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Arriving Soon



by LEE JUNE on 2019-11-03

Time is a constraint. We humans, with limited lifespans, inevitably look for shortcuts in everything we do, to learn and experience as much of the universe as we can. We call these step-by-step problem solving shortcuts, algorithms. For some time, we realised that the number of algorithms is finite for humans, unless we can change our perspective to operate in a much more extensive domain. Can we live forever? Our carbon-based form cannot, but what about our consciousness? Can we transfer our consciousness into a pure energy state?
In this three-part series, a group of entrepreneurs, software engineers, mathematicians and neuroscientists, for very different reasons, embark on an unfathomable journey in the search for eternity. Each has to face their own demons and are forced to make sacrifices and hard decisions throughout the quest for the privilege to witness the wonders of science, and to be loved and understood.
What is humanity's position in the vast universe and what are the fundamental qualities that make us human? How do you define love? No-one has ever said wisdom and morality are equal, although people hope they are. Will the convergence of the advances in technology across many disciplines, lead to the inevitable defining moment in the human evolutionary path and its unintended consequences?