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Arriving Soon


Accidental Goddess

by Avery Rae on 2018-10-31

Five gorgeous aliens are suddenly calling me their goddess. I don't know how to break it to them, but they've got the wrong woman, and it's probably going to kill us all.

My escape pod crashed on their planet. I didn't get the memo but apparently my arrival was foretold in some prophecy. So, yeah, they worship me now. Awkward, right?

My five new disciples range from ruthless to brilliant, and from standoffish to unbelievably sweet. Each rules over their own faction and they've been locked in a cold war. Unfortunately, I've arrived just as things are starting to heat up.

According to this mysterious prophecy, I'm the one who's supposed to make them get along. If I don't, they're going to kill each other and I'll be caught in the middle.

Which means they expect some human nerd wearing nothing but her bunny slippers and underwear to create world peace. This isn't going to end well, is it?

Accidental Goddess is a full-length standalone Science Fiction Reverse Harem novel with a high heat level and heavy doses of strife, sweetness, and laughs to balance it out.

Ambassador's Stowaway (Korystus Aliens Book 3)

by Avery Rae on 2018-09-18

I had my getaway perfectly planned. Then I got on the wrong ship. His ship.

Talys is supposed to be an ambassador but he has the social graces of a donkey. And now I'm stuck with him.

Look, I know people are trying to change things on Korystus. They want to prove that humans and Korysti can live together. I say there's too much bad blood.

Talys is kinda proof it's all a waste. I mean, he plans on hauling me right back to Korystus when he's done with his trip. Our kind will never get along at this rate.

Which is why I shouldn't be so tempted by Talys's offer to join him in his quarters. I gotta stick to my guns, though. I'm not taking a tumble in his sheets, and I'm definitely not going back to Korystus.

So, all I have to do is stay out of his room, keep my mouth shut, and run for freedom when we land. Simple, right?

The thing is... my self-control sucks, he's really good at getting a rise out of me, and I'm a terrible runner.

This is going to be a long trip.

Soldier's Runaway (Korystus Aliens Book 2)

by Avery Rae on 2018-08-09

He should turn me in, and I should hate him. But here we are. On the run together.

Kolyr is a soldier, loyal to Korystus. I'm an escaped prisoner.

He chose to save me from my captor and I don't know why. His kind treat humans like dirt.

Which is why I shouldn't be so eager to fall into his arms. But alone in the glowing forests of Korystus... anything can happen.

The question is, where do a dishonored soldier and a runaway go from here? My captor won't stop looking for me, and the forest can't hide us forever.

Senator's Pet (Korystus Aliens Book 1)

by Avery Rae on 2018-07-16

Senator Rylos bought me. But he'll never make me his.

I'll admit those are strong words for a woman who trembles at his touch. But I can't help it. His kind are as beautiful as they are cruel.

We crashed onto his planet ten years after we fled Earth. Instead of helping us, they imprisoned us, then sold us off to the highest bidder.

I was the last human sold. Too much bad behavior. Yet Rylos dared to buy me and call me his pet.

He might be genetically engineered perfection on the outside, but I won't let him have me, no matter how hard it is to resist him. Because my goal is to escape.

I keep telling myself it'll be easy. Why does it feel like I'm lying?