s too late?

 Kaiden (The Nova Force Book 2)

Kaiden (The Nova Force Book 2)

by Vivienne Savage on 2018-08-30
After recovering from the abduction that turned him into a machine, Kaiden struggles with his identity. When he receives orders to investigate similar disappearances, he hopes to find answers and the closure he needs. He should be focused on the mission. Nothing else should matter. But the spy working along with him is an infuriating distraction.

When the queen wants information, she sends her best spy, and no one in the Royal Navy is better than Nisrine. In Kaiden, she finds a reliable partner with a quick wit and deadlier aim, the perfect counterbalance to her psychic prowess. Working alongside him should be easy, but it isn't. She's a sucker for a damaged soul and his gorgeous, if rare smiles. Lusting after him isn't part of her mission.

But their attraction will have to be placed on hold, because the enemy will do anything to make Kaiden disappear again... for good.
 Civility (To Be Sinclair Book 13)

Civility (To Be Sinclair Book 13)

by Eva Caye on 2018-08-30
Captain Princess Alea Sinclair is tasked by the Emperor to be her aunt Elizabeth's lady-in-waiting, i.e. bodyguard, on their trip to the Attican Empire to rewrite their $2 trillion treaty. Behind the scenes, health issues and a cruel commanding officer make their private lives hell while they strive to maintain their public image of competence. And their stated mission isn't the only one; they must also find out what they can about an intelligent alien species the Atticans have found on a nearby planet.

They act like simple pets, but due to their hypnotic mental influence, Elizabeth falls for Alea's scorned C.O. while Alea and her two new Attican friends strive desperately to understand the wily chalates. How can Alea determine the intent and the extent of the aliens' influence upon Elizabeth, the most brilliant social analyst and diplomat of the Sinclair Demesnes, before they ruin the renegotiation of this critical treaty?

This is the final volume of the To Be Sinclair series. This novel contains sexual situations.

 Antibody: Love and War, Book 3

Antibody: Love and War, Book 3

by R. A. Steffan on 2018-08-31
Vithii military cyborgs never go rogue.
At least, that’s the official line.

How could they, when their emotion centers have been ripped out and replaced with tech?

No, cyborgs are only good at three things—following orders, destroying whatever target you point them at, and walking calmly into the vaporization chamber when it’s time for them to be decommissioned.

PX-12—better known to his friends as Pax—adequately performed two of those functions during his stint in the Ilarian military. D-8, his unit-sibling, performed all three exceptionally well. For that reason, when D-8’s unique distress beacon activates some seven years after Pax saw him destroyed, it would doubtless be quite surprising if Pax were still capable of being surprised.

Someone in the Regime is recycling the minds of decommissioned cyborgs, turning them into weapons even more horrific than they were before. To stop it, Pax will need the help of telepathic Vitharan ambassador—and part time spy—Veila’ana Nalidor, a woman whose motivations are as opaque as her past.

Since his escape from his military masters, Pax has operated using a strict self-imposed code based on logic. He never expected to experience emotion again—not even somebody else’s emotions.

Can a fragile mental connection forged in crisis overcome the damage done by a ruthless military research team? To find out, Pax and Veila’ana will first have to prevent an atrocity born from the sins of the past.

Preferably, before it destroys the future.

* * *

From USA Today bestselling author R. A. Steffan comes a sizzling sci-fi romance series, perfect for fans of J. R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Strap in tight, because all's fair in LOVE AND WAR.
 Bolt Saga: 7

Bolt Saga: 7

by Angel Payne on 2018-08-31
Thunder is just the announcement of the storm…

After going to hell and back together, Reece Richards and Emmalina Crist are even more committed to their love—but their promise must remain a secret from the rest of the world…even if the Consortium seems to have gone underground along with their leader, the cold-blooded Faline.

But secrets are easy to keep—until family gets involved.

When Los Angeles names Reece as the honoree at their next gala, it’s reunion time for all the members of the Richards dynasty. The night drips with glamour but is tainted by old wounds and new dangers. Reece doesn’t know who to trust after he learns his abduction might not have been the Consortium’s first contact with the Richards empire. Does the storm that started so long ago continue today? And if so, will he be able to shield Emma from the surge?
 Bolt Saga: 9

Bolt Saga: 9

by Angel Payne on 2018-08-31
Sometimes, love is the only lightning…

Still reeling from the explosion of information wrought by his brother, Reece Richards assembles Team Bolt to take on an adversary he never imagined. His father.

With Emmalina Crist at his side, Reece arrives at the new Richards Resorts luxury hotel as the prodigal son returned, only now he sees the approval he once craved as the sham it really is. But it’s too late. The party is a trap. In the caverns beneath Paris, Reece prepares himself for the inevitable—and Emma recognizes that no matter how they’ve disagreed about fighting this battle, they’ll only walk away from it if they hold fast to their love.

During Team Bolt’s most unforgettable standoff yet, sacrifices are made and truths learned that will change Reece and Emma’s journey in wrenching ways—and take their love story to places it’s never been. Places they can only reach by believing in each other…and their love.
 Bolt Saga: 8

Bolt Saga: 8

by Angel Payne on 2018-08-31
In the City of Light, their hearts have to blaze the brightest…

The newest Richards Resorts luxury hotel is about to open in Paris, but that’s not why Reece Richards whisks Emmalina Crist off to the iconic city weeks before the big event. Somewhere in the city, they must find the truth behind the Richards family’s ties to the Consortium—and exactly what those connections mean to Reece’s vendetta against the monsters who transformed him into an electric mutant.

Conflict collides with romance when Reece enlists help for their cause from the most unlikely of sources, triggering insecurity and fury in Emma. But even old scars are healed by the spell of the most romantic city on earth, and the lovers vow to squeeze as much passion as they can out of the small respite fate has given them…

Until the vacation is cut terrifyingly short.

Now, nothing and nobody are what they seem, and faces are just masks. The only thing the couple can trust is each other—and the invisible pulses of their hearts, binding the unstoppable power of their love.
 Pulse: Bolt Saga: Volume Three: Parts 7, 8 & 9

Pulse: Bolt Saga: Volume Three: Parts 7, 8 & 9

by Angel Payne on 2018-08-31
While Reece Richards and Emmalina Crist play out their romance in the global public eye as superhero Bolt and his beautiful ladylove, they keep their biggest secret to themselves. Even if the lunatics of the Consortium have gone underground along with their leader, the cold-blooded Faline, Reece and Emma know the criminals could resurface at any time and threaten everything about the new life they’re building together.

But secrets take on new meanings when a night of glamour and celebration exposes old wounds—and new dangers. When Reece uncovers evidence that there may be a connection between his family and the Consortium’s insane experiments, his quest for answers leads him, Emma, and the rest of Team Bolt to Paris.

In the City of Light, truths are exposed and a trap is set, leading to a clash in the city’s caverns that permanently alters everything for Reece and Emma—and reveals that no superpower on earth is more potent than the pulse of their true love.
 Out of the Stars (Into the Stars Book 2)

Out of the Stars (Into the Stars Book 2)

by Gwendolyn Field on 2018-08-31
Companion novella for INTO THE STARS - adult science fiction.
Story of Lanna and Rawko! Description coming soon!
 Some Time Away (Lovers in Time Series, Book 3): Time Travel Romance

Some Time Away (Lovers in Time Series, Book 3): Time Travel Romance

by Marilyn Campbell on 2018-08-31
"Marilyn Campbell never fails to deliver an outstanding story!" ~ Ellen Wulf, Verified Reviewer

High-School Sweethearts Reunite to Solve a Murder in Time to Save Mankind in SOME TIME AWAY a Paranormal Time-Travel Romance by Marilyn Campbell

-- Present Day and 1927, Crystal Island, Off the Coast of Southeast Florida –-

Tales of ghosts and paranormal activity throughout Crystal Island enticed Noah Nash to set his next horror novel in the Davenport Hotel, off the south-east Florida coast. But his reason for bringing Maggie Harrison as an assistant was entirely personal.

Maggie takes the temp assignment as assistant to her former high-school sweetheart, doubting the now famous author of horror novels will even remember her.

But, unbeknownst to the would-be lovers, they have been selected by an otherworldly organization, The Council of Abstracts, to test the worthiness of mankind.

Now, Maggie and Noah must travel back in time to 1924 to solve a murder at The Davenport. If they succeed, humanity will be deemed worthy of a much-needed mental, physical and spiritual upgrade that will assure a future for mankind and a happy-ever-after for Maggie and Noah. Fail and earth is doomed to a catastrophic event not unlike The Great Flood.

Publisher's Note: Readers who enjoy romance, sex and mystery as well as fans of Callie Langridge, Bethany Claire, Gillian Doyle and Barbara Longley will certainly enjoy Marilyn Campbell's delightfuly fun romp through time.

"This author knows how to write love stories. If you enjoy an easy read, with lots of romance and sex, this is the one for you." ~Ramcy, Verified Reviewer

Out of Time
Just in Time
Some Time Away
It's About Time


MARILYN CAMPBELL has been published in the genres of suspense, futuristic, time-travel, paranormal, erotic and lighthearted contemporary romances, non-fiction metaphysical works and has had a screenplay produced. A true thrill-junkie, she has jumped out of an airplane, raced around the Indy 500 track, driven solo throughout the United States and believes a labyrinth walk under the full moon can have magical results. Unfortunately, Marilyn has not yet figured out how to time-travel…except in her stories. She currently resides in western Massachusetts.

 The Secret of the Pink Ray

The Secret of the Pink Ray

by Maya Anders on 2018-08-31
It’s 1939 and an evil mastermind is on the loose in New York City, armed with a giant death ray. The stakes couldn’t be higher, with a transatlantic war threatening to break out at any moment.

Fortunately help is at hand in the form of a talented and sexy team of lesbian crime fighters led by Tiffany Hazard, A.K.A. the Bronze Goddess, and her erudite sidekick Kimmerleigh Fox, the Sapphic Super-Scientist.

Add in sword-wielding vigilante Lady Blade, alias mild-mannered researcher Suki Suzuki, and glamorous British movie star Emma Storm, who just happens to be a secret agent with a license to kill.

The quartet is hot on the trail of the enemy ... when they’re not engaged in red-hot sex. If the old-time pulp magazines had lesbian heroines, this is what they would have been like!
 Heaven in Hell: Episode Eight: A Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance Series (The eighth episode in the Heaven in Hell Series)

Heaven in Hell: Episode Eight: A Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance Series (The eighth episode in the Heaven in Hell Series)

by Dia Cole on 2018-08-31
Death is only the beginning…
A surprise attack leaves Lee and her friends in peril. Lee knows she must do everything in her power to stop their enemy’s diabolical plans and rescue those she loves. But by giving into her darkness she risks losing her humanity and unleashing a new evil on the world.

This novella is the eighth episode in the Heaven in Hell series.

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