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Ordered by the Alien Overlord: An Alien Abduction Romance (The Novans Book 5)

by Ashlyn Hawkes on 2019-11-07

The leader of the Novans. The head of a dying species. The ruler of men desperate to produce progeny.

Overlord Nestrol has his choice pick out of all the human females, and he takes advantage.

But there’s one who defies him. One who drives him mad. One will not do as she is ordered.

She will. He’ll make her, and then maybe, just maybe he will father her children.

Picked by the Alien Pilot: An Alien Abduction Romance (The Novans Book 4)

by Ashlyn Hawkes on 2019-10-10

Piloting between two worlds. Ferrying females over for his fellow men. Will he ever find a female of his own to not only sleep with but love?

Pilot Chrix is the first Novan most human females meet, and he longs for the chance to be able to pick one for himself. His overlord, however, never gives him the chance.

But one female stands out above the rest. Beautiful. Smart. Funny. Chrix shouldn’t, but he must have her.

Whether she wants him or not.

Bought by the Alien Breeder: An Alien Abduction Romance (The Novans Book 3)

by Ashlyn Hawkes on 2019-09-12

A regular human. A regular alien. Perhaps they can be more together.

Amber Price is a mortician, a depressing enough job, especially after the war between humans and aliens. She never expected to be picked by the lottery to be matched to an alien breeder.

Damonik the alien is one of the few aliens to journey to Earth. The moment he sees Amber from a distance, he is drawn to her. He orchestrates things to be partnered with her, but will they ever be able to connect and work through their differences once she learns the truth, that he bought her?

Selected by the Alien Scientist: An Alien Abduction Romance (The Novans Book 2)

by Ashlyn Hawkes on 2019-08-15

She's intelligent and skilled. So is he. Perhaps there are some skills aside from their minds that they can explore.

Johanna Oldenberg is a scientist, working to ensure that the Novans and their chosen female cohorts can produce children. Scientifically, it should work, and it soon does for Lisa and her alien lover, Commander Brax. All of the other couples, though, are failing.

Pressure is mounting to find a solution. Otherwise, the Novans will die out.

Soon, they make a breakthrough. It seems the secret might lie in a woman’s pleasure, and one of the alien scientists is more than willing to test that theory on Johanna…

Chosen by the Alien Commander: An Alien Abduction Romance (The Novans Book 1)

by Ashlyn Hawkes on 2019-07-18

Picked for her brain. Chosen for her body. Is it possible for love to enter the picture?

When the evil alien Grots attack Earth intent on destroying all of humanity, the humans thought they were doomed. But then they are saved when another rival alien race, the Novans, sweeps in to help the humans slaughter the Grots.

And peace was had by all.

Only… not so much.

When the Grots demolished the Novans’s planet, they also killed every single female. Now, in exchange for saving humanity, the Novans demand human females for breeding.

Earth has no choice but to comply.

At least Lisa Vena doesn’t have to worry about being sent to breed. Instead, she’s sent as a doctor to the Novan’s new planet Kuria, but as she treats the wounds of the commander of the alien’s army, he takes a fancy to her, and he won’t take no for an answer…