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Vortex (Adventures in the Outerwebs Book 1)

by Joanne Ganci on 2019-11-01

Life in the Interwebs was nice and routine. I did my job at The Exchange and kept my head down. Well until I encountered a bug in the code, that turned into a tornado.

Just a baby one. No big deal, right?

How was I supposed to know it would drop me in the Outerwebs? Let alone that two of my colleagues would get sucked in behind me?

Now we’re stranded here, no job to do, no clue what’s going on and no idea how to get back.

The only thing that makes sense right now is the men around me, not only my co-workers, but the two Outers that took us in.

I have a growing need to protect them. Relationships like this don’t exist where I’m from, and I’m not letting them go now. If you knew them, you wouldn’t either.

Vortex, Book 1 in the Adventures in the Outerwebs Series, is a 103k+ word Sci-Fi Fantasy Reverse Harem Novel. This means our girl Sup3rN0va will not be forced to choose amongst her men.

It should be noted that Joanne Ganci and CA Higgins are not responsible for any messes or injuries caused due to intense laughter, nor are they responsible for an increase in battery usage one might have.

Vortex contains strong language and sexual situations (including but not limited to MM) not suitable for Outers under the age of 18. Proceed with caution as you travel through the vortex. And always remember, the size of the tornado is irrelevant if tornadoes don’t belong there.