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Arriving Soon


Winter Stars - Lords of the Winter Stars Book 5

by Edita A. Petrick on 2018-12-03

In ten thousand years of bitter conflict, the enemy has not revealed its greatest secret…and the humanity has no idea how close they are to extinction.

Five years ago, a deadly conflict unfolded in a jungle clearing on a distant Rimworld—otherwise known as the last galactic frontier.

A young girl lost her heritage and was cast out to survive in a complex and hostile galactic society. Those who were her caretakers for thirteen years, blocked her memory of who she was, how she came to be their ward and most importantly why, then faded from the galactic scene. Unwanted by her parents’ star-clans, and ostracized by those who should take care of her upbringing, Kitaya lives for the infrequent trans-galactic calls from Karin. The young doctor is the only one who knows that Kitaya is a seed of new galactic order—a formidable telepath who one day may even eclipse the frontier gods who cared for her for thirteen years and then cast her out. But that’s not why she remains Kitaya’s friend. Five years ago, she matched Kitaya’s DNA against her parents and the DeWynter nobility refused to accept the Rimworld foundling. It’s when Karin realized that everyone outside the Rimworlds wants nothing more than to lock up the child who is not just the hereditary DeWynter duchess but the Princess Royal of Bollidor.

Each time Karin visits Kitaya in her remote quarters in the royal palace, she is able to make Kitaya remember snippets of her life before the tragedy in the jungle. She knows that it won’t be easy for Kitaya to re-discover her mental talents without revealing herself to members of her extended family, but progress is measured in tiny steps, not quantum leaps.

Finally, the day arrives when Kitaya is allowed to leave the world that has been her prison for five years. With Karin by her side, they head for Caritan, the birth-world of Kitaya’s father and one of the four Core worlds of the Confederate Union. Their first joint assignment is mundane…or so it seems. Providing escort to a drone convoy carrying supplies for worlds that lie on the other side of the Neutral Zone—in the enemy’s backyard. It’s a test and a trap—and they both know it. The marine humanoid race that has been in a state of conflict with the mostly human populations of the Confederate Union, is known for its cunning and cruelty. Since the two have been mortal enemies for millennia, and the aggression is always about the borders and galactic expansion, there are no secrets to uncover…then again, there has never been a human telepath of Kitaya’s skill and magnitude going out on convoy escort through the enemy territory.

The Prisoners of Illusion

by Edita A. Petrick on 2018-11-27

Dr. Ambrosia Severn is dead to the world into which she was born…but very much alive among the people whose ancestors came down from the stars. The man who swore to protect her, now must expand that protection to their two children.


It’s not easy to sail a cloaked artificial island the size of Cyprus in the Pacific such as to avoid regular shipping routes. The descendants of the Avendar galactic explorers, stranded on Earth, have done it for eight thousand years. Amy is grateful to them for offering her refuge when she most needed it, but she also thinks they’ve been hiding their homeland long enough. Especially now, when Niven’s two sons keep her busy, she doesn’t want them to grow up in the isolation of the elite island society. However, there is a difference between a measured exposure of the Island, and ripping off its cloaking screen. But that’s precisely what Persis, the ruthless siren wants to do—and in the process destroy the world that’s hosted her ancestors.