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MINE: A Possessive Alien Romance

by Loki Renard on 2019-11-01

She is the last human. And she's mine.

The year is 3232. I prepare to descend upon humanity and take what my kind have taken for thousands of years: any female I please.

But the Earth I find is not the Earth I remember.

The humans are gone.
Their cities destroyed.
I mourn a lost species...
Until I find her.
A girl I name One.

One female left from billions.
One precious gift from a dying planet.
One I will make my own.

I will possess her.
I will protect her.
I will never let her go.

MINE is a standalone novel set in USAT Bestseller Loki Renard's new dark sci-fi universe.

Seeded: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance

by Loki Renard on 2019-09-05

They came to Earth for one reason: to spread their seed.

I was on a routine patrol when my ship encountered an anomaly orbiting Earth. I broke protocol to investigate, only to suddenly find myself in a very small cell with a very large alien male.

He is Talon, captain of the Virility, and I am now his captive. His crew's mission is to seed the universe, breeding with every form of life.

Including me.

Publisher's Note: Seeded includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book. Also note that Seeded was previously published under the titles Bred and Virility.

Instinct: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance

by Loki Renard on 2019-02-28

I mistook him for a wild beast. Then he claimed me like one.

Though I was sent to scan this planet for human life, its inhabitants seem more like beasts than men to me. But now I've crash landed, and one of them has decided to take me as his mate...

He is far from gentle, but as this brute claims me I know it is not pain or fear compelling me to surrender myself to him so shamefully I may never stop blushing.

It is instinct.

Publisher's Note: Instinct includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Sold: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance

by Loki Renard on 2019-01-17

My body had never been touched by a man. Then I was sold to seven of them.

The city was my only chance to survive, but I didn't make it an hour before I was caught. They stripped me, punished me, and then auctioned me off. Not to just one man, but to seven battle-hardened brutes hungry for a woman to claim and ravish in the most shameful ways imaginable.

But even as these rugged mercenaries set about mastering my virgin body and teaching me what it means to belong to them completely, they offer me something that I never thought I'd have...

Though they bought me for their use, I have become much more than merely their property. They paid for me with money, but in my heart I know they would protect me with their lives.

Publisher's Note: Sold includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Insatiable: A Dark Romance

by Loki Renard on 2018-11-10

His need for me is insatiable. He's going to take everything he wants.

He once planned to romance me, but that man is gone, and the beast he became has only one purpose, one desire, one impulse: to tear my clothes off and ravish me over and over.

With my naked body helpless in his rough, unbreakable grip, he'll claim every part of me savagely, punishingly, each brutal climax leaving me screaming louder than the last.

Even when he's finished with me, I know it won't be for long. Each time he uses me is more merciless, intense, and shameful than the one before... and I'm not sure I want him to stop.

Publisher's Note: Insatiable includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Brute: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance

by Loki Renard on 2018-10-13

He wants me, and he takes what he wants.

I thought my scheme was foolproof, but the alien brute caught me. Now I'm going to pay.

I will not just be punished. I will be owned. He is going to use me roughly, savagely, taking me in ways I didn't think it would be possible for such an enormous beast to take a little human.

As one painfully intense climax after another is ripped from my naked, quivering body, I'm certain he is not even close to being done with me... and I'm not sure I want him to be.

Publisher's Note: Brute includes spankings, sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Captive: A Dark Cyborg Romance

by Loki Renard on 2018-07-28

I hid, but he found me. Now he is going to breed me.

I was there the moment he awakened. I saw the pain and rage in his eyes as they experimented on him. Now he is free, and he has come to claim me, to use me, and to breed me.

He has no concept of boundaries or limits. He will not be gentle. He will take me hard and savagely, over and over, and if I resist he will punish me as shamefully as he sees fit.

He is going to make me beg for mercy... and then he is going to make me beg for more.

Publisher's Note: Captive includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Savages: A Reverse Harem Romance

by Loki Renard on 2018-06-09

When nineteen-year-old Riley Jones ventures outside the city, she quickly discovers that the world beyond the walls is a rugged, dangerous place. Though she is soon taken in by what she considers to be a primitive tribe, she is uncertain whether these men can be trusted to protect her.

She cannot help being drawn to the brutishly handsome warriors, however, and she soon finds herself wondering what it would be like to be theirs. But can they keep her safe in their world?

Broken by the Alien: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance

by Loki Renard on 2018-04-07

Earth has been conquered and humanity enslaved. For years I’ve worked in the fields under the constant supervision of a ruthless alien overseer, growing produce for the Rathkari who rule the planet. But then an alien commander takes an interest in me and brings me aboard his ship.

Commander Seale Karlo treats me differently than any Rathkari has before, ensuring that I’m well fed and properly cared for, and despite my best efforts to hate the handsome warrior, I find myself drawn to him. But would it be a betrayal of my own people to fall in love with him?

Broken by Him

by Loki Renard on 2018-02-08

On the verge of joining the civil service in her nation’s capital, Tara Tanner’s main goal in life is to land a government job and live as happily as possible in the authoritarian state that has taken over every aspect of the lives of its citizens. But a single encounter changes her life forever…

Doctor Mark Kilroy has been a part of the Resistance for most of his life, and his job is training operatives to infiltrate the highest ranks of the country’s tyrannical government. But he has never met a woman like Tara before, and when circumstances throw them together, he finds himself struggling to avoid falling in love even as he does his best to train her for her future missions.

His Pet Princess

by Loki Renard on 2018-01-05

When twenty-year-old Princess Sabine discovers that her father plans to marry her off to one of his generals, she flees through the world gate, and what she discovers on the other side is unlike anything she has ever seen. But Sabine is an outsider in this world of towering buildings, vast multitudes of people, and highly advanced technology, and she soon finds herself in danger.

Maxim’s orders are simple. As the guardian of the gate, he must track down the princess and bring her home. But he quickly realizes that it won’t be that easy. The gate has been destroyed, and Maxim and Sabine are trapped on the other side. Can he keep her safe in this strange place?

The Dragon Lord's Pet (Dragon Brides Book 5)

by Loki Renard on 2017-11-04

When eighteen-year-old Lilly enters the Dragon Realm for the first time after years of training under the watchful eye of her outcast father, she immediately seeks vengeance against the ruler who banished him. To her shock and dismay, however, her plan is easily thwarted by the king's most trusted ally, High Lord Vitomir, and Lilly soon finds herself stripped bare and helplessly restrained as she is interrogated and punished by her stern, handsome captor.

To atone for her crime, Lilly is given to Vitomir to be corrected and trained, and he quickly sets about teaching his new pet her place. She is made to wear a collar and tail, kept naked and on display in a cage, and punished in the most shameful ways imaginable whenever she dares to defy her new master. But despite everything, Lilly cannot deny her body's response to Vitomir's firm-handed dominance, and when he claims her at last she is left utterly spent and satisfied.

As she learns the truth about her father's treachery, Lilly begins to realize the extent to which she has been lied to throughout her life. But when his scheming threatens to reignite the war between men and dragons, will Lilly be prepared to do whatever is necessary to stop him?

Publisher's Note: The Dragon Lord's Pet is a stand-alone book which is the fifth entry in the Dragon Brides series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Leashed by the Dragons (Dragon Brides Book 4)

by Loki Renard on 2017-10-07

Nineteen-year-old orphan Brianna Packard learned quite a bit about getting out of tough situations over many years spent fending for herself, but nothing could have prepared her for the moment she is grabbed off the street by two powerful dragon shifters intent on bringing her back to their world, training her as a pet, and then selling her to the highest bidder.

Though Valkimer and Chak expected that taming a human female would be a simple task, Brianna turns out to be as clever as she is beautiful, and when she escapes it is no small feat to recapture her. Determined to master their feisty little captive, they waste no time in stripping her bare and spanking her soundly, but that is only the beginning of her punishment.

When she continues to defy her new owners, Brianna soon finds herself bound and on display, with her bottom on fire both inside and out and her naked body teased until she is quivering with helpless, desperate desire. By the time her captors are convinced she has learned her lesson, she is all but begging them to take her in any way they please, and when the two handsome warriors claim her at last the pleasure is more intense than she would have thought possible.

It isn't long before Brianna is blushing crimson as she is fitted with a collar and tail, and as her training begins in earnest over the coming days she begins to realize how thoroughly her masters plan to enjoy their new pet. More shameful still, though she promises herself that she'll continue looking for an opportunity to escape, part of her isn't even sure she wants to...

Publisher's Note: Leashed by the Dragons is a stand-alone book which is the fourth entry in the Dragon Brides series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

The Alien's Collar

by Loki Renard on 2017-09-08

Twenty-five-year-old Kelly Kennedy didn’t expect to run into anything more out of the ordinary than some unique wildlife during her trip to Australia, but when she encounters a group of alien invaders her life is changed forever.

From the moment Kelly sets eyes on Rake she cannot keep her mind off him, and when the handsome alien commander makes his interest in her known she soon finds herself returning with him to his planet. But will Rake’s people accept his relationship with a human woman?

The Dragon King's Pet (Dragon Brides Book 3)

by Loki Renard on 2017-07-28

Eighteen-year-old Mika Ferrier has never concerned herself much with stories of the war between men and dragons, but her life changes in an instant when she is pulled through a portal that appears suddenly in her room one night. She awakens in an opulent palace in the company of a huge, handsome man who explains that he has taken Mika captive for her own protection.

Casimer, King of the Dragon Realm, has been watching Mika for a long time. Though she does not know it, dragon's blood flows in her veins, and she will never truly be safe on Earth. But while he brought Mika to his world to keep her safe, when Casimir realizes that she is in desperate need of taming he decides to claim the beautiful, headstrong girl as his pet.

After Mika is stripped bare and spanked thoroughly, her owner sets about training her, and soon she has been fitted with a leash, collar, and tail. Yet even as she blushes crimson while kneeling naked at the dragon king's feet, Mika cannot help yearning for him to take her in his arms and make her his own. But can she dare to hope that one day she will be more than merely his pet?

Publisher's Note: The Dragon King's Pet is a stand-alone book which is the third entry in the Dragon Brides series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.