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Crypto: Cosmos Alien Mail Order Brides #3: Intergalactic Dating Agency

by Annie Nicholas on 2019-11-04

Aliens are real. Diana Brooke knew this. They came like burglars in the dark, stealing Earth’s natural resources. In kind, she makes them pay for their thefts by tracking them across the planet and pilfering from them. Advance tech brought in good money after all. On a remote island, the group she’s tracked isn’t taking from the planet. They’re abducting humans.

Crypto is an Intergalactic Intelligence agent hell bent on tearing apart a human trafficking ring, but he’s separated from his team. There are many slavers guarding their island base and human casualties will be high if he attempts a rescue by himself. Then he confronts a female human clad in mismatched alien warrior tech. She is the opposite of all his expectations of this planet’s fragile race.

She makes it clear she hates aliens, but is willing to put aside her prejudice to help him save her people. His nanotech makes him appear like a man but his real form is terrifying. Can he steal this thief’s heart so she can see past their differences?

Hack: Cosmos Alien Mail Order Bride #2: Intergalactic Dating Agency

by Annie Nicholas on 2019-10-14

Cosmos Resort and Dating Agency introduces voluntary humans to aliens as prospective mates. The keyword is voluntary. The humans who want nothing to do with aliens have their memories wiped and are sent to a regular Earth resort. But some don’t make it. Instead, they are sold on the galaxy’s black market. The Intergalactic Intelligence Agency sends one of their best agents to put a stop to this slave trade.

Agent Hack trails the alien slavers from the resort to a cruise ship full of humans who had chosen to have their memories wiped. Just as Hack is closing in, he’s struck by lightning, short-circuiting his shapeshifting nanobots and cutting him off from his team. In an effort to hide, he uses the last of his strength to make himself look human before passing out in the closest bed.

Aspiring ocean videographer, Jeannie Havers has a hot lead on a rare shark spotting. She’d love for them to star in her latest documentary but she’s on a tight budget. With her last few dollars, she books a cheap cruise to an unknown singles resort near the sighting. She has five days to locate and film the sharks. That is until she wakes up with the worst hangover ever next to hottest man in the world. And he claims they are soulmates.

Hack’s new face makes him weirdly irresistible to the local human women and impossible to go unnoticed by the slavers, but he’s stuck like this until his nanobots recover. Worse, his soulmate is one of the humans who had chosen to have her memories wiped because she didn’t want to be mated to an alien. Could he spend the rest of his life pretending to be human?

Trace: Cosmos Alien Mail Order Bride #1: Intergalactic Dating Agency

by Annie Nicholas on 2019-09-23

Cosmos Resort and Dating Agency, a place where aliens come to win the heart of a beautiful and rare human mate.

Or that’s what the brochure says.

The Intergalactic Intelligence Agency isn’t so sure since humans are being sold on the black market. They send Trace and his team undercover to the primitive world of Earth as potential customers to investigate the resort. But the universe has a sick sense of humor, because the first human Trace meets seems closer to cracking the case than his team, and also cracking the cold walls surrounding his heart.

Working together, he and Lily discover they have a lot more in common than a mystery to solve.

Lily Johnstone is an investigative journalist on the hot trail of a slave trafficking ring based on a remote island in the Pacific. When she arrives, she’s shocked not to find pirates or terrorists, but a luxury resort run by…wait for it…aliens. Nobody will ever believe her story except for the tabloids. Unless she brings home proof like a certain sexy alien named Trace.