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Arriving Soon


Dragon Envy (Dragonfire Series Book 3)

by Kelly Armenta on 2018-07-17

I am Lexi Helyanwe and soon I must decide if I will take up the mantle of Princess to the Seelie, or become the Queen of Dragons. My Grandmother has called me home to court. A place I’ve never been and a welcome that isn’t guaranteed. Should I wish to keep my beloved guard at my side, I must go and plead my case before the Queen of Air and Light. I pray to the Goddess that Sidhee politics are not the end of me. There are many who want what I have, and they will stop at nothing to take it.

With several new potential mates joining her band of men, Lexi must navigate dangerous territory while being forced ever closer to fulfilling her destiny. Yet duty and its pursuit are not often good bedfellows. And Lexi soon finds herself caught up in adventure much larger than merely saving the Dragon race.