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The Hive 3: Infiltration

by Lyka Bloom on 2019-11-01

First, The Hive found us, crashing to earth and beginning its slow takeover.

Second, The Hive expanded, adding drones to its numbers.

Now, The Hive needs its queen.

Three women are hired to uncover the mystery of a college girl's disappearance and reappearance. She has returned with no explanation of where she has been. As the trio of investigators get closer to the truth, they discover a conspiracy beyond imagining. One of them will be chosen by The Hive, and the rest will be assimilated.

This third entry in The Hive series is the most terrifyingly sensual yet!

Bad Code

by Lyka Bloom on 2019-09-19

Marlon Humphries is the head of a company on the verge of a breakthrough. His corporation has patented the design on a device which can reprogram anyone. Little does he know, he will be one of his device's first victims! The sultry and conniving Margaret Seiver has other ideas, and soon the whole company will be hers.

Seiver will change the once-powerful boss into an emasculated servant for her ambitions, and Marlon won't be the only one!

A gender-bending tale of revenge and transformation!

The Silk Cage

by Lyka Bloom on 2019-09-11

In a near future where corporations rule and law is written by dictators, the least of society scramble in tent cities to survive. Ronnie, eager to impress a girl, is caught stealing from the marketplace. His sentence will be carried out by Better Use, where he will be... repurposed.

Ronnie is transformed from a roughneck boy to a soft girl, and only then will the true purpose of the BU reveal itself. Captured and seduced b his own body, Ronnie must find a way to survive... The Silk Cage!

Doll Parts

by Lyka Bloom on 2019-08-18

Chris watches the women come in, looking for an easy way to make money. He knows that once they become dolls, few ever return to a normal life.

When he meets the seductive Janna, he doesn't realize the danger he;s in, or the plans she has for him... to make Chris into Chrissy, a gender-swapped doll!