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Married to the Alien Admiral of the Fleet: Renascence Alliance Series Book 4

by Alma Nilsson on 2019-11-29

Jane never intended for any of this to happen.

But only the Alliance gods controlled destinies, so she should not be too hard on herself.

Traded to the Alliance Empire during the war with the Jahay; she was forced to sign a contract just as the other women from the human starship Dakota were. The only difference between Jane’s commitment and the other women’s was that Jane was under no obligation to marry an alien. This suited her well as she had had to abandon Jim and her three beloved children on Earth when she was forcibly relocated. During the last two years of her exile, Jane has lived only for the video messages from Jim and her children sent from across the galaxy, secretly harboring the hope of one day returning to Earth.

However, when Jim decides he must move on with his life and invites another woman to live with him and the children, Jane becomes severely depressed. She seeks out medical help and is given an Alliance drug that lets her forget about her relationship with Jim for six months, to create distance. It’s during this time she is transferred to the Alliance Empire’s Flagship. There she begins living a completely different life and behaving in ways she would have never done just months before.

When the drug wears off, will she be able to cope with the loss of Jim? Or will she risk death trying to return to Earth? Or will she be content with the new life she has created for herself in the Alliance Empire, complete with an Alliance lover?

Married to the Alien with No House: Renascence Alliance Series Book 3

by Alma Nilsson on 2019-11-05

Who volunteers to marry an alien?

Babette, of course. She didn’t overthink it. She saw the advertisement from the Alliance Empire and signed up immediately.

However, life on the Alliance Capital Planet isn't as exciting as she thought it would be. There are too many rules she keeps forgetting, sometimes legitimately and sometimes purposefully, and she has to work in the Capital City Library, which she finds very dull. The only eligible men she has met are gorgeous but are annoying. She had not expected life in the Empire to be so quiet. She would return to Earth if she could, but she signed a contract with the Empire, so she must marry.

Mir is unusual for an Alliance man. It’s not only because he continues to have to come for punishments with the High Priestess for not being able to keep his hands to himself around young women, but because at the moment, he finds himself without a House. Born into the slave class but now ascending to maximum class, he must renounce his House only to be invited back if he can prove himself worthy.

And everything was right on track until he met Babette.

Renascence (Alliance Series 1-6): Married to the Alien Admiral (Science Fiction Romance)

by Alma Nilsson on 2019-01-29

Captain Kara Rainer and her crew are taken prisoner by an Alliance Admiral during a galactic war. The Alliance usually never takes prisoners, but they have a serious demographics problem and need human women to maintain their numbers. When Admiral Tir sees the human ship, instead of easily destroying it, he takes the opportunity to seize human women. Kara is forced into a marriage with the Admiral himself and held captive in the Admiral's quarters for months, for the purpose of procreation, before she manages to escape back to Earth. Unfortunately, she receives no warm welcome at home as she is accused of espionage. Kara must accept her new fate as wife to the Alliance Admiral and potential mother to a child that may bring about the end of pure humanity or face death.

Bought (Renascence Series Part 6): Married to the Alien Admiral (Science Fiction Romance Short) (Alliance)

by Alma Nilsson on 2019-01-28

Captain Kara Rainer has escaped from her Alliance husband's ship and returned to Earth. However, her fellow humans don't believe her that she was forced into anything with Admiral Tir during her months away on his ship, as she is pregnant and clearly was not abused in anyway as a "prisoner" and put her in jail and on trial for espionage. While she awaits her fate by her own people she cannot help but dream about her alien husband and how he would touch her while in jail. Mature situations and sexual fantasy dreams.

Escape (Renascence Series Part 5): Married to the Alien Admiral (Science Fiction Romance Short) (Alliance)

by Alma Nilsson on 2019-01-20

Captain Kara Rainer has been aboard the Alliance alien ship as a prisoner and wife to Admiral Tir for months now. His main objective is to see her pregnant before the war is over. As such, they have sex every day and often in different areas of his ship as they cannot keep their hands off each other. Sometimes it is just the two of them and sometimes they are with someone else. Through all of this, Kara still tries to keep her emotions in check, trying not to fall for her husband's charms and gifts. To keep her eyes on her one goal, which is to escape, but when escape finally comes it is into the arms of her ex. lover who wants to do nothing more than make love to her until she has forgotten all about her alien admiral. Contains many scenes of a sexual nature.

Prisoner (Renascence Series Part 3): Married to the Alien Admiral (Science Fiction Romance Short) (Alliance)

by Alma Nilsson on 2019-01-13

Captain Kara Rainer had just watched her male crew return to Earth in her beloved starship and her female crew sent off to be alien brides on the Alliance's capital planet. She is now experiencing life still in the middle of a galactic war on-board an Alliance warship, both wife and prisoner to Admiral Tir. Her new husband expects her to give up all of her secrets now that they are married both personally and professionally and what bothers Kara the most is that she is unable to resist her new husband's demands even in public. Sexual situations in public places and sexual fantasies aboard a starship.