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Tarron Hunters Box Set: A SciFi Romance Collection

by Nola Robertson on 2018-10-09

This set contains the first three, stand-alone scifi romances in the Tarron Hunters series.

Action packed adventure with galactic law enforcers, space slavers and deadly alien warriors.

Hunter Bound
After her father’s death, Ricka Daniels is determined to leave the desolate mining colony on Rivean and return home to Earth.

Too bad the cosmic universe has other plans.

It turns out fighting off the unwanted advances of a Klorthon warrior is a bad idea, especially when he is intent on selling her to a renegade band of slavers. When Synge Varlik, a Tarron hunter, intervenes and prevents her abduction, Ricka believes she is safe. She soon discovers the extremely hot and totally ripped alien’s idea of a rescue is trapping her aboard his ship and taking her to his home planet.

Synge is sworn to protect the inhabitants in his quadrant, including the human female whose mere presence taunts the animalistic side of his nature. In order to protect Ricka, he invokes an ancient rite—a warrior’s challenge to the death. He will protect her with his life and do anything necessary to keep the spirited woman alive, even if he has to kidnap her and claim her as his own to do it.

Hunter Enslaved
After Libby Evans is rescued from slavers and reunited with her best friend on the planet Tarron she thought she’d finally gained her freedom. Unfortunately, the ruthless nephew of the Rivean Mining Corporation’s powerful owner enacts a clause in the bridal contract she thought had terminated with her husband’s death. Willing or not, she has one week before he arrives to make her his wife.

Determined not to spend the rest of her life in a marriage she doesn’t want, Libby has no choice—she must find a Tarron male willing to claim her. Hard to do when the one man she’d gladly submit to is the hunter who wants nothing to do with her.

After being rejected by the woman he believed to be his true mate, Erak Dakros has sworn never to let another female into his life—or near his heart. Protecting Libby until she returns to Rivean should have been an easy assignment. He had no idea the beautiful human would tempt his animal nature and unlock the desire buried deep inside him.

Hunter Unchained
When Kira Tremaine’s brother is abducted by the ruthless owner of the deadly fighting arenas she will do anything to get him back—even if it means risking her life to rescue a Tarron hunter. She knows her family’s unlawful reputation isn’t going to score her any points with the quadrant law enforcer, but she can’t leave him behind—not once she discovers the handsome male with mesmerizing golden eyes is slated for a gruesome death.

Larn Sarek would rather decide his own fate than suffer an eventual death in the arenas. His plans to provoke a guard and end his life with honor are thwarted when the exotic and enticing female who tends his wounds offers him a chance to escape.

Now his greatest challenge will be keeping her out of trouble, and away from danger, long enough to convince her that she is his true mate.

Hunter Avenged (Tarron Hunters Book 6)

by Nola Robertson on 2018-05-15

Bounty tracker Talia Jordan has done what no one else in the business has been able to do—locate the ruthless owner of the deadly fight arenas. She’s been secretly searching for him for years. Finding him is personal. Stopping him, permanently if necessary, is her primary goal. A goal, Dolok Dajaren, a ruggedly handsome and overbearing Tarron hunter, has chosen to make more difficult.

After months of unsuccessfully scouring the quadrant for the new location of the fight arenas, Dolok is exhausted and looks forward to the day he can return to his home planet. The last thing he wants to deal with is a tracker who refuses to give him the information he needs. To make matters worse, the infuriating female is his destined mate, and continually tests his patience, and his sanity.

Going after a vicious killer is easy when compared with the challenge of convincing Talia she is his mate.

Hunter Scorned (Tarron Hunters Book 5)

by Nola Robertson on 2018-01-05

Bearing an offspring on Tarron without a mate—not a good thing.

Hunter Lyna Moore is untrusting by nature, doesn’t leave anything to chance and takes all the necessary precautions, especially when it comes to men. So how is it possible she’s pregnant after one mind-blowing sexual encounter with the male who captured her heart the minute she stepped foot on the planet? To make matters worse, the unsuspecting father has been avoiding her and she’s convinced he no longer wants her.

Dathan Sorak knows it will take more than informing Lyna that she is his destined mate for her to agree to his claiming. After months of planning, coaxing, and finally winning her trust, he makes his move only to have it destroyed when a threat from his past endangers her life. In order to keep her safe, he is forced to keep their connection a secret and keep her at a distance. A task made more difficult by the primal instincts driving him to bond with her and pushing him toward the edge of insanity.

His resolve to stay away from Lyna changes when he discovers she plans to leave Tarron…to leave him. Dangerous or not, he refuses to lose her and will do whatever it takes to protect and claim what destiny has proclaimed belongs to him.

Hunter Forbidden (Tarron Hunters Book 4)

by Nola Robertson on 2017-10-17

A cowboy on Tarron? Unbelievable.

Nyssa Dakros, potential hunter in training and dignitary escort, was tired of dealing with males who were only interested in her because of her family’s high-ranking status. And she absolutely refused—no matter how much a male persisted—to be claimed by one that wasn’t her destined mate. An annoying situation made worse by her mother’s interference and constant insistence that she choose from a group of undesirable men.

When the circumstances surrounding the recent attacks on the vessels delivering ore from Rivean heat up, Dawson Walker, a quadrant security contractor, finds himself protecting the Earth ambassador on Tarron. The last thing he expected was to have an exasperating—trouble seems to follow everywhere—woman fall into his arms…literally.

Rescued from a forced claiming attempt, Nyssa discovers the gorgeous human male who saved her is also her mate. How can she explain to someone who doesn’t understand or experience the primal instincts and urges of her people that he is meant to be with her forever?