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Forbidden Delivery: Alien Romance (Galaxy Smugglers series)

by Amelia Wilson on 2018-08-06

“What do you do when you’ve suddenly become the cargo of a hot alien smuggler?”

Becca, an ex magazine editor and now-ex girlfriend of a famous chef, decides that she is fed up with love and men altogether. That changes though, after she finds herself tied up on the ship of Falax, an alien smuggler with a great body but a bad attitude. Becca can’t stand his mysterious vibe he’s giving off, but when he touches her for the first time, something lights up inside of her, a burning want that she’s scared to endulge in…

Falax is hotheaded and doesn’t apologize for it. In all his years of delivering potential mates to his king on Kellion, he lives by one rule: Don’t fall in love with the cargo. He’s more than willing to break this rule after a sexy encounter with his delivery, and struggles with wanting to fulfill his duty or fulfill Becca’s most sensitive needs…

At first, Becca and Falax hate each other’s guts. But as the two of them journey closer to Becca’s fate as the king’s mate, they find themselves getting more entangled in galactic adventures…and each other. Becca realizes that there’s something more to Falax, and he’s starting to feel the same. Will Becca escape the king’s potential clutches, or will she end up being precious cargo for Falax?

Alien Seduction (The Klaskians Series Book 2)

by Amelia Wilson on 2018-06-08

What happens when a woman must choose between her mission and her heart?

Sarah Overstreet has one mission. It's going to require she sacrifice her body for the greater good. She’s willing to do anything for the cause.

As a member of SAAB she is dedicated to ending the surrogacy program with the Klaskians for good. The problem is once she gets to the planet they aren’t at all like she’s been taught.

Through the love of two Klaskian males both different in their past and age she finds maybe she doesn’t want to go through with the mission, but the consequences will be dire.

How can she return to her planet a traitor, the answer is, she can’t.

Sensual Abduction Series Box Set: Alien Romance Series

by Amelia Wilson on 2018-03-21

What can one girl from Earth do when caught up in the middle of an alien war?

Find out in the Sensual Abduction box set, featuring four ecstasy filled alien romance novels.

Sarah Ellison was given a beautiful crystal by her Geologist father when she was just a girl. Now, there are aliens willing to do whatever it takes to gain control of the crystal. And since Sarah wears it on a necklace around their neck, that means they’re after her too.

The Aeon’s are a dominating galactic force bent on domination. They abduct Sarah, but she’s soon rescued by Gar, a handsome Zaytarian whose people are embroiled in war. Sarah and her crystal lie at the center of the universal conflict, and as she navigates a steamy relationship with Gar, it’s going to take a lot of determination to make it back home alive.

This boxset is full of sensual passion and exciting action. There’s hot and heavy sexual dalliances, edge of your seat close calls and near misses, and at it’s core a girl from one life and a boy from another thrust together and unwilling to let one another go. Once you start reading Sensual Abduction, you won’t be able to put the book down, at least not until you’re reaching for the next.

All four Sensual Abduction books are included in the set:

1. Aeon Captive
2. Aeon Fugitive
3. Aeon War
4. Aeon Ending

Join Sarah as she goes on the run, keeping her necklace close, and Gar closer. Fight to survive with her as she finds herself marooned on a mysterious planet, earn for safety as Sarah watches lava flow right for her. Feel the breath catch in her chest as Gar touches her body tenderly, and just try not to moan along in ecstasy when she and her alien lover make love.

The Sensual Abduction series is one of the best rated alien romance books online, and now, with this set, you can experience the whole series in one place.

The Adna Planet Series Box Set: Alien Romance Series

by Amelia Wilson on 2018-03-08

When humans and aliens are put into dire situations the only thing they can do is turn to each other. When the adrenaline is high, so is the sexual fervor.

In an uncertain world several races want to sell the weaker ones into slavery. When the stakes are high, love and passion can blossom. The people who live on planet Adna are polyamorous. When it comes to sex it’s a group affair.

This box set include hot sex, taboo love, and elements of danger. When the stakes are high these sexy alien warriors and goddesses don’t back down. You’ll want to keep reading through hot hookups and wild encounters to find out what happens next.

All three The Adna Planet books are included in the set:

1. Baston
2. Sca
3. Ruby

Aeon Ending: Alien Menage Romance (Sensual Abduction Series Book 4)

by Amelia Wilson on 2018-02-21

Sarah has done it. She’s ended the Aeon threat, or has she?

Sending the crystal into the pit of the Aeon weapon was supposed to end the war, but Sarah finds herself prisoner of Henry, the Aeon who was there when she was first abducted, the alien who forced her to love him, and fell for her himself.

After escaping from Henry the first time, Sarah fell for another alien named Gar. A gray skinned Zaytarian who was good and strong and loved her back. He’s on the hunt for Sarah, determined to get to her and save her from Henry’s clutches no matter the cost. When the chance to find Sarah her takes Gar and his companions to a hostile asteroid home to a species of undead androids, the chances of the two lover’s meeting anywhere other than the afterlife become slim.

Will Sarah escape the deranged alien Henry? And can Gar survive long enough to be reunited with his love? The answers are contained within Sensual Abduction Book 4: Aeon End, the exciting conclusion to the Sensual Abduction series.

Aeon War: Alien Menage Romance (Sensual Abduction Series Book 3)

by Amelia Wilson on 2018-01-20

Sarah has been thrust into a galaxy spanning war, where she has found herself to be the only hope for a race of aliens on the verge of total destruction.

Sarah is from Earth, but she hasn’t been there for months. She’s found a friend and lover in Gar, and handsome Zaytarian who has helped her out of more scrapes and dangerous situations than she can remember.

The Aeon’s are a psychic race of aliens who thrive on domination and driving other species to extinction, and they have their sights set on the Zaytarian’s. The only hope Gar and his people have is a small crystal Sarah has worn around her neck since childhood, a gift from her Geologist father. The crystal is the key to a doomsday weapon, one the Aeon’s hope to use soon. But under Sarah’s guidance, the key might be able to destroy the weapon, and the threat of Aeon rule for good.

Will Sarah and Gar reach the weapon in time? Can anything stop the Aeon threat? And when it’s all over, is Sarah ever going to be able to leave the alien she’s fallen for, and return to Earth so she can lead a normal life?

SCA: Alien Menage Romance (The Adna Planet Series Book Book 2)

by Amelia Wilson on 2018-01-10

What’s an Earth girl to do when she’s on a dangerous planet and meets a seemingly friendly and handsome alien?

Abigail was lost, she ran away from the aliens that abducted her when they made an unplanned stop on planet Adna. Now she’s been rescued by a beautiful glowing alien named Sca and the two of them make their way through some serious obstacles on the planet. Abigail finds herself trusting and even falling for Sca, but when they return to his home she learns something troubling.

Sca has a wife, kids, and a husband and they want her to join them in their shared living experience. Not only is she thrown from her comfort zone with this new development, the aliens who kidnapped her are back to finish what they started.

Can her new friends save her from a race determined to make her their new queen? Can she get past her way of thinking about traditional marriage and give into her desire to join the family in bed? Find out in this fast paced steamy story.

Aeon Fugitive: Alien Menage Romance (Sensual Abduction Series Book 2)

by Amelia Wilson on 2017-11-21

Having been recaptured by an evil Alien Race, Earth woman Sarah’s only hope of being saved is Gar, the alien she’s fallen in love with.

Sarah finds herself millions of lightyears from home, held captive on the Aeon planet. The Aeons are a race of psychic aliens, hell bent on destroying their enemies, the Zaytarians. To do that, they need their doomsday weapon, which can only be run by the crystal Sarah has worn on a necklace around her neck for years.

Unable to handle the crystal themselves, the Aeons are forced to keep Sarah alive, at least until they’re ready to strike against their enemies. Gar meanwhile teams up with Adam, another human lost to the stars like his new love, and he heads across the galaxy in hopes of finding Sarah and saving her before the Aeons can harm her.

Will Gar find Sarah in time? Will the crystal be used to power the super weapon against the Zaytarians? Can Sarah survive on a strange planet where every creature and beast seems to be out for her blood? And most importantly, if Gar does find Sarah, how in the world are they going to get off of a hostile planet?

Aeon Captive: Alien Menage Romance (Sensual Abduction Series Book 1)

by Amelia Wilson on 2017-10-20

When Sarah is abducted by aliens, she never imagines she’ll meet the love of her life in outer space.

Sarah is a young woman adrift: she’s recently left school, she lives back home with her geologist father, and she’s avoiding her recently deceased best friend’s mother without really knowing why. When a crystal her father gave her begins to glow and make sounds, Sarah’s world is turned upside down. The crystal is a beacon, and aliens are here to take her away from her home. Far away.

Aboard the alien ship Sarah meets a telepathic alien she names Henry. They share their stories and begin to fall for one another. Though, perhaps Henry isn’t what he seems. That’s what Gar, an alien whose species is at war with Henry’s tells Sarah when he saves her. But Henry isn’t letting his new captive go without a fight, and Sarah and Gar find themselves marooned on a strange planet and on the run.

Which alien is telling the young woman the truth? And how does the old crystal her father gave her tie into an alien war? And which alien will Sarah choose when the time comes? And most importantly, what shocking surprise awaits her on an alien planet light years away from Earth?