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Arriving Soon



by Pantson Fire on 2018-03-27

It took four centuries after the destruction of planet Earth for men to discover a simple device to prevent them from losing women's phone numbers.

Why We Love

by Pantson Fire on 2017-12-06

If you are familiar with Pantson Fire, you know enough to expect the unexpected. He’s trying to keep you awake, so you won’t go into that big, big sleep, or go gently into that good night. Also, as Pants explains in Majestic, he’s here to fix broken hearts.

Majestic (SciFi Romance Book 1)

by Pantson Fire on 2017-08-04

Wolfgang Majestic, a postmodern Everyman, gives us a glimpse into the near future, and it’s not a pretty picture—except for his girlfriend. That’s Gigi Yamaha, a very hot, scary person.