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Arriving Soon



by Hannah L. Corrie on 2018-06-27

YAGO SOLAS had big hopes for his career as a plasma engineer on a Terran space station, out there on the edge of civilization and living the life of a pioneer. Those hopes are crushed, however, by the homophobia of his colleagues and the cold, harsh, reality of living in outer space. When the bullying goes too far and a prank turns into a dangerous accident, Yago is bitten and infected by an alien creature and loses everything, even his humanity.
The experiments intended to heal him soon turn to cold interest in his new physiology and from one moment to the next, Yago runs the risk of being killed by the very people supposed to save him. A crash saves his life but sends him stumbling into an alien culture and into the lap of AZEKIAL YYN-THYR, a snarly, grim A'shian guard captain who may yet prove to be his demise; A'shian legends tell of a species that caused a cataclysm responsible for stranding the A'shians where they are, and the Terrans might just fit the bill…