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New SFR books for 2019-11-20

An Office Alien Christmas: Bia (Office Aliens Book 6)

by V.C. Lancaster on 2019-11-20
Revisit the DETI office for their Christmas party in this series of four seasonal shorts!

Bia has finally found her place in the world, and is as happy as can be with her mate Kez, even if he is a little grumpy and stern sometimes. She likes him exactly the way he is though, no matter what anyone else says! She has her job in the DETI cafe, and her house where she lives with Kez and her adoptive mother Til. Their little family is perfect, and Bia can't wait to celebrate Christmas the human way with her family around her. The only problem is, she's due for a heat that could make her miss the big Christmas party! Their friends, Ro and Maggie, have organised it again this year, and Bia is determined to go! Now she just has to convince Kez to go with her...

This novella is short and sweet at 20,000 words. Kez and Bia told their story in The Guy Next Door, which should be read first.

New SFR books for 2019-11-19

The Bubble Match: A Novel About Love & Technology

by Merav Tuson Vardy on 2019-11-19

His heart is hard as stone.

But a mystery woman may be about to change that.

"I don't understand – what good is a relationship? Thanks, but… no thanks. I prefer my relationships with women to be like a no-obligation gym membership: burning calories with as little drama as possible".

This was the motto guiding the life of Kim Ji-Yun, CEO of the Bubble Corporation, the most eligible bachelor in Asia, a computer genius, heartless, and haunted by his past.

Kim’s father invented the Bubble technology which allows the storage of memories, feelings and thoughts exactly as they were at the time of their recording.

Due to a bug in the system, Ji-Yun begins to share his memories with a mystery woman named Mee-Ok. From the moment he discovers this Wonderful Bug, he becomes addicted to a girl he does not know.

After a long time, he is willing to risk his heart again, but fate has a different plan in store for him…

Moon Cursed (Wolf Hollow Shifters Book 4)

by Nikki Jefford on 2019-11-19
Time is running out for Elsie.
Elsie's coven always believed that she was moon cursed. Promised to the bear shifters before she was ever born, the witch wolf shifter has until her twentieth birthday to outsmart Brutus, her would-be mate who only wants her as payback.
To save his coven, her father made a terrible, magically binding agreement decades ago, never dreaming he'd have children, especially not powerful wolf shifters. Luckily, he never specified what type of shifter Elsie must claim.
Zackary doesn't believe he deserves love or forgiveness.
Ever since he betrayed a packmate, Zackary has been making up for his sins. No matter what, he knows the truth. Once a mongrel, always a mongrel—just like his father always told him. Now the mad wolf has returned to torment Zackary and the pack.
Not one to be scared off, Elsie refuses to believe he's no good for anyone—especially her.
Fated mates or doomed lovers?
Zackary and Elsie never knew how strong their love would grow … until they're in too deep.
Zackary betrayed Elsie's brother once before. If the wizard shifter knew what he was doing with Elsie in private, Tabor would kill, maim, or use that dick shrinkage spell he once threatened him with.
With a meddlesome ex from her coven, who won't let go, and a brute of a bear shifter intent on trapping her inside his cave forever, it will take more than magic to save Elsie from her curse.
Do these star-crossed lovers stand a chance?

Tamera's Fight (Intergalactic Officers Book 4)

by Mara Jaye on 2019-11-19
As a law enforcement officer, I'd been prepared to subdue attackers by any means necessary.

Killing anyone was never my goal, but now? I'm expected to engage in a fight to the death every week for unseen watchers.
The Vahdmoshi, aliens who are neither little green or gray men, abducted me and several others to star in their twisted reality show. Armed drones film us in the arena when they're not keeping us in line elsewhere. Every fight brings me one week closer to dying in front of beings I never expected existed.

So speaking of people I don't expect? When a tall, bronze, and handsome man walks into the common area, he's a pleasant surprise. The guy is not only the best looking person I've ever met, but he's also protective and beyond interested in me.

I've avoided anything but the most superficial friendships until now. I can't resist loving Decron even if I know we'll never make it out of here alive.

New SFR books for 2019-11-18

Captured: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance (Alien Captured Mates Book 2)

by Ella Long on 2019-11-18

I've sworn to fight the alien invaders.  Now two fierce warriors have captured me, claimed me as their mate.

And to my shame, I'm begging for their touch...


by Amanda Milo on 2019-11-18
One OCD neat freak alien.
One human woman.
Both are abducted and held captive in a very unsterile environment.
What more could go wrong?

Simmi: I’ve broken free and I’ve also freed the human who was held captive with me. But I don’t know where we are, and I don’t know where my home is. The local wildlife may be smaller than I am, and maybe they don't have fangs near as large as mine, but I’m still terrified. My issues with germs--and my uncompromising avoidance of all the things that I’m afraid of coming into contact with--is going to get me killed in this wilderness.
Thankfully, Aurora lets me follow her.
Thankfully, she seems to know the way out of this endless and inhospitable woodland and desert biome.
But by the end of our journey, she’ll suspect she’s harboring a contagion. I have no way to know it, but she’s afraid to tell me. Afraid of how I’ll react once I find out what she’s carrying.

***Note: This 40K, Standalone story is intended for readers 18+ due to romantic elements and adult themes. There is no cheating. There is one really germphobic alien. Thankfully, there's also a really understanding woman who is starting to fall for him. Spoiler: They're totally gonna have a Happily Ever After... just as soon as they can get off this planet that’s trying to kill them.

The Sentinel: Sentinel Series Book 1

by C Cato on 2019-11-18
When Dr. Sonya Temple wakes in a bunker surrounded by four strangers urging her to escape an unseen enemy, she has to decide: fight or flee. But there is more than she can see on the surface. She is different. Enhanced

She is Sentinel One, an advanced human powered by the technology she helped create. After they make an escape, reality sets in. Two centuries have passed. A deadly plague has decimated the world's population. Men outnumber women 300 to one, and fertility has failed to the point of extinction.

Among the chaos and devastation, a new and ruthless power emerged--The Order of the Valkyrie--and they have their eyes on Sonya.

How did she become a Sentinel? And why were they abandoned 200 years before? With the help of her team and their handsome leader, Cole, Sonya searches for answers. But the Valkyrie aren't far behind, and time is running out. Will she find the answers she seeks? Or will her secrets, and the fate of humanity, fall in to the hands of the Valkyrie?

The Sentinel is a slow burn poly/reverse harem romance set in a post-apocalyptic world and features MM and MMF situations.

New SFR books for 2019-11-17

Captivated: A Sci Fi Holiday Romance (Centauri Captives Book 6)

by Kallista Dane on 2019-11-17
I was a powerful warrior. Feared and honored. In control of my life, my destiny. Preparing for the end.

Until I took the beautiful human as my mate.

Arythios is gone, destroyed by an evil force. Men, women, children—dead. All that remains of my world, once the pride of the galaxy, is a team of warriors, a handful of starships, and me. The last Archon.

To insure the survival of our race, I chose one of the humans sent to us as a breeder. A shy virgin with shamefully wicked secret fantasies that awakened my own dark desires. Hungers I thought had long since passed. I was determined to master her with stern discipline. Instead, she captured my heart.

Now, the rules of combat have changed. The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been before. I’m hunting a faceless enemy bent on destroying us all. But this time I’m fighting for more than my honor or my own survival. I have a mate to protect and cherish…with a new life on the way.

Centauri Captives is a steamy sci-fi romance series from USA Today Bestselling Authors Kallista Dane and Kate Richards featuring masterful alien warriors and the captive Earth women they take as mates in a desperate attempt to save their race from oblivion.

Each book in the series is a stand-alone, introducing a strong smart heroine and a super-hot alien hero in a battle of the sexes as old as the Universe. There’s no cheating, no cliffhangers – and you’re guaranteed a sexy romance with a happy ending.

New SFR books for 2019-11-16

Slave to the Alien Prince: Book Three in The Xillian Rebellion (An Alien Abduction Romance Series)

by Maia Tanith on 2019-11-16
This prince has lived his whole life bowing down to others. It might just be a slave girl who teaches him how to stand tall.
Faye thought she had finally made it to safety. Spoiler - nope, she hasn’t.
Her life on the run was going to end, and she was going to make it across the border into America. Instead, she’s abducted by alien slavers and sold as the personal slave of a pampered prince in a planet very foreign to that of Earth.
But there might just be more to the prince than his spoiled, selfish façade. So much more that Faye might just be about to risk her life again, this time for a cause much bigger than she could have ever imagined.
Khan’s hatred for the life of court runs deep. His hatred for the Emperor, his Uncle, runs deeper still. If there was a way out, he’d leave.
But while he might feign indifference to the suffering of the empire, inside he knows that if he leaves, those he loves will suffer even more. So he stays.
Until the appearance of his new Earthling slave. She might have been sent to spy on him, but it’s getting hard to keep his distance from her. And when the unthinkable happens, it might just be his slave who holds the keys to his own redemption, and to the future of the planet.
Buy Slave to the Alien Prince now and immerse yourself in the terrifying and beautiful world of Faye and Khan, where evil rulers, intergalactic slave traders, muscled alien princes, hidden rebellions and a surprising love will collide. Book 3 in the Xillian Rebellion Series.
A full-length romance novel with steamy love scenes and plenty of action.
Book 3 in The Xillian Rebellion, an Alien Abduction series. Can be read as a stand-alone – but we recommend reading Books 1 and 2 first, Mated to an Alien Warrior and Sold to an Alien Pirate! With a story this good, one book isn’t enough!
Trigger warning: Some violent scenes. Caution is advised for readers who might find this upsetting.

Delta Rangers

by Iris Sword on 2019-11-16
Former indentured miner Victorio Chu never dreamed of marrying intergalactic mates. Now he’s knocked up by the elite Space Rangers Xa’baar Ilaura and Haltrax Vuron, of the ice planet Deltrax, and on the run. Framed by his former master on Tieqiú 9, Victorio depends on Xa’baar and Haltrax to prove his innocence.

But between morning sickness and bickering husbands, Victorio may lose his sanity before he gains his independence. Xa’baar wants to turn to the Ranger Confederation for help. Haltrax contends its suicide. If Victorio wants to avoid divorce and delivery his baby, he must confront his past during an everlasting summer on Tieqiú.

Delta Rangers is an erotic mpreg ménage à trois alien romance novella.

The Alien Reindeer's Escape (A Winter Starr Book 10)

by Eden Ember on 2019-11-16
Elzarr comes to Alaska, the last place he expects to meet anyone. He wants the freedom to run wild and free and be who he is. When he trots right up to Piper Stone as she's gathering firewood for her cabin, he's instantly mesmerized with the beautiful human. And the feeling is likewise, only she thinks he's just a majestic reindeer.

Imagine what she thinks when she's falling from her roof only to land in the arms of a naked and very sexy mountain man, during a snow storm.

New SFR books for 2019-11-15

The Commander's Warrior Mate (The Vitruvian Chronicles)

by A.R. Kayne on 2019-11-15

She’s filthy, she’s murderous, and she lives in a cave. 

She’s also his mate.

Kill or be killed. That was Jess’s life after the Ghul invaded. With civilization in ruins and her family dead, she fled to the woods and clawed for survival. Fifteen years later, the Alliance came in the dark of night and tore her life apart again.

Now she’s being held on an Alliance starship against her will. Its captain looks at her with a glint in his eye and says there’s a man on board for her, a man who’ll cherish her.

But why would she want that? Men are terrifying! No, all she really wants is her freedom. If the captain will just undo her cuffs - or come within reach so she can bash him over the head - she’ll let herself out and find her own way home. Surely it can’t be that hard to fly a spaceship!

Captain Pryce Adamson isn’t looking for a life mate. He certainly doesn’t expect to find one shackled in his ship’s interrogation room, spewing lies and threatening violence. But within minutes of pitting his wits against hers, he knows she’s his match. Shipboard tests merely confirm what he already knows: this feral, outrageous nymph of a woman is his shot at a lifetime of joy and passion. 

But her time in hiding has left her badly scarred. A man is the last thing she wants. It’s going to take every bit of patience and cunning he has to win a chance with her … and even then, he may find a knife between his ribs!

Primal Mates: A Scifi Alien Romance (Dragon Warriors Book 2)

by ML Guida on 2019-11-15

His powers are dark. She’s waited hundred years for people to hear the truth. Can they forget old hurts and trust each other to take down an alien foe?

Scotland. Lauchlan thinks his dragon powers are evil. His visions are getting stronger. He’s afraid he’ll turn into the alien foe hunting them. The only way to stop the prophesy is to protect his beautiful mate. She’s key to keeping him on a righteous path.

The last thing Faye MacFarlane wants is to be controlled–even by the handsome dragon shifter. She’s discovered she has abilities and wants to be independent. But she’s having trouble convincing her dragon-shifter.

Can Lauchlan and Faye combine their powers and find true love to stop evil from destroying their world?

New SFR books for 2019-11-14

Alien Hope: A SciFi Alien Romance (Alien Invasion Book 5)

by Honey Phillips on 2019-11-14
Torn apart for ten years, can they reclaim their love?

For as long as Emlan could remember, T’renan had been part of her life - friend, protector, confidant - but when she tried to show the massive alien warrior she wanted more, he left her. When she heard that he had been killed, she couldn't let herself believe he was really gone.

Ten years later, just as she finally starts to move on with her life, word comes that he is alive. At first she is overjoyed, but the protective warrior of her youth has been replaced by a bitter, angry male.

T’renan never wanted to leave Emlan, but neither could he resist her innocent advances. A temporary assignment guarding trade routes seemed like the best alternative - until his ship was captured and he was enslaved in the mines of Quatar. Only the memories of Emlan keep him sane during the torturous years of his imprisonment, but when he finally manages to escape, nothing is the same. He has lost everything else - is he going to lose her as well?

Fate kept them apart for ten years; can they overcome the distance between them and find their way back to each other?

Each book in the Alien Invasion series can be read as a standalone romance. This sweet and steamy HEA is intended for adult readers.

Dispel Illusion (Impossible Times Book 3)

by Mark Lawrence on 2019-11-14

Sometimes being wrong is the right answer.

Nick Hayes’s genius is in wringing out the universe’s secrets. It’s a talent that’s allowed him to carve paths through time. But the worst part is that he knows how his story will end. He’s seen it with his own eyes. And every year that passes, every breakthrough he makes, brings him a step closer. Mia’s accident is waiting for them both in 2011. If it happens then he’s out of choices.

Then a chance 1992 discovery reveals that this seeker of truth has been lying to himself. But why? It’s a question that haunts him for years. A straw he clings to as his long-awaited fate draws near.

Time travel turns out not to be the biggest problem Nick has to work on. He needs to find out how he can stay on his path but change the destination. Failure has never been an option, and neither has survival. But Nick’s hoping to roll the dice one more time. And this new truth begins with a lie.

The Alien Reindeer's Joy (A Winter Starr Book 7)

by Sonia Nova on 2019-11-14
Dashing through the snow is no fun when you're running for your life...
For reindeer shifter Kaelar, Christmas means a lot more than caroling and hot chocolate. Without him and his fellow reindeer working for Santa, excess joy would go to waste instead of into the hearts of children who need it.

Kaelar is committed to the season and the work that comes with it—even when it means working against evil aliens whose mission is to vacuum away all the joy the reindeer fight to keep alive.

With the happiness of thousands of children on his shoulders, murderous reindeer hunters on his tail, and a group of vicious aliens stealing joy, finding a mate is the last thing on Kaelar’s mind.

Until he meets her.

Chloe is a doctor at a children's hospital, and while she wants to fall in love and have a family, her patients are her priority—so it feels like a gift when a mysterious reindeer shows up at the hospital and brings happiness to the children seemingly by magic.

Could the visitor be connected to the handsome, reindeer-costumed man who's been cheering up children around town? The man Chloe can’t stop thinking about?

All Chloe knows is that the man seems to be counteracting a strange joylessness that has shrouded the town.

Can Kaelar save Chloe’s town before it's too late? Or will Christmas be ruined forever?

New SFR books for 2019-11-13

The Alien Reindeer's Bounty (A Winter Starr Book 6)

by Nancey Cummings on 2019-11-13

Mads + Odessa = 4EVA

Except forever ended when Mads kissed Odessa, bit her and then ghosted her.
Twelve years later, he’s back and looking to pick up where they left off.
Um, no thank you. Odessa has more to think about than her own heart. She’s now a single mom and can’t afford to get involved with a man with a track record of vanishing.
It doesn’t matter that he’s haunted her dreams for years. Or that when they’re together, she feels like she can finally breathe. And it certainly doesn’t matter that her traitorous body craves his touch.
Besides, Mads hoards secrets like they’re made of chocolate.
One, he’s an alien shifter. Like he turns into a reindeer with antlers and everything.
Two, that bite made them bonded mates.
And the third secret is the most dangerous of all.
How can they have a second-chance at love when the sins of the past threaten to tear them apart?

The authors of Starr Huntress were given a challenge: give readers a reindeer shifter in your holiday story. We all agreed to call our shifters “reilendeer” and decided they bring good cheer to the world around them… and then we went crazy! You might notice differences about the world and abilities of the reilendeer from story to story, and that’s because each author has put her own spin on the challenge.

Now it’s time to grab your eggnog, cuddle up by the fire, and enjoy these steamy alien shifters.

Last Light

by Claire Kent on 2019-11-13
It only took four years for the world to fall apart.

Now the last member of my family has died, and I'm forced to travel across what's left of three states to find the only people I know left alive. To survive, I'll have to salvage food and supplies and try to avoid violent men who've learned they can take what they want by force. The only way I'm going to make it is by trusting Travis.

Travis used to fix my car, and now he's all I have left in the world. He's gruff and stoic and unfriendly, and I don't really know or like him. But he's all I have left. He'll keep me safe. We'll take care of each other. Until we reach what's left of our town and can finally let go of one another.

Last Light is a standalone post-apocalyptic romance set in the near future after a global catastrophe.

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