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Metal Wolf (Warriors of Galatea Book 1)

by Lauren Esker on 2018-06-17

A farm girl who dreams of the stars.
A wounded soldier who was born there ...

Sarah Metzger gave up her dream of becoming an astrophysicist to care for her widowed father after a farming accident. The only stars she'll ever know are the ones she sees through her telescope from her bedroom window.

Until an injured soldier from outer space crashes into her life ... literally.

Injured and on the run, on a planet called Earth ...

Wolf shifter Rei was enslaved as a child and forced to fight for the galactic empire who conquered his people. When his stolen spaceship plunged into Earth's atmosphere, he never dreamed he might find sanctuary, home, and love.

On Sarah's world, in Sarah's arms, he can finally began to heal. Perhaps there is a future for him other than fighting.

But the empire that stole him as a child has tracked him across the universe to find his hiding place.

A lush, beautiful world, with no idea that aliens exist ... and no defenses against them.

A world called Earth ...

A full length science fiction werewolf romance from the author of the SHIFTER AGENTS series. If you like tough, protective heroes with a gentle side, and heroines willing to fight for their mates, one-click to bring Sarah and Rei home with you today!