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Brute: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Warriors of Kaizon Book 5)

by Luna Hunter on 2019-09-12

Finally, I have reached Earth! I will slay the weak males and claim their fertile women. I shall usher in a new golden age and lead my Kaizon brothers to total domination! But first, I will father a thousand sons...

That's my plan. Until I see her. A human female, so small and weak compared to my raw, brute strength... and yet, merely looking at her makes my two hearts race. And her scent! It drives me absolutely wild!

I must know her name. I must know everything about her. I must have her. She must be mine.

My mission was an easy one: Go to the caves and find a crystal. Being abducted by a rogue, dominant, drop-dead gorgeous Kaizon warrior hellbent on taking over Earth was definitely not part of the plan.

Yet I find myself abducted by the hottest, tallest alien I've ever seen all the same. His brooding look tells me he's up to no good, and despite his savage nature... my stomach flutters.

I must escape -- or I will lose my heart to this brute.

BRUTE is the fifth book in the steamy Sci-Fi Romance series Warriors of Kaizon, by Luna Hunter. Each book follows a different couple and can be read as a standalone. No cheating, HEA guaranteed!

Feral: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Warriors of Kaizon Book 4)

by Luna Hunter on 2019-07-05

Book 4 in the Warriors of Kaizon series!

Savage: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Warriors of Kaizon Book 3)

by Luna Hunter on 2019-06-13

I didn't think aliens were real.
Until Surlok saved my life.

He's a towering mass of muscle, with huge horns and sharp claws. The alien warrior cuts my attackers down, and then the savage beast turns his hungry gaze my way.

I have to save my friends, but Surlok has different plans.

Every muscle in his alien body throbs... for me.

My king says human mates are our future.
I don't see how the weak creatures could be of any use to us indomitable warriors.

Until I saw her. Joan. Perfection made flesh. My two hearts quicken at the mere sight of her, and her scent sends me into a frenzy.

I must have her.

No matter what.

Even if it means sacrificing everything.

SAVAGE is the third book in the steamy Sci-Fi Romance series Warriors of Kaizon, by Luna Hunter. Each book follows a different couple and can be read as a standalone. No cheating, HEA guaranteed!

Tamed by the Zoran (Scifi Alien Romance) (Zoran's Chosen Book 4)

by Luna Hunter on 2018-11-02

Her Chosen? Her number one rival.

Takara King is the first female contestant in the Titan Games -- and she plans on winning the whole damn thing. All her life she's trained for this moment. Nothing can get in her way.

Except for Rinor. The reigning Grand Champion. The arrogant, cocky Zoran with a body to die for.

He claims that she is his Chosen, and nothing she says can convince him otherwise.

Will Takara resist the ripped warrior... or will she give in to his advances?

Unbeknownst to them both, the fate of New Exon hangs in the balance...

TAMED BY THE ZORAN is Book 4 in the Zoran's Chosen series. No cheating, happy ending guaranteed! Happy reading!

Rescued by the Zoran (Scifi Alien Romance) (Zoran's Chosen Book 3)

by Luna Hunter on 2018-10-19

Corlis Space Station is not what Caia Mercier expected it to be. Behind the glitzy veneer lies a darkness... and as an officer of the law, it's her job to clean it up.

And it's one hell of a tough job. Her colleagues don't respect her, and the matchmaker-bot her overbearing parents forced on her keeps setting her up with alien weirdos.

Romance is the last thing on her mind.
And then she meets him.

Leto. A seven foot tall Zoran warrior. Fearsome, wild, dangerous.

The ripped alien warrior is looking for his missing friend, and he won't stop until he's turned Corlis upside down. Leto decides the curvy human female is going to help him - whether she likes it or not.

The way the dominant alien looks at Caia makes her all hot and bothered. She does her very best to stay professional... but she is only human.

As they work the case, they realize that this goes much, much deeper than a single missing person. The fate of the entire galaxy is at stake.

Can they solve the mystery before it's too late?

Claimed by the Zoran (Scifi Alien Romance) (Zoran's Chosen Book 2)

by Luna Hunter on 2018-09-07

The Mating Star draws closer.

Leah’s dreams have been rather steamy as of late. Every night an alpha Zoran warrior makes her see stars.

During the day she cares for the Luba herds on Garna as part of the Galactic Aid Corps, but all she really looks forward to are the hot and heavy nights. The connection feels almost real.

Davor is a Zoran warrior of the Sacred Order who is haunted by his dreams as well — a curvy human female visits him every night. His Chosen. Every day he spends without her is one spent in agony. His well-trained body yearns for her.

And then a sinister megacorporation invades Garna.

Can Davor save his fated mate before the megacorps discover her hidden powers?

Claimed by the Zoran is the second book in the Zoran’s Chosen series. It can be read as a complete standalone. No cheating, happy ending guaranteed!

Mated to the Zoran (Scifi Alien Romance) (Zoran's Chosen Book 1)

by Luna Hunter on 2018-08-01

The Mating Star aligns.

Anaya's having a tough week. Ever since the Rift opened up, she's been having 'episodes'. That's to say, the young woman has suddenly realized she has telepathic powers.

It's quite unnerving.

And then there's Theros: A silver, tall, gorgeous Zoran warrior who has shown up out of nowhere and who claims that they are both Chosen and that the Mating Star Prophecy is coming to pass.

That's also quite out of the ordinary.

And what about the megacorps who want to abduct her and use her powers for their own gain?

Also definitely not good. Not good at all.

The Alien General's Wedding (Scifi Alien Romance) (In The Stars Romance)

by Luna Hunter on 2018-04-26

Always the bridesmaid, never the galactic bride...

Zoey's life is thrown for a loop when her cousin Nora gets in touch with her. To say she has big news is an understatement..

Nora drops these bombshells on her:

1) Nora is getting married to a seven foot tall, alien warlord called Torin.
2) The wedding is next weekend.
3) Oh yeah, it's doubling as an Intergalactic Peace Summit as well, to smooth relations between humans and Zorans after the narrowly avoided inter-species war.
4) Will you be my maid of honor?
5) Also, that means you'll have to do the opening dance, in front of the whole intergalactic elite, with the gorgeous, brooding Zoran warrior named Kage. No problem, right?

When Zoey sees Kage, a towering mass of purple muscle with teal eyes that make her weak at the knees, she realizes that she might be in over her head...

The Alien General’s Wedding is a 15.000 word short story, and is part of the In The Stars Romance line. It’s short, sweet and steamy. It can be read as a standalone, but it'll make more sense if you read my Barbarian Brides series. However, if you're on the mood for an alien wedding, then feel free to pick this book up! No cheating, HEA guaranteed!

The Zoran's Chosen (Scifi Alien Romance) (Barbarian Brides)

by Luna Hunter on 2018-04-12

When Lily accepted a job at Onyx, she didn't think she'd be looking at a hot, naked Zoran warrior floating in a tank of water on her first day. She is supposed to run tests on this prisoner, but there's simply no way Lily will go along with that. Instead, she releases him. And that is when the real trouble starts..

After months of imprisonment, Marcas finally has a taste of freedom. Next order of business: Tasting that curvy, dark-haired human, the one with the big brown eyes and a body made for a Zoran warrior..

The Zoran's Chosen is the final book in the Barbarian Brides series.

It's an instalust, fated mates romance with a hot pink alien warrior who has a thirst for revenge (and for a certain feisty human female). No cheating, HEA guaranteed!

The Zoran's Captive (Scifi Alien Romance) (Barbarian Brides)

by Luna Hunter on 2018-03-17

She's the only one who can save me -- but can I protect her from myself?

They say I'm a monster. A killer. Humanity's worst nightmare.
Only Nora Baker believes in me.

To spite her the warden locks the curvy human in my cell.
He expects me to kill her.

Nobody expects me to love her.

When I see her, it's love at first sight. She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, and every inch of me wants nothing more than to claim her. But, I resist. I must be strong. I must prove my worth and my innocence, and I need her help.

And she needs mine, for Nora's the only female in this alien prison. Her life is in my hands -- but I'm not sure I can even protect her from myself...

The Zoran's Captive is book seven in the Barbarian Brides series, but can be read as a standalone. It's an instalust, fated mates romance featuring a fiery human with a thirst for justice, and a tall, imposing alien warrior who can't resist her. No cheating, HEA guaranteed!

The Zoran's Kiss(Scifi Alien Romance) (Barbarian Brides)

by Luna Hunter on 2018-01-30

“You belong to me now.”

It was supposed to be her big day. After years of studying Piper Bell finally received her coveted scholarship in astrophysics, and she’s very excited to board her first spaceship — and a tad anxious when she meets the twenty other girls who’ll be her bunkmates. The dream turns into a nightmare when horrific, brutal aliens attack the ship, murder the crew and abduct the girls. Just twenty four hours after takeoff, Piper finds herself locked in a cage on a dirty ship, ready to be sold to the highest bidder.

Rescue comes in an unlikely form: Kane. The silver-colored Zoran warrior saves her from the ruthless aliens — but he doesn’t free her. No, the tall, imposing, deadly warrior has other plans for her. Kane has lost all of his memories when he crashed on Vagreon six months ago, and now he works as a mercenary for the Sahr clan as he tries to rebuild his life. They’ve promised to reveal his past to him if he delivers them an untouched human female.

Kane is desperate to learn who he was, but he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the curvy human female. Could she be his fated mate? He tries to fight his attraction, for giving in means throwing his past and his present away, but it grows harder with every hour they spend in each other’s company…

The Zoran’s Kiss is book six in the Barbarian Brides series, but can be read as a standalone. It’s an instalust, fated mates romance featuring a feisty human woman and the proud, stubborn alien warrior who wants to make her his. Happily-Ever-After guaranteed!

The Zoran's Touch (Scifi Alien Romance) (Barbarian Brides)

by Luna Hunter on 2018-01-11

"We're stuck on this rock. It's just you and me now."

Miah Dorsey spends her days slaving away for the Onyx Corporation. She’s trying to put her sister through college, and to do that, she desperately needs a promotion. Instead, she’s transferred to a desolate, ice-covered planet. Her day goes from bad to worse when her transport ship is attacked and crashes on an alien planet. The only other survivor? An arrogant, imposing, emerald-green alien warrior.

Beast is an extremely dangerous Zoran alpha warrior. The only thing he hates more than humans is humans who work for Onyx. Until he meets Miah. Never before has he met a human like her. Her shapely curves drive him mad with lust, and her defiant attitude humors the growly warrior.

Stranded on an alien planet, the two enemies have to rely on each other to survive. Will Beast be the protector Miah needs? Or will he give into temptation?

The Zoran’s Touch is book five in the Barbarian Brides series, but can be read as a standalone. It’s an instalust, fated mates romance featuring a curvy human woman and the arrogant alien warrior with a dark secret who can’t resist her. Happily-Ever-After guaranteed!

Romulus (Scifi Alien Romance) (Cosmic Champions)

by Luna Hunter on 2017-11-29

Romulus has the body of a Greek God...
The rough, domineering hands of a brute...
And the dirty mind of an animal.

He's everything I hate.

So why do I crave him?

ROMULUS is the second book in the Cosmic Champions series, but can be read as a stand-alone. It's an instalust, fated mates romance, featuring a dominant alien warlord and the strong human female who learns to love his rough touch. No cliffhangers, Happily-Ever-After guaranteed!

Nero (Scifi Alien Romance) (Cosmic Champions)

by Luna Hunter on 2017-10-26

A chance encounter with a dominant alien warlord turns Victoria's world upside down.

It was supposed to be a routine flight. Circle Earth and be back home in time for dinner. Easy peasy for astronaut Victoria Snow.

Until Nero Octavius shows up. The powerful alien warrior boards her ship, and from that point on nothing will ever be the same again. With his smoldering eyes and rippling muscles, the headstrong alien is hard to resist, try as Victoria might.

Nero is a wanted man, harboring a dark secret. Everyone he gets close to is in permanent danger. He won't allow anyone into his life... but he makes an exception for the curvy human female. She awakens something inside him, a power greater than he knew existed...

Will it be the end for them both?

NERO is the first book in the Cosmic Champions series! It's an instalust, fated mates romance, featuring a brooding, damaged alien warrior and a feisty human female who heals his heart. No cliffhangers, Happily-Ever-After guaranteed!

The Zoran's Fated (Scifi Alien Romance) (Barbarian Brides)

by Luna Hunter on 2017-09-06

She is forbidden -- and my fated mate.

Lilith Rose is having one very, very bad day. The courier is delivering a package to a Federation spaceship when it promptly takes off -- with her on board! She unwillingly travels to the alien world of New Exon, where the ship is attacked by ferocious alien barbarians. One of the rugged alien warriors saves her life, but his brooding eyes tell her he wants more than a 'thank you'...

Daruk is a Zoran Warrior. The best of his tribe. The golden-skinned, imposingly tall warrior has it all -- except a mate. His tribe is building a new life on this alien world, far away from Earth's influence. When the humans arrive, his tribe attacks... but when his eyes land on Lilith, his entire world changes.

All his tribe's laws mean nothing compared to what he feels for the curvy human female.

The warrior is faced with a choice: His tribe... or his mate.

The Zoran's Fated is the fourth book in the Barbarian Brides series, but can be read as a standalone. It's an instalust, fated mates romance, featuring a feisty human female who is in way over her head, and a brooding alien warrior who has to choose between his tribe and his fated mate. Happily-Ever-After guaranteed!

The Zoran's Baby (Scifi Alien Romance) (Barbarian Brides)

by Luna Hunter on 2017-08-10

This Zoran Warrior leaves me breathless -- and pregnant!

Aria Winters is on a mission to rescue Grace, her little sister. The Nezdek came from the skies and took her, and she won't rest until Grace is safe. Aria talks her way onto a Zoran ship set to explore a distant planet, but she didn't expect to fall for the ship's brooding, tall, imposing alien commander. She tries to resist the growly warrior, but he has his radiant eyes set on her. And what a Zoran wants, he takes...

Dost is a Zoran general. A deadly warrior. Seven feet of pure muscle. His mission is to find a new home for his kind, but when sees the curvy human, everything changes. He never thought he'd lust for a human, but he can't deny what his body is telling him. She is his fated. His true mate.

She will be his.

The Zoran's Baby is the third book in the Barbarian Brides series, but can be read as a standalone. It's an instalust, fated mates romance, featuring a feisty human female on a mission and a protective alien general who fights for her heart. Happily-Ever-After guaranteed!

The Alien Prince's Captive (Celestial Mates)

by Luna Hunter on 2017-07-28

Two warring alien species. One curvy human.

Amelia is having the worst day of her life. She just found out her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend, and on top of that, she just lost her job. When she receives a mysterious email from the Celestial Mates Dating Agency, promising a romance out of this world, she clicks accept without a second thought.

An exotic, mysterious hunk is exactly what she needs right now. What she doesn't expect is to be drawn into an alien world, where gorgeous Thalanil and fearsome Qroqs do battle -- and she is the prize!

Tau Thalanil is the prince of his species, and the last of his line. The tall, blue alien warriors are losing the war, and Tau is in desperate need of an heir. At first he is skeptical of the Celestial Mates, but the moment he lays eyes on Amelia's luscious curves, he is sold. She is his fated mate, and he must have her.

When the Celestial Mates open up a portal to Earth, the Qroq strike and kidnap Amelia, ripping her from Tau's grasp. If the Thalanil go too long without their fated, they go feral and lose control of their inner dragon. Can Tau reclaim his mate before it's too late?

The Alien Prince's Captive is a standalone SciFi Romance novel. No cliffhanger, happily-ever-after guaranteed! If you like growly, alien warriors and the strong Earth women they go crazy for, this is the book for you!