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Pitchfork in the Road (The Devilish Divas Series, Book 5)

by M.J. Schiller on 2019-09-17
Zoe McCord Faces a Devil of a Choice in The Women's Fiction Saga, PITCHFORK IN THE ROAD by M.J. Schiller

For eight years, she’s been missing a piece of her life…
Growing up, kindergarten teacher Zoe McCord was a tomboy whose two best friends were guys. Now, as an adult, she must decide between the two.

For eight years, he’s been waiting in the wings…
Lawyer, Nick Adams knows Zoe’s everything he’s ever wanted and that she holds a torch for someone else. But he's prepared to risk getting burned.

For eight years, he’s regretted letting her go…
Zack wants Zoe to know she’s always been the one for him. But what if it’s too late?

In the midst of uncertainty, one thing's for sure: on the way to happily-ever-after there's bound to be a PITCHFORK IN THE ROAD!

Publisher's Note: This series is a fun look at the serious side of life and will be enjoyed by chick-lit and women's fiction fans of Elin Hilderbrand, Kevin Kwan, Gail Honeyman and Lauren Weisberger as well as Emily Griffin. These stories are best enjoyed by mature readers.

The Devilish Divas Series
To Hell in a Coach Bag
Damned if I Do
The Devil You Know
Satan, Line One
Pitchfork in the Road

About the Author: Bestselling author M.J. Schiller is a retired lunch lady/romance-romantic suspense writer. She enjoys writing novels whose characters include rock stars, desert princes, teachers, futuristic Knights, construction workers, cops, and a wide variety of others. In her mind everybody has a romance.

She is the mother of a twenty-three-year-old and three twenty-one-year-olds--that's right, triplets! So having recently taught four children to drive, she likes to escape from life on occasion by pretending to be a rock star at karaoke. However…you won’t be seeing her name on any record labels soon.

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