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New SFR books for 2019-01-18

Die Gleichgesinnten II: A Billion Miles Away (Gleichgesinnten-Saga 2) (German Edition)

by Edda Maine on 2019-01-18

Endlich! Teil 2 der Gleichgesinnten-Saga:

Marlene hat ihr Leben im Griff. Dank der Unterstützung ihrer Mutter kann sie das Studium weiter durchziehen. Trotzdem holen sie die umwälzenden Ereignisse der Vergangenheit immer wieder ein.
Ihre beste Freundin wurde auf einen weit entfernten Planeten verschleppt. Von Karen, dem Präsidenten der Apen, der verzweifelt versucht, das Bestehen seiner Art zu sichern und von Marlene bitterböse darum betrogen wurde. Natürlich nur, damit sie fliehen konnte, vor den Naemern und ihren beiden Königen.  Vor Aingeren, der eigentlich immer nur nett zu ihr war und sie jetzt für eine abgezockte Lügnerin hält, vor allem aber vor Dag, ihrem Gleichgesinnten, den sie nie, niemals wiedersehen will. Er würde sie hassen, ihr entsetzliche Vorwürfe machen, und schlimmer noch, er würde sie zurückhaben wollen.

Gott Sei Dank ist sie sicher vor ihm, seit er auf demselben weit entfernten Planeten gestrandet ist. Denkt sie, denn eines Abends wartet in ihrem WG-Zimmer eine böse Überraschung auf sie…

»Ein trügerisch leises Zischen durchbricht die Stille. Unwillkürlich zucke ich zusammen. Mein Puls gewinnt rasant an Fahrt, während ich beobachte, wie sich die Shuttlerampe vor meinen Augen unaufhaltsam absenkt.
Wie kommt das Shuttle nur hierher? Und wer hat es geflogen?
Ich blinzele in das rötliche Licht der tiefstehenden Sonne. Die Umrisse einer dunklen Gestalt zeichnen sich in der im Kontrast dürftigen Innenbeleuchtung des Shuttles ab. Ich kann kaum etwas erkennen. Mein Fluchtinstinkt macht sich bemerkbar. Ich will wegrennen, aber ich kann nicht. Gefesselt, wie von einem nahenden Autounfall, kleben meine Augen an dem Mann, der jetzt aus dem Shuttle auf die Rampe tritt. Mit klopfendem Herzen beobachte ich, wie er einen weiteren Schritt macht, bis das Sonnenlicht auf sein Gesicht fällt. Mir stockt der Atem, denn ich kenne es gut und es ist das, was ich am wenigsten hier erwartet hätte.«


New SFR books for 2019-01-17

Deb and the Demon: A SciFi Alien Romance (Alien Abduction Book 4)

by Honey Phillips on 2019-01-17
An alien prince. A pregnant slave.

Deb is ripped away from her comfortable life on Earth and sold as a slave to a vicious alien. Six months later, all she has to live for is the child now growing inside her. Her child’s safety is worth any price, even submitting to the disturbingly attractive alien who has just purchased her.

Rastrath hides a sharp mind behind a careless facade. He may be a Prince of the Royal House, but he has always been despised for his mixed blood, even by his own mother. A female who values her child more than herself is an unexpected prize - one that comes wrapped in a luscious package.

When an unexpected danger forces them into a marriage of convenience, the stakes are raised. Can Deb trust Rastrath’s feelings for her are more than a desire to protect his investment? Can Rastrath follow his duty and build a family of his own at the same time?

Each book in the Alien Abduction series features a different couple and can be enjoyed as a standalone romance. (Note: contains possible triggers.)

Daxion: Science Fiction Adventure Romance (Conquered World Book 5)

by Elin Wyn on 2019-01-17

You’d be a bit of a b*tch, too.

If everyone has left you, died on you, and laughed at your dreams, you might have a few issues. And then to have your planet invaded right when you’re about to follow through on the one thing you have left? 


Amira’s not particularly interested in making friends. When she hears a rumor that the alien war ship may soon depart, she’s done. This time she’ll be the one doing the leaving.

But no matter how hard she makes her heart, she can’t help but want to help the refugees sheltering in the Vengeance.

And when a certain green skinned alien makes her a proposal, it’s only for the other humans she’s considering it.


Daxion is used to being the big-brother of the team. The oldest of ten, he’d learned to roll with almost anything long before he joined the alliance against the Xathi.

Tiny, prickly Amira spikes his curiosity, and his desire. He’s determined to keep her safe .

What he’s feeling is anything but brotherly. He has a new mission now: work his way past the barriers around her heart.

But with the war against the Xathi taking a new turn, will they have a chance?

Daxion is the fifth book in the science fiction romance series Conquered World. Each book features the romance of a new couple, with alpha male alien warriors and women who don't put up with their nonsense. No cheating, no cliffhangers, HEA guaranteed!

New SFR books for 2019-01-16

FLUX: Flight

by Ava Altair on 2019-01-16
What it is to be human doesn't apply anymore. The surface of the Earth has been poisoned by years of abuse and now most life lives beneath the waves of the ocean. Over the last 500 years, humans have become fragmented and specialized by genetic manipulation, but two main factions exist in the Undersea. The hybrids, a race that continues to genetically modify themselves to climb the social ladder, and the humans, the unmodified organic race that makes up the lowest tier of society.While Jack desperately looks for a way to save Alex, the Sanctuary is rocked by a fiery explosion, scattering the residents and forcing Jack and Lexi into the Undersea. Meanwhile, Alex, being tortured physically and mentally by her husband, ends up pregnant. The clock counts down as Jack runs out of time to save her before she has her child. Once she does, Henry has no reason to keep her alive.

New SFR books for 2019-01-15

Nero Awakening: A Space Fantasy Romance (The Neron Rising Saga Book 3)

by Keary Taylor on 2019-01-15
The Bahiri are real and Nova has found them hidden away on an invisible planet. With their help, she’s finally ready to accept what she is: a Nero. She has to train, to learn how to use her abilities, and she’s got years’ worth of catching up to do. Desperate, she’ll push herself—possibly beyond her limits.

But learning how to use her abilities not only awakens her capability to control Neron, but her power to see the future. Going to sleep is a nightmare and heaven, all in the same breath. Her future hasn’t changed—it’s still with Valen Nero, standing and ruling by his side. Every morning she wakes, gutted and alone. Her visions of the love between them aren’t real. At least…not yet.

Nova is losing her mind. Her heart is fractured, and conflicted into knots. How is she supposed to let him go, to walk away from the galaxy’s second cruelest man, when she knows what kind of love they could have?

The time for a choice has come: stay on Salypso where it’s safe, where Cyrillius will never find her. Or take what she has learned as a Nero and try to change her future, and that of the galaxy.

Surge: Bolt Saga: Volume Five: Parts 13, 14 & 15

by Angel Payne on 2019-01-15
With her physical abilities ignited beyond imagination, Emmalina Crist now stands as an equal with the love of her life, Reece Richards. The only thing better than becoming a badass warrior by day is basking in the man’s passion by night.
But the newly christened Flare—and all her solar-powered abilities—must remain a secret from the world, hidden from enemies that threaten to reemerge at any the most important day of Reece and Emma’s life. The crisis exposes a new layer to the Consortium’s vile vendetta and forces the newlyweds into a painful separation.
When Reece and Emma are finally reunited, the joy is double-edged. Team Bolt is still in danger, and there’s a precious new life they’ll do anything to protect—including going into hiding. With her identity stripped and her life changed, Emma questions her choices and retreats from Reece. The hero of LA is broken and searching for answers, and everything hangs in the balance.

A Star Pilot's Heart: A Reverse Harem Romance (All the Stars in the Sky Book 1)

by Eva Delaney on 2019-01-15
Warriors. Smugglers. Rebels. Only Calpurnia and her crew of five seductive men can save the galaxy from its evil rulers.

With war raging between a cruel empire and a brave revolt, little hope is left in the galaxy. Captain Calpurnia has a chance to end the battle. But her journey takes her deep into the enemy’s kingdom with a power-hungry prince on her trail.

On her high-stakes quest, Calpurnia finds herself trapped in tight quarters with a team of rebels: A brave warrior, a shy genius, a mysterious bounty hunter, a gentle doctor, and a cocky pilot.

This fiercely independent captain is suddenly tempted by five alluring allies. Will she succumb to the men’s charms? Or shove them out the ship’s airlock?

Torn between her fear of loneliness and her fear of falling in love, Calpurnia must journey to new worlds alongside her enticing crew. Can she escape the cruel prince and save the galaxy, while navigating the desires of her heart?

A Star Pilot’s Heart is a Reverse Harem space fantasy, featuring a bad-ass heroine, sexy daredevils, and gripping space battles. It’s a combination of Firefly, Star Wars, and The Princess Bride. Scroll up to read this heart-pounding romance today.

New SFR books for 2019-01-11

Seducer: Planet Athion Series (Equinox Book 3)

by Lily Harlem on 2019-01-11
Seducer is part of the Planet Athion shared world. Check out book #1 Traveler and book #2 Dreamer in the Equinox series by Lily Harlem

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