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New SFR books for 2018-09-24

Priest and Pariahs (Centauri Survivors Second Chance Chronicles Book 3)

by J. Alan Veerkamp on 2018-09-24
Costa McQuillen has escaped from Earth, where being para-human—a Pariah—with tech empathic abilities is illegal, and marks him for extermination. Arrogant and standoffish, Costa is unable to trust anyone but is willing to risk everyone’s safety in his desperate effort to reach the planet Omoikane. His best solution, gaining passage on board the Santa Claus.

Arbor Kittering is the crew’s newest coding tech. Having spent a short time in prison for data hacking and falsifying government files, the Santa Claus is his last chance at a new start—if he can decipher the strange malfunctions plaguing the ship.

Eugene “Priest” Jones, the Santa Claus’s Head Pilot, is a bit of a scoundrel. Perpetually single, Priest is attracted to Costa and Arbor. In truth, he’d like to have both, but it’s clear even his grifting and gambling skills can’t make that happen.

Now as they all travel together, it appears Priest needs to make a choice before it’s too late as each of their lives intertwine with potentially dangerous and deadly consequences.

New SFR books for 2018-09-23

Charged: An Otherwordly Reverse Harem (The Otherworlds Series Book 1)

by Gillian Zane on 2018-09-23
A Science Fiction Reverse Harem novel from the best-selling author of the NOLA Zombie Series.

Bobbie Flemming was having one of those terrible, no good kind of days.

Her boss yelled at her because of something a co-worker did, her sometimes boyfriend was getting engaged to another woman, and she wore two different shoes to work. To make matters worse, she agreed to be in a charitable "most eligible" auction for her friend Chuck, who won't speak to her if she doesn't show up.

Bobbie doesn't feel most eligible, and she definitely doesn't feel like going on a date with someone so desperate they have to win her in an auction. But when two of the hottest men on the planet, who happen to be twins, show up and outbid everyone, Bobbie thinks she's won the lottery. Until the one in charge opens his mouth and she realizes he's bat sh*t crazy.

Now, Bobbie's being whisked off, without her consent, to the middle of Central Park -- and what is that -- a spaceship? 

This was how Bobbie finds herself stranded on an alien planet, with not two, but four incarnations of the same man. (They do that on their planet, it's like their thing.) And all four of these hot alien males think Bobbie is their fated charge mate. All Bobbie knows is she didn't sign up for this. Sure, the sex might be awesome, and the guys might be super-hot, but what does it take to get back to Earth where everything is normal, and there aren't Emperors who want to kill her?

***This is a stand-alone reverse harem book that is part of The Otherworlds series. Each book will feature a new female and her men. This book is meant for readers 18+ because of graphic sexual scenes between one female and four men.

Sixth: Sci-fi Paranormal Romance (One of Us Series Book 1)

by Kim Faulks on 2018-09-23

Dark. Gripping. Sci-fi/Paranormal Romance.

There’s a place from my nightmares. 

A place where bad things hide.

The memories kept me awake for most of my life. But it’s not what keeps me awake anymore. 

It’s her. 

She calls me, desperate and pleading. Like a shining star I can’t quite find. I feel those men from my nightmares coming for her. Only she can’t sense them—she can’t see. 

Not the past. 

Or the future…unlike me.

Until one day as I stood in a doorway in the barren wasteland in Afghanistan with my squad at my back…my star dimmed, and sputtered out. 

I have two holes in my chest now. One which bears her name. 

I have to find her. I pray I’m not too late. First I have to find the others, two more guys like me. 

Together we seek a North Star.  

One we were born half in love with.

Leading us back home. 

Without ever knowing we were lost at all.

SIXTH is the enthralling 45,000 word prequel to Oleander. The reverse harem romance comes together in the next book. 

O OLHO ESQUERDO DA SOMBRA: Romance (Portuguese Edition)

by Antonio Stegues Batista on 2018-09-23
Gurandar é um dos habitantes do planeta Andoskor. Ele perdeu os pais muito cedo e passou por dificuldades. É adotado e levado a estudar num universidade, onde se torna engenheiro eletrônico. Construindo um telescópio, ele passa a estudar o cosmo e nesses estudos, descobre que o sol de seu planeta vai explodir algum dia. Ele mostra as suas análises para as autoridades, mas o seu trabalho é rejeitado. Gurandar continua a explorar o espaço e descobre também, um planeta com condições para a vida em outro sistema solar. Seu povo poderia imigrar para lá, antes do sol explodir. Gurandar resolve visitar o planeta e descobrir se realmente poderia abrigar seu povo. Porém, a sua astronave sofre uma pane e cai no planeta. Na queda, ele fica ferido. A astronave está destruída. O lugar é o Egito e o ano é o de 2376 Antes de Cristo.

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