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The Girl Who Fell to Earth 4: Cockroach dawn. An edge-of-your-seat thriller. (The Hiding Game books)

by Raechel Sands on 2018-07-15

What if you woke up inside the world’s worst nightmare? It's rock 'n' roll, but Swiss time is running out... 'The Da Vinci Code' meets 'Brave New World,' 'The Hunger Games' and '1984.' — NEW AUTHOR, NEW UK BEST SELLING SERIES.

These edge-of-your-seat, dystopian thrillers plunge you into a labyrinthine wonderland of spying and covert war, and deep inside the souls of a group of A.I.-enhanced women agents, on both sides of the fight, one of them an undetected serial killer.

At the heart of these tales is a much misunderstood love story of two lovers, from a legendary Bronze Age past, who are reincarnated into a contemporary conflict between MI6, the CIA, the KGB, and a fourth, unknown, force. An alternate reality version of the Western World, TGWF synthesizes new age tech & music, political intrigue & murder, with satire, angels, Auschwitz, and an Einsteinian apocalypse.

— Blanka was haunted by memories of her young mother, in ways she could barely acknowledge. A dream of a woman plummeting from a castle window into a river consumed her waking and sleeping. It was her mother—falling from Castle Sant-Angelo—the Vatican Holy Inquisition Headquarters in Rome, into the River Tiber. Then, the dream voices chimed in. One was Bill Clinton’s, President at the time. “The daughter of Admiral William Virgil Maguire, was thrown in that filthy river like so much stinking garbage,” he said. “Who killed Kitty Maguire, John? MI6?" In the dream Blanka was clinging to her mother, bobbing up and down in the river, but her mind was somewhere else far away with those voices in her head. “She is my mother and she’s fucking dead!” she screamed at the voices.
"It wasn’t us,” said another voice, “but it’s complicated.” Blanka recognized it as John Deutch, the Director of the CIA. Deutch kept talking, muttering almost. “It could have been the Fatima secret, we’re not sure. We don’t really know how big it was.”
“Well, she took it to her grave,” Clinton said.
Then the telescope was stripped away and Blanka was in the muddy water with her mother, desperately struggling to save her. “I won’t let you die, I won’t let you die,” she kept repeating. She was holding her, felt the cold of her wet blue dress over her swollen pregnant belly, saw the garrote wound round her throat.
“Hart is one of the good guys," Deutch’s voice continued.
“Frankenstein was one of the good guys," replied Clinton. “It’s the monsters I’m worried about."

— They crossed the medieval courtyard where the last snowflakes fell on Andre Petrov as he rubbed down Blanka’s horse.
“He’s a giant of a man,” whispered Miss Banks.
“Yes he is,” agreed Blanka, pointing up at the constellation Ursa Major as it appeared from behind the clouds: “Another giant–but this one’s a she-bear.”
“Ah, the Big Dipper,” said Miss Banks, clasping Blanka’s hand in hers. “Rebels all the way back to Magna Carta and King John—perhaps even Robin Hood—named it the Starry Plough.”
Nervously, she glanced up at the conference room of the castle, and put her lips to Blanka’s ear. “Some men think they’re giants,” she said. Blanka’s AI eyes stared deeply into Miss Bank’s in surprise. “But really they’re stooges. Things are changing in the world, for the worse. We have to—Blanka, you have to—be very careful. So you don't end up like your mother.”

Metapox 1: iceni (the Hiding Game saga)

by Raechel Sands on 2018-03-17

A playful thriller series, by Irish astrologer Raechel Sands, reveals the inner workings of the world of spying. In the first novel, CIA field agent Blanka (based at MI6 in London) fights to save the family of Russian chemical warfare expert Grigori Grinin, while rogue agent Felicity repeats the chilling mistakes of her past.

The complete reincarnation saga unfolds in a dozen short, fast-paced and playful novels – which contain several romances, including one of the greatest and most misunderstood love stories of all time.

"Sure we live in uncertain times. But within the cyber clouds circling us all – and contending for our beliefs – there are some certainties. In my family, my great grandfather (who fought for Britain in the Second World War, becoming expert in getting mules to swim jungle rivers in Burma) was renowned for quoting that there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Well (sorry, great grandpa) my Metapox chronicles deal with three additional ones:

SPIES — Security cameras, cookies, bugging, spy satellites hidden in the sky, and the women and men of the ‘Intelligence' world hidden in our midst.

ANGELS — Some people might think these don't belong in a spy thriller. I'm hoping they will read the books and then judge. After all, over 80% of people consistently rate their belief in angels as ‘probably’ or ‘absolutely.’

PAST LIVES — and karma. ‘Rebirth’ or ‘reincarnation' is embraced by Asian religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. In recent decades, many North Americans and Europeans have developed an interest in it.

My books are filled with badass women like:
KITTY, an American reporter murdered by secret agents;
BLANKA, her daughter, a guitarist, DJ, animal conservationist, and special agent at MI6;
NEARBY, Blanka’s mysterious protégée, who also works at MI6.

Now add reincarnation to the mix.
In their previous lives, KITTY and NEARBY were nine year-old twin sisters murdered at the Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz.
FELICITY – another MI6 spy, and Nearby’s lookalike – is the reincarnation of their murderer!

That's the way it goes. We’re not just flesh and blood, but reincarnated souls too. Even angels may be hidden in amongst us… In order not to give away the surprises, and spoil the chronicles, the full identity of the characters and their past lives is not revealed – until the time is right, of course.

I've included a Character List in 'Metapox 3: Epiphany' – when the ultimate star of stars begins to change the direction of the series. She’s a refugee now, and a girl, but who was she in her past life? By tradition, when soulmates are parted before their time, they eventually find each other again. These soulmates – from the prehistoric ‘Age of Heroes’ – rekindle a love so strong that it withstands the ultimate test that time can throw at it: the twilight of the ‘Age of Machines’ foretold in the ancient Vedas.

Finally, just to show that government – sometimes yours, sometimes mine, but somebody’s government somewhere – will do its best to spoil the fun and have the last word, I want to quote US magazine Newsweek which reported that: 'China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission.'

This is not fake news. Enjoy." —Raechel Sands